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Catuck How rude is Jan. She goes into GR,, turns on light without consideration for How who is sleeping and Kay who is trying to go back to sleep NT 0 8:34AM 16/08/2005
citanul Janelle wandering back and forth from GR to BR, appears to be looking for something. She apologizes to Howie for turning on the light. NT 0 8:38AM 16/08/2005
citanul Rachel on treadmill, Janie dressed to workout, joins her on the elliptical. NT 0 8:42AM 16/08/2005
gilly Janie went to toilet and changed into workout clothes 0 8:42AM 16/08/2005
jackiemack looks like bb is trying to throw us a hint on feed 4 with the paper on kitchen table NT 3 8:44AM 16/08/2005
citanul Rachel making breakfast and purposely making noise. Janie walking the backyard with weights. NT 0 8:52AM 16/08/2005
gilly Rach checks date on I believe Milk and says 0 8:58AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Janie asks Rachel are those lil wh**res up yet.. She can't wait til they wake up so she can yell NT 0 9:02AM 16/08/2005
gilly Rach really upset their food has expired NT 0 9:02AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Jannie tells Rachel she wants to kill them and theyre a bunch of pu88ies who lied to win this game 0 9:04AM 16/08/2005
lat Janie: Beau takes it up the a** for money, he's a male prostitute NT 1 9:05AM 16/08/2005
gilly Janie claims Beau is a male prostitute 0 9:06AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Jannie says Bo takes it up the butt for money.. He's a male prostitue.. Rachel asked if he told her that 0 9:06AM 16/08/2005
gilly More on Beau 0 9:08AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Janie say's Bo is also a coke wh**re then fish NT 0 9:10AM 16/08/2005
gilly Janie says Beau is also an ef*** coke wh*re and then FISH NT 0 9:10AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Janie ask Rachel what she's thinking about.. She say's lot's of stuff NT 0 9:13AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Janie and Rachel talking about how April doesn't look 30 and her skin looks aweful and old NT 0 9:17AM 16/08/2005
gilly Jan and Ra saying April is mean 0 9:17AM 16/08/2005
Neesha Jan re: Apr's attack on Howie's hand 0 9:18AM 16/08/2005
Nikki254 Jan/R think that April is in her mid to upper 30's, saying her skin is horrible for being 31 0 9:20AM 16/08/2005
Nikki254 Rachel taking a shower, Janie walking around the BY NT 0 9:27AM 16/08/2005
Bonita Rachelle and Janelle in BY. Rach doing laundry, Jan watching NT 0 9:47AM 16/08/2005
Toni Rachel and Janelle in back yard. More trash talking about april. 1 9:48AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Janie asks Rachel who does she hate the most out of that group.. They both agree Jennifer NT 0 9:51AM 16/08/2005
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