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Topic #2268419
virdee - BB magie please put on u mic NT 0 Replies #2268419 8:20PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268435
Iris - Nerd herd (NH) in kitchen. Maggie: Hey look, the dishes didn't get done. NT 0 Replies #2268435 8:21PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268487
virdee - bb janie please check u microphone NT 0 Replies #2268487 8:27PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268494
puck71 - S4 talking in GR - mostly James talking 1 Replies #2268494 8:27PM 22/08/2005
James seems to be firmly back with Howie, Rachel, and Janelle - at least that's what he tells them. They discuss how the biggest mistake they made was putting up Howie and Rachel, decimating their team too soon. James didn't think they'd be that dumb, and the other three now realize how much they messed up when they had an opportunity to pick apart the other team.

They move on to talk about April, and James says he thinks her friendships only last a few months because they find out how much she talks behind their back. James says he was so mad at the other three until the talk with April in the BY (not sure what he was referring to - possibly Hurricane Howie's first rumblings).

Then he goes on to talk about how Maggie has to go, and how the other team has nothing to go back to. He comments about the card that someone got (I think April) and how her husband didn't even sign it. James said the only way he wouldn't sign a card like that is if there was someone he didn't want to know he had a wife, and said there was one Christmas he had 3 girlfriends and he had 3 presents in his car with no name of them so they wouldn't figure it out.

A lockdown was announced and they had to stay inside. They wonder why there's a lockdown this late at night, and they guess it might be getting ready for a luxury comp tomorrow. They say Tuesdays are usually nothing days, but there hasn't been a luxury comp in awhile. They talk about how Marvin got to go on Young & The Restless last year, and Janie thinks they'd put Howie and James on there since it's all women who watch it.

Howie talks about how he knew most of the answers for the last HoH but he just stupidly buzzed in on ones he didn't know. He made fun of April for not answering and thinking she would somehow get to the end and win with zero points. Then James points out that if everyone took themselves out that April could have won by not answering a single question.

Howie compliments Janie on her boobs and she says thank you and she starts squeezing them. They refer to an incident where apparently Howie touched Janie's boobs and he thought she "gave" them to him but she said he just touched them.
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InTheCave - correction #2268971 9:36PM 22/08/2005
They state that the biggest mistake was putting up James & Sarah, not H & R.
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Topic #2268508
Iris - NH in kitchen talking about how to spend their evening...(long and boring) 0 Replies #2268508 8:29PM 22/08/2005
Maggie said she keeps her home clean, but she doesn't give a f*ck about these people. Planning on having popcorn again. Maggie plays solitaire. Beau taking out trash, April preparing towels for laundry. Iv says she's busy pulling fake hair out of something in the bathroom.

Maggie: I think you're f*ing hilarious. I really do.

Iv wants to know where the blue cards are because the dorks want to play with them.

Beau notices the bottom row of memory wall and asks if anyone else noticed. Maggie said her and Iv noticed it the other day. April rattling about something upstairs but no one seems to be listening.

Iv says garbage gets taken out on Thursday. Said CBS told them to get rid of the garbage. Maggie asks if Iv is going to tell Jan off before she leaves. Iv says Hurricane Iv will hit at 2PM tomorrow (like a weather warning type voice). Talking about the calm before the storm and Hurricane Howie. Ivette really wants to tell Janelle off before either of them leave. Maggie wants to be there to see it.

BB: Janelle, please check your microphone.

Iv says her extensions are in the microphone now.

Beau and Iv watch Maggie play Solitaire and make suggestions on where to play cards.

Beau says "boo-yah" when she makes a good play. Says it in his fabulous! voice.

Maggie: I don't think they are going to come out for the rest of the night. I'm a little disappointed.

Beau: I was going to ask the if the gold room is their VIP area, you can s*ck my d*ck and l*ck my a**.

Beau upstairs to take a shower and starts singing and we get fish.
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Topic #2268507
virdee - fish NT 0 Replies #2268507 8:29PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268525
Iris - Maggie and Iv comment that "they" can't even clean off the dining room table. NT 0 Replies #2268525 8:32PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268527
virdee - fish again NT 0 Replies #2268527 8:32PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268537
Iris - BB: HG, the lockdown is over. You are no free to move around the house. NT 0 Replies #2268537 8:33PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268538
drummer_inblack - Lockdown is over. NT 0 Replies #2268538 8:33PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268540
virdee - BB LD is over ! NT 0 Replies #2268540 8:34PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268549
Augustkm - Janelle in GR with H/R/J: Did you guys know the guys on the internet don't like Julie? 0 Replies #2268549 8:34PM 22/08/2005
Howie: They thinks she's robotic.

Then they go on to defend Julie.

Howie: I think she's perfect for this job. What's she supposed to do jump up & down?

Rachel: She can't show any bias.

Either Rachel or James said something about Howie kissing arse.


(Editor's note: Sounds like Janelle has spent some time on the boards.)
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Topic #2268551
Iris - James: I haven't had alcohol in so long, I'm going to be so f*ed up at the wrap party. NT 0 Replies #2268551 8:34PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268554
Iris - H said Dan might come after him at the wrap party. James: Dan doesn't f*ing exist. NT 0 Replies #2268554 8:35PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268560
memyselfandi - James: Dan doesn't exist. NT 0 Replies #2268560 8:36PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268563
Iris - S4 commenting that halfway through and only one safe has been opened. NT 0 Replies #2268563 8:36PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268574
virdee - bb april please put on u microphone NT 0 Replies #2268574 8:37PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268578
drummer_inblack - BB: "April, please put on your microphone." James: "April, please fix your plastic chin." NT 0 Replies #2268578 8:37PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268581
Zazny - James: (bb style) April, please fix your plastic chin NT 0 Replies #2268581 8:38PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268582
virdee - bb april thank u very much NT 0 Replies #2268582 8:38PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268590
drummer_inblack - BB asks Mag to check her mic. NT 0 Replies #2268590 8:39PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268593
virdee - bb magie please check u microphone NT 0 Replies #2268593 8:40PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268599
Augustkm - Talking BBs, Janelle tells them there was no veto when Hardy played. That's why it was so boring. NT 0 Replies #2268599 8:40PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268606
drummer_inblack - Iv asked by BB to move her mic higher. NT 0 Replies #2268606 8:41PM 22/08/2005
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Topic #2268607
Iris - James and Howie strategizing about numbers if they win HoH the next 2 weeks. NT 1 Replies #2268607 8:41PM 22/08/2005
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drummer_inblack - Details of James' plan... #2268629 8:43PM 22/08/2005
He says that they get rid of Mag this week first. Then next week, Ivette gets HOH and nominates Howie & Janelle. James then gets veto, takes off Howie, and Ivette's left to put up April, because she wouldn't put her partner up. And the only people voting are Howie, James, and Beau.
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