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memyselfandi Rachel and Janie by the washing machines talking about vote 0 9:51AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie is up with his battery fully charged NT 0 9:52AM 16/08/2005
Nikki254 Howie's up NT 0 9:52AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Rachel says isnt it nice being up this early.. Jannie says no it's boring.. Then they wonder how long 1 9:53AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Howie get's snappy with rachel as he is farting and peeing in the bathroom with the door open lol NT 0 9:53AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Rachel tells Janie how nice it is to have her up in the morning. 0 9:54AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Awwwww Jannie comes in and Goes Howieee and he goes awwww look at the buxom blonde lol and they hug NT 0 9:55AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Howie saying he's going back to bed for 10 minutes. Janelle been up since 4 she says (true) NT 0 9:55AM 16/08/2005
HollyMouse Rachel asking why Ivette was sleeping down there.. I remember when she was in the HOH 0 9:55AM 16/08/2005
ihateeric Jan: I'm gonna say "Jenny how does it feel to be the most hated person in America now that youre getting rid of their favorite" NT 0 9:57AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie takes America's choice as proof that his group is more liked 0 9:58AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie says the day he leaves the BB house he's going to get a hooker 0 10:05AM 16/08/2005
Augustkm Janelle to Howie & Rachel about Beau: Yeah, he's a male prostitute. NT 0 10:05AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Howie rubbing Rachel's shoulders.. J/H/R talking about how old April looks. Howie puts it down to smoking NT 0 10:07AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI R: K had to get up and go to DR.. They made me get him up (ed note: must have been meaning last night) NT 0 10:10AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi F1/F2... H/R/Jan all still talking in bathroom F3/HOH bed with 3 sleepers F4/Beau closeup asleep 0 10:10AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Rachel: I am camera shy. I came here because of Howie. Actually, it's helped me get over that whole fear. (of being shy with cam) NT 0 10:12AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI Howie: I am going to keep going (breaking A down)...They'll have to console her. 0 10:14AM 16/08/2005
thatgirI How: we dont want to waste an eviction on you anyways (re April).. I want your DOR (telling J and R) NT 0 10:15AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Janie/Howie can't believe how easy it is to fluster April and Beau 0 10:19AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Janie/Howie/Rachel discussing April's allegations that Rachel would get out Janelle 0 10:23AM 16/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie says he loves Beau but he has not said anything intelligent the entire time 0 10:25AM 16/08/2005
CougarSpy 5:20 6:20 am BBT - Kaysar and Janelle in LR talking, kitchen eating pizza and back to LR to play chess. 1 10:26AM 16/08/2005
babyd How, Jan and Rac discussing Ap HAS too be at least 37! She probably 0 10:32AM 16/08/2005
babyd Jan repeating story Jen said she was known as BJ in school NT 0 10:34AM 16/08/2005
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