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seezall April- The only way I'm gonna make it is to ask God for strength to make it through this. 0 2:26AM 16/08/2005
janka A: He's calling me a fn whore and I'm married. 0 2:30AM 16/08/2005
seezall Maggie - I'm torn about who to evict . April- I think we should talk about it. 0 2:31AM 16/08/2005
ejj1955 Oh, yeah, April is now saying -- 0 2:31AM 16/08/2005
janka April tossing and turning while the illustrious HOH Jen is sound asleep. Not a care in the world. NT 0 2:35AM 16/08/2005
CougarSpy Kaysar is up and heads to bathroom. Janelle comes down. He puts his arm around her back and is rubbing her arm. Canít hear what is said. 1 4:23AM 16/08/2005
valentine Beau Gets His Close-Up 0 4:40AM 16/08/2005
citanul F1 - Kaysar, F2 - James, F3 - Beau, F4 - HOH bed. Everyone asleep. NT 0 4:55AM 16/08/2005
citanul Janie and Kaysar up and talking on a couch in LR. NT 0 5:19AM 16/08/2005
citanul Kaysar and Janelle still talking in LR. Now discussing scenarios for next week. NT 0 5:53AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Janelle and Kaysar eating pizza in kitchen NT 0 5:53AM 16/08/2005
CougarSpy 5:50 am BBT <Janelle and Kaysar are now in Kitchen microwaving pizza. Kay is in fridge looking for something. Janelle heads to bathroom and then 0 5:54AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Janelle: It's exhausting me to be so buxom. :) NT 0 5:55AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI J: Last night they said it was the 1/2 way point. There's a double eviction, huh? NT 0 5:58AM 16/08/2005
Andi Jan and Kay just figured ou there must be a double eviction week coming up! NT 0 5:58AM 16/08/2005
mountainmama Janelle:"These people are so easy to break down now, it's pathetic." NT 0 6:01AM 16/08/2005
mountainmama Janelle says she wore her little plasma necklace (last night, i guess). NT 0 6:03AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI K: No, you stay here, I want to get out of here. The more I think of it--I want to throw up (he said) NT 0 6:03AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI K: If I get evicted, I am going to pamper the (***) out of myself. NT 0 6:04AM 16/08/2005
mountainmama Kaysar's telling Janelle... 0 6:04AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI J: Why are you so cold? K: You would be cold too if you weren't wearing a fluffy robe. (like J is) NT 0 6:07AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI J: Good morning Kaysar, welcome to hell. (now setting up chess game in LR) NT 0 6:10AM 16/08/2005
CougarSpy <Janelle and Kaysar Playing chess in LR> J- Good morning Kaysar, welcome to hell. 0 6:12AM 16/08/2005
lyssababy30 jan and kay playing chess still.... 0 6:32AM 16/08/2005
Neesha Janelle and Kaysar about last night 0 6:45AM 16/08/2005
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