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maggie to janie: do you honestly think he (James) would use the veto to save you if he won? - Diana
8:45PM 26/08/2005

Janelle said that James is still denying the whole bible swearing story and is blaming A/M for concocting it! LOL NT - fnfish
8:46PM 26/08/2005

Maggie surprised: thinks Janelle actually cares about Howie - scoobydoo
8:47PM 26/08/2005

Janelle leaves for a min. to check on dessert. She looks better in Maggie's eyes - memyselfandi
8:48PM 26/08/2005

Mags said that because Jan cares so much for How and doesn't want him - dizzy
8:48PM 26/08/2005

Maggie & April both have stated that if Beau and Ivette refuse to use the POV if they win, then they are going after them the following week. NT - Billy
8:49PM 26/08/2005

April: Janelle is worried Beau or Ivette won't use the veto on her - scoobydoo
8:49PM 26/08/2005

Maggie picked up that Janelle truly believes that James would take her off if he wins the veto. - fnfish
8:50PM 26/08/2005

A: to Janelle: If they don't use it, then they will be playing against us. NT - fnfish
8:51PM 26/08/2005

Maggie: They do that and the whole friendship is gone. - memyselfandi
8:52PM 26/08/2005

A to Janelle: James has already been kissing my butt. - fnfish
8:53PM 26/08/2005

Maggie/Janelle hug after agreement to send home James NT - memyselfandi
8:55PM 26/08/2005

Ivette just told Janelle that if she picks Ivette for the veto, she will use it. NT - fnfish
8:55PM 26/08/2005

A little earlier in the HOH, Maggie said that she respects that Janelle's - fnfish
8:58PM 26/08/2005

Maggie just called Ivette a cockroach, lol NT - Goddess200xxx
9:01PM 26/08/2005

M&A told Ivette that James promised Janelle that he would take her off if he plays veto for her - fnfish
9:03PM 26/08/2005

HGs in kitchen enjoying Janie's apple crisp NT - fnfish
9:04PM 26/08/2005

Ivette asked "where is betty crocker" all answer "In the DR" NT - fnfish
9:04PM 26/08/2005

feed 2 is awfully blurry. must be very humid up on the hoh balcony NT - InTheCave
9:04PM 26/08/2005

BB: "Beau please go to the Diary Room" NT - fnfish
9:10PM 26/08/2005

Hg's are on indoor lockdown, apparently BB is already setting up the POV comp for tomorrow. NT - fnfish
9:15PM 26/08/2005

"Don't piss in my ear and tell me its raining" was a BB3 quote from Danielle (says Maggie) - knifey_spooney
9:16PM 26/08/2005
Janelle said it was her dad's birthday on sept. 6, after Ivette was talking about her dad's birthday coming up. NT - memyselfandi
9:24PM 26/08/2005
Janelle tells them that. Magg is in the shower in HOH NT - amIsane
9:17PM 26/08/2005

James set up chess board in GR and Ivette came in to join him NT - fnfish
9:17PM 26/08/2005

April again tells Howie/Janie in kitchen that Ivette WILL use the VETO, or she is doomed. NT - SassyPrncess
9:18PM 26/08/2005
Janie says she is picking Ivette, Howie will pick Beau NT - SassyPrncess
9:19PM 26/08/2005
April says Jen always listened at doors. Says Jen heard something early by listening at the GR (note: she "heard" Mike slamming Eric's family) LOL NT - SassyPrncess
9:21PM 26/08/2005

Ivette (to James) I'm not in control in this game and that is what upsets me NT - Diana
9:18PM 26/08/2005

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