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James up NT - babyd
10:34AM 16/08/2005

Jani: The plasma TV necklace was the funniest. - SassyPrncess
10:37AM 16/08/2005

Rac in bath putting on makeup, Jan eating cereal in kit , James back to bed NT - babyd
10:41AM 16/08/2005

Jan's in bed reading Bible and Howie comes back in gold room - memyselfandi
10:50AM 16/08/2005

H asks Jan what she thinks about the #'s and clues BB called out the other day NT - bbdev
11:00AM 16/08/2005
now rachel joins in and trying to put all the clues together NT - bbdev
11:00AM 16/08/2005

BB: Janelle please go to the DR - Nikki254
11:13AM 16/08/2005

Rachel talking about Janelle- I love her -the fact that they think I would turn against her ..they are so stupid NT - seezall
11:18AM 16/08/2005

Howie on trash talking: This is strictly strategic to get them out of their game. NT - SassyPrncess
11:21AM 16/08/2005

H: Yesterday was a warm-up compared to what I'm gonna do today - Nikki254
11:21AM 16/08/2005

Howie says I'm gonna have some fun today , yesterday was just a warm-up - seezall
11:22AM 16/08/2005

Rachel telling Howie being mean could threaten his weatherman career - memyselfandi
11:23AM 16/08/2005

Rachel: It's like watching Wild Kingdom......... - SassyPrncess
11:27AM 16/08/2005

Bobo is up and he is alive! NT - babyd
11:32AM 16/08/2005
He is folding plastic bags. NT - Bonita
11:34AM 16/08/2005
Ivette and james also just got up NT - Nikki254
11:34AM 16/08/2005

Bo asking Iv if the coffee she is making is strong. NT - babyd
11:34AM 16/08/2005

as requested: recap of last night (was posted in discussion forum) - peppervegas
11:34AM 16/08/2005

Iv telling Bo how and where he threw up. NT - babyd
11:35AM 16/08/2005

Beau to Rachel: Mornin'! Rachel: (Crickets, crickets, goes outside) NT - SassyPrncess
11:41AM 16/08/2005

Beau: Thank you Ivette (making him food) It's not going to happen again. I think twice is enough. NT - SassyPrncess
11:42AM 16/08/2005

Jan just walked in the kitchen all cheerful "Mornin' Ivette". NT - dizzy
11:48AM 16/08/2005

H puts dishes in sink: Here's s'more dishes for April when she gets down here. NT - SassyPrncess
11:49AM 16/08/2005
H: April wanted to evict Ivette, but Ivette won't come back.... - SassyPrncess
11:51AM 16/08/2005

How talking to James - dizzy
11:52AM 16/08/2005

Ivette complaing about Howie adding dishes to the sink.......> (LOL!) - SassyPrncess
11:52AM 16/08/2005

Howie struggling to make "protein pancakes", Rachel...... - SassyPrncess
11:56AM 16/08/2005

Howie: Do u think if it was a basketball competition if I jumped off April's back I could slam it? NT - SassyPrncess
11:57AM 16/08/2005
H: Janie? Go wake April and tell her she has dishes down here! (Later: What's Busto doing? Still sleeping?) NT - SassyPrncess
11:58AM 16/08/2005

howie is pacing back and forth constantly and offhandily adds Ap name to - babyd
11:59AM 16/08/2005

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