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Apr - "Like donkey Kong Now!" (sidenote: ..umm what?) NT - ouxch
10:33PM 26/08/2005
April saying when its the 4 of us then its on like donkey kong NT - skywalkerone
10:39PM 26/08/2005

HOH crew loving the fake speech Ivette gave if she were to win the veto; involved lots of James-trashing - shesblazzzing
10:35PM 26/08/2005

James tells Ivette Janelle/Howie rejected his plea to play for them in POV - memyselfandi
10:43PM 26/08/2005

I: I'm going to win the veto, take Janelle's happy ass off, - Doofannes
10:45PM 26/08/2005

April: Poor Ivette. She really wants to trust James......... - SassyPrncess
10:45PM 26/08/2005
I think Ivette relayed that story so the NH would get mad at J/H for - scoobydoo
10:53PM 26/08/2005

James goes to gym to talk to Janelle/Howie by sticking Ashlea's picture in door crack - memyselfandi
10:46PM 26/08/2005

April to Ivette: I know it sucks, but we sent Kaysar home and now we need to send James home. NT - memyselfandi
10:47PM 26/08/2005

A to I: James won't bite you - Doofannes
10:47PM 26/08/2005

Maggie to the Fiendship: "Let's just all lay down!" DeJaVu Eric! - KaysarWinsBB6
10:54PM 26/08/2005

Ivette trying to stick up for James and say she's wanted to believe his epiphany was real. - memyselfandi
11:02PM 26/08/2005

April: Janelle will take herself off because she's very very selfish. NT - memyselfandi
11:03PM 26/08/2005

LOL Janelle, HOwie and James in the kitchen (adult) - fnfish
11:04PM 26/08/2005

April is at HOH door listening to James/Howie talk in kitchen - memyselfandi
11:08PM 26/08/2005

FISH on all Feeds... (I don't know why) NT - memyselfandi
11:09PM 26/08/2005

Ivette now saying God will take care of it if Janelle or James try to do the F5 harm NT - Doofannes
11:11PM 26/08/2005

HOH spycam off.. "Night guys, I love you," says the herd NT - memyselfandi
11:13PM 26/08/2005

F5 all say "Night guys, love you" and go to bed. NT - Doofannes
11:13PM 26/08/2005

F1 has Janie out of shower getting ready for bed/ F2 is Howie stretching on gym floor NT - memyselfandi
11:15PM 26/08/2005

So much for night guys, Ivette discussing the plagues in Moses biblical story NT - memyselfandi
11:17PM 26/08/2005
Maggie keeps interjecting with incorrect biblical names... Are you sure it wasn't Jacob? And his brother Abram? NT - memyselfandi
11:19PM 26/08/2005

Maggie: We all need to go to bed guys. - memyselfandi
11:22PM 26/08/2005

FISH NT - Veruta
11:26PM 26/08/2005

April is baffled why she doesn't know any of the Bible stories or characters Ivette is talking about. - memyselfandi
11:27PM 26/08/2005

Friendship complaining about BB not giving them luxury comps - memyselfandi
11:31PM 26/08/2005

Janelle and James in Gold room - memyselfandi
11:34PM 26/08/2005

Ivette now whining about how she needs America's choice - memyselfandi
11:35PM 26/08/2005

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