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memyselfandi - James going on and on and on about his roller coaster ride and how he really gave up the week Sarah went home. NT 0 Replies #2286356 12:46AM 25/08/2005
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memyselfandi - Janelle left gold room to go to sleep in barracks NT 0 Replies #2286371 12:50AM 25/08/2005
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knifey_spooney - James wants to be the one to put Maggie up, because he knows it will piss Eric off at home 0 Replies #2286390 1:02AM 25/08/2005
He says Eric will probably put his head thru the wall.

They talk about how pathetic the nerd herd is for still talking about Eric. James says something about the appartition of Eric.

Rachel thinks its stupid that they still bring Eric up as a reason for getting her out, like four weeks later.

james thinks Eric was pathetic, because he wanted them to throw HOH for him.
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memyselfandi - Rachel wonders how Eric feels that Maggie let Kaysar go home instead of James 0 Replies #2286393 1:03AM 25/08/2005
James says when he puts Maggie up Eric will put his head through the wall.

Maggie told Howie/janelle the Kaysar decision was jennifer's. It it was up to her James would have gone home.

Ivette told James this morning (as she was unsuccessfully pumping him for info on whether he has a deal with Janelle) that it was a group decision.

James says wow Maggie sold her group out.

Then Rachel and James say Kaysar's arrogance in how he was sending Eric home is what wound up costing Kaysar in the game.
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Topic #2286401
knifey_spooney - James: Canada is just a waste of f---ing space. It can't be to scale, its too big. Howie agrees. NT 0 Replies #2286401 1:06AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286413
SassyPrncess - Howie: If you were leaving (James) I'd ask for one of your veto's (He then offers James Michael's swim trunks) NT 1 Replies #2286413 1:09AM 25/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Howie then decides if he is evicted he'll leave James his (jury) vote. NT #2286414 1:10AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286420
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Howie said he applied for the show Paradise Hotel NT 0 Replies #2286420 1:13AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286432
Skamito - And Howie's peeing with the door open. Thanks Howie. NT 0 Replies #2286432 1:23AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286433
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Howie peeing with door open. Ewwww NT 0 Replies #2286433 1:24AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286487
drummer_inblack - Howie finally decides to go to bed (in the GR); All HG's asleep now. NT 0 Replies #2286487 1:56AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286494
mikesgirl - Feed 4 is the moon. NT 0 Replies #2286494 2:00AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2286602
CougarSpy - [~11:30 pm BB time?] Beau and Ivette are lying in HOH bed. Maggie and April are on the floor in HOH room. Chatter begins and F4 is voting to evict R. 1 Replies #2286602 4:51AM 25/08/2005
Beau says she is more of a threat. He goes on to say that in any given competition that even April could beat Howie. Maggie says he hasn’t had to focus up to this point. Yet Beau says Howie gets easily frazzled.

Maggie says that Rachel is incredible good at sports, but she did so poor on the water thing. Beau and April chime in that Rachel hates water. Beau adds, “Plus her bathing suit was coming off.” “Are you serious?” - pipes in Maggie or Ivette. Beau says in water competition that his bathing suit slowed him down.

April says, “Janelle wore shorts and a top over her bathing suit.” Ivette says no she didn’t. April and Maggie in unison say; “Yes she did!” Beau adds that she also wore gloves and that she thinks things out. Ivette, “she told you she was wearing a shirt and shorts?” Maggie, “I saw her wearing them.” April goes on to say she asked her (Janelle) if her bathing suit was falling of like hers was. Janelle told her it didn’t matter because she had shorts and a shirt on. Ivette keeps questioning this, but is told she did wear a shirt, shorts and gloves during the competition.

Beau says he has never seen her run. April thinks she is fast. Beau comments that Janelle waddles when she walks [I haven’t noticed.]

Ivette says if you thing about it, she wasn’t really killing herself when she did the high and dry [POV when Janelle and Michael were on block]. Maggie harps in, “I know it.” Ivette goes on to say that she just flew across effortlessly and didn’t break a sweat unlike Rachel.

April, “Thank god Rachel admitted today that she hurt her feelings…about thinking I was being a leach. It made me feel a little better. <April laugh> Oh god… [Paraphrased]”

Beau, “…vote for her to stay.”
April, going on about oh god, and “if you really look at it, Ivette and I haven’t won sh!t.” She goes on about not being the athletic people but they are still there and that she won $3,000 dollars for not doing sh!t [Favorite word of April lately]. More or less saying you don’t have to be athletic to remain in the game. Beau says he picked that box for April, because April couldn’t decide on which box to pick [pressure cooker HOH challenge and boxes if they dropped out of competition early]. April, “we got to win something…”

Beau, “Tomorrow is <inaudible, but I think its about winning tomorrow’s HOH competition> guys.” Beau fumbles a few times with the word “mysterious, god works mysterious, god works in mysterious ways” and how he proved it, like … Janelle got it…he was so close but it was a tie breaker and ya know…”she cheated and got it. You know what I’m saying? I’m like why didn’t I get it? I didn’t understand and then the next night I get it. Wow, that’s why, he (god) didn’t want me to have it for one night. He wanted me to have it for a week. You know, so awesome.” <Brief silence>

[For none feed watchers, Beau says a lot of “ya (you) knows, likes, and kind of stutters or mumbles when he talks…my mind can’t process it or type all of it…and he finally gets it out. My feeds are frozen on replay, so I can’t tell you what is going on visually.]

April, “but also in reality, we all have won something, when you think about it.”
Beau, “…we’re friendship...”
April, “The spelling B and stuff, not everyone spelt their words, RIGHT!”
Beau, “We got…” Ivette and April cut off Beau and are both talking at once about how the friendship spelled all the words correctly.

April, “on the f&cking surfboard I thought I did pretty d@mn good <until she jumped off>” Then April goes on about Howie saying the first night I saw you April, when we saw you jumping off that we were going like holy sh!t…cause I did like all the coconut stuff and ….yeah… [April did dive in water and retrieve the coconuts when Howie was tossing them in for Food portion of the competition.]
Maggie interrupts, “I’m sorry…
April, “I was cute…”
Maggie laughs.
April, “You’re like the most athletic girl here Maggie.”
Maggie, “No I’m not.”
April, “Yes you are. Yes you are.”
Maggie, “that’s so f&cking funny.”
April, “I think we really all have won something.”
Beau, “What have I won?”
April, “Well you won HOH…”
Beau, “Besides that?”
April, “You did the spelling B...”
Beau, “Yeah, asparagus…”
Maggie, “the pepper pizza...” [Food competition week Eric was HOH – Food shack from Hell?]
April repeats, “the pepper pizza

<with quad feeds on, I hear…they must be in gold room, but my feed pictures are frozen on weight room>
James, “Janie, you going back to the kitchen?”
Janelle, “What do you need?”
James, “The origami paper.”
Janelle, “Sure.”
James, “the colored paper…”>

Back to HOH conversation
Beau, “…HOH competition…I lost the f&ckin veto…

<James, “I’ll take some paper too…”
Janelle, “somewhat?
James, “some paper too.”
Janelle, “regular paper?”
James, “origami paper.”
Janelle, “oh, yeah, yeah, yeah…”>

Beau says something about nomination speech and then about James worried about baseball [that POV competition would be baseball because Beau played for 9 years].
Beau continues on <inaudible, mumbles, fast talking> “…perfect, then I choke.”
Friendship, especially Maggie starts laughing. Ivette pipes in, “Don’t worry, I’ve been choking since day 1.”
Beau, “I was like, I was like, turn it off, turn it off …” {or was it tear}
April, “I get so nervous for the friggin HOH competitions…”
Beau, “hmmhmm”
April, “Everything else I feel okay about. If I do well, I do well, if I don’t, I don’t…”
Beau, “Yeah…”
April, “We can’t beat ourselves up, beat ourselves up Ivette….more stress… <momentary silence> “you have to look at Danielle, season 3, she didn’t do sh!t until the very end.”
Beau, “Exactly, that’s when she needed to win.”
April, “yeah…”
<sounds like someone is smacking on gum or shuffling cards>
April yawning, “we spelt the words right…and that’s about all we did Ivette…wait?”
Beau, “We got a bunch of munchies…”
April, “Yeah, a bunch of munchies…”
Beau, “Yeah, we all did…”
April, “did the coconut thing…”
Maggie, “well they were (weren’t) on the coconut thing…”
April, “Can you believe that everyone except for Sarah is still here from that surfboard?”
Maggie, “I told you it was a plan.”
Beau, “Look at mine. Ivette and I are the only ones left.”
April, “Howie, oh no…god, we did take people out like we planned <April laughs> [Surfboard 7 alliance was to keep each other safe for 2 weeks – Rachel, Howie, Janelle, April, Maggie, James, Sarah]

<Sound heard from ….
James, “You’re so wonderful Janie…”
Janelle, “Thanks James!”
James, “I’m going to buy my kids a Janie doll.”
James, “oh yeah…who wouldn’t want a Jamie doll…”

<Sound on all feeds now…HOH and Gold Room?>
Maggie, “I was thinking the same thing…”

James, “one that comes with her own mirror…”

[The sounds on my feeds are cutting in and out now.]

April is promising HOH room that herself, Maggie, Ivette, Howie or Janelle will win HOH tomorrow. Someone says thanks.

James is talking about “most underrated player…”

[Too much confusion on feeds for me to keep up…but I thought some of you might enjoy what the F4 were talking about.

I wasn’t sure if I read this in updates or not. I’m sure the BB game players would be interested in the latest news on who would be evicted today.]
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CougarSpy - Continuation of feeds - Nice James and Janelle conversation included. #2287670 9:42AM 25/08/2005
Continuation of Feeds - FISH make a brief appearance. When feeds return, conversation in HOH room turns to chatter about the fish and their names – Buster, Ursalita, etc.

Howie and Rachel are talking about past competitions and events in the house along with the color of things. They are whispering low.

James and Janelle

James – Things said about me probably have been a lot worse.
Janelle – Did you believe them when they said Janelle’s going to put you up, she’s going to put you up.

James – That’s what she said. I told Eric you wanted to get rid of the guys. <missed some of conversation>
James – I wonder how I looked when I was with Eric? Did I look like a f&cking a$$hole too?
Janelle – Probably
James – What was your honest opinion of me back then?
Janelle – of You?
James – yeah
Janelle – I couldn’t believe you were such a follower. It was kind of pathetic.
James - …well I was…
Janelle – I can’t believe...can’t these people think for themselves? Don’t they see what is happening to them?
James – One of my strategies going in here then was to find an outspoken alpha male and just let him be the target.
Janelle – ah ha
James – To hang out behind him and let him draw fire and I figured he fit that mold perfectly. You know? <silence monetarily> Let him do all the talking. Let him dig his own grave so to speak.
Janelle – Hmmhmm
James – Although the person I thought I thought I’d be picking would be physically a lot more adept than he was. He sucked physically.
Janelle – I thought he’d be really good…
James – Yeah, but he was horrible.

<Maggie in HOH – Do you know what I mean…you listen to him…
Beau – inaudle
Maggie – That is what a friend does.
April – I hope they got on camera….the night before Jennifer left…inaudible >

James - …the contests…we won that first food competition…dropping in coconuts

<April - …but you’ll probably never know how much I appreciate what you’ve done in bringing me here and all this kind of stuff…>

James – It was funny because we ate.
Janelle – I know

<April – and I like grabbed her hand and we feel asleep holding each other…>

Janelle – What did you say? I feel like such and idiot for not staying on the surfboard and …what do you do?
James – Being the first HOH?
Janelle – Yeah, because I would have saved Ashlea

<April – I think that is so sweet>

James – Good point.
Janelle – So selfish of me.
James – You can’t change that now. You got to think Ashlea didn’t want to be here.
Janelle – Yeah, true.
James – Although, I think if she had stayed her a little bit longer she might have wanted too.
Janelle – Yes, I think so too
James – Maybe she’ll get another chance to do something like this again someday.
Janelle – Maybe
James – She’s only what…Just turned 22?
Janelle – HmmHmm
James – She’s still a baby

<April – I’m sure they’re giving each other plans…>

James – 22, I never would have gotten chosen for a show like that. I was…

<April – still talking on other feeds…something about Janelle and James…>

Janelle – Are they asking you if we are working together and stuff like that?
James – Yeah, <inaudible> f&ck em
Janelle – What did they say?
James – Are you sure you and Janelle aren’t working together because Beau’s worried about that? If Beau’s so worried about it, he should have put me up this week. Instead of asking…
Janelle – Their so worried about it they keep asking me, Oh well, April is saying James is going to put me and Maggie up…he’s not going for Ivette…like basically I should be going for you because of that. I’m like yeah, I hope James wins this whole game. She’ll like...????....WHY? and I say because he deserves to like win it…I don’t really want to be here…she’ll like woe, if you win HOH who are you going to put up? I’m like, well it’s not going to be, well, it’s a tough one because it’s more like revenge at this point and she’s thinking it’s her and well she says what about James…and I say he hasn’t been pissing me off to bad lately…it just depends… And she’s like, oh my god. She’s like well, are you going to go after Ivette? And I’m like...uh…I don’t know…there is only 4 of you over there, so it’s four different people so I might have to just go inny-meany-minny-moe…<Janelle and James both snicker>
James – oh god, I’m going to shut the door…I thought Howie would be coming in sooner or later…Excuse me, I’m going to cross the room there in my drawers <I think that is what he said, probably boxers, but I don’t have visual…darn it…giggles>
<hear door close to gold room>
James – It’s so funny how she tries to ??? get communication like that? She’s (April) a f&cking tool.
Janelle – yeah…
James – America hates you. Do you think they like you?
Janelle – But I think she still believes that we’re like…
James – Friends?
Janelle – Yeah
James - ….god…That’s how pathetic she is.
Janelle – Yeah, pretty much
James – You know what the saddest thing is? Sarah liked April.
Janelle – I know. She really did.
James – She did.
Janelle - <snickers> I think that’s kind of funny.
James – It won’t surprise April when she sees what I said about her at all. It will probably shock her when she sees what you had to say.
Janelle – Yeah
James – Good
Janelle – Sigh
James – I hope she caused you crying
Janelle – What?
James – I hope she caused you crying
Janelle – No way!
James - …hang up on her…
Janelle – You know, I really didn’t trash talk her…I just basically pointed out all her flaws which are basically…what she does in this house is go back from group to group complaining…
James – Yeah
Janelle – and getting information
James – Trying to…She got away with it for awhile
Janelle – HmmHmm..Yeah, she sure did…
James – yep
Janelle – and uhm…and April thinks that there is a deal between Maggie, Ivette and Beau’s not included. Beau and her are not included.
James – She can’t be that dumb.
Janelle – She makes my head hurt. She really doesn’t make sense you know. It’s kind of like talking in circles with a small child…
James – HmmHmmm <whispers – did you hear someone out there?>
Janelle – Hmm?
James – whispering, “Did you hear someone out there?
Janelle – Nnmm <making no sound>
James – I thought I heard …
Janelle – Nnnn…

<April is now rattling on about the house and all the cameras>

James – Oh well, who gives a f&ck… That’t the thing, it’s all in circles…
Janelle – Hmmhmmm
Janelle – The thing about the secrets is in the beginning, like, information spread so quickly because of the partners…
James – Yeah…
Janelle – It was horrible. That’s like the worse thing about it.
James – Hmmm…
Janelle – That the information was traveling to fast in this house.
James – Yeah and people held grudges.
Janelle – Yep
James – Cause I remember, Jenny and I were sitting on the bed and she says, “what do you think of April?” And I said, I think she’s nice but she’s pretty insecure, you know. And supposedly that’s like the worse thing she has ever heard and that’s why she has held a grudge since day 4 about…
Janelle – Yep

James – I can’t believe I resisted going off <???>
Janelle – I know, that was funny. It was like, let me Kaysar, let me. It was like, James NO, and I don’t see what the hell the difference was…you might as well.
Janelle – I’m glad that after they put up Kaysar I did whatever I wanted
James – Hmmmhmm
James – It’s nice not having Jenny around.
Janelle – Hmmhmm
James – Isn’t it?
Janelle – It’s very peaceful
James – Here stupid little face always…
Janelle – I know, she’s weird…she does that thing with her eyes…

Janelle – Hey Howie, did you shower?
James – Who’s out there? Oh! <Howie must have entered gold room>
Howie – Not yet, but I’m gonna
James – I thought I heard something out there, maybe it was Rachel?
Howie – What do you want?
James – Just some boobies…Just kidding, I’ve got a girlfriend.
Howie – oh god got a…<inaudible> piece of you
James – Howie, you’re too old for her. I’m pushing it. [talking about Sarah]
Howie – You’re right
James – She’s like 23 remember, she’s a young one
Howie – She’s too old for me anyway
James – That’s right, she’s out of your demographics…she’s 23
Howie – You caught a break you know…her 23rd birthday. Hold on, wait a minute…now she’s 23, 18 – 23 or 17 – 23, but for TV purposes we’ll stick to 18-23.
James – Well in Georgia, 17 is legal
Howie – Are you serious?
James – yeah
Howie – You live in Georgia, one state over…
James –

Janelle – hi
Howie – Look how beautiful the Janie doll is…
Janelle – Oh Howie, you’re my big beefcake…
Howie - …just like the James doll
James – Janie’s doll is going to have to come with a …bed…
Howie – A king (queen) size bed…
Janelle –
Howie – Seriously, Mommy, mommy, how come the Janie doll is always sleeping? Mommy, mommy…where’s your clip?...
Janelle – I want to buy myself some liposuction when I get out of here.
Howie – me too. Oh my god, I’m putting my shirt on and …
James – You see me wearing my shirt all the time now.
Howie – You don’t have too, your rip…
James – Thanks honey
Howie – Thanks honey

I think Howie’s talking to Janelle about getting it together, 2 for 1. [liposuction]

[That’s all for today folks…I have to get going. This is for nonfeeders and early nighters! Enjoy!]
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James00 - Rachel is awake. NT 2 Replies #2287317 8:24AM 25/08/2005
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puck71 - She's now making scrambled eggs on the stove NT #2287465 8:56AM 25/08/2005
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James00 - She is starting her morning workout with the treadmill. NT #2287340 8:29AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287611
notchbaby - Rachet is brushing her teeth, now walking through house, she has on peach colored shorts and brown shirt. NT 0 Replies #2287611 9:27AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287616
notchbaby - Looks like Rachet is packing. NT 1 Replies #2287616 9:28AM 25/08/2005
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notchbaby - Now laying down on bed in barracks. NT #2287619 9:28AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287786
John_DK_ - Ivette up and doing treadmill. NT 0 Replies #2287786 10:04AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287846
fnfish - janie up to washroom, looks liek going back to bed NT 0 Replies #2287846 10:16AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287882
scoobydoo - James washing dishes; Janelle sitting at dining room table; Ivette finished exercising NT 0 Replies #2287882 10:25AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287937
fnfish - FISH .... probably wake up call NT 0 Replies #2287937 10:36AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287949
fnfish - Lights are now on in HOH room, Janelle is sitting on LR couch 0 Replies #2287949 10:40AM 25/08/2005
HOH has spycam on Janelle
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notchbaby - Sounds like someone was throwing up? NT 0 Replies #2287950 10:41AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287951
notchbaby - Beau is watching Jan on orange couch through spycam NT 0 Replies #2287951 10:41AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287952
fnfish - HOH crowd tidying up their sleeping bags in HOH room. NT 0 Replies #2287952 10:41AM 25/08/2005
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fnfish - Ivette is cleaning in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2287959 10:44AM 25/08/2005
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Topic #2287979
notchbaby - I see Ivette scouring counters, wash bucket nearby, beau is helping, maybe April is there too. NT 0 Replies #2287979 10:51AM 25/08/2005
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