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Shades are up, and they have found a clue in the house! Janelle is so excited, - Disneyisme
6:18PM 26/08/2005

The clue they have says 'it' is in plain sight. They have a flash light that was - Disneyisme
6:19PM 26/08/2005
I hear Ivette say 'maybe it's upstairs somewhere'...then FISH NT - Disneyisme
6:19PM 26/08/2005

FISH!!!! NT - bbf
6:19PM 26/08/2005

We are back....they are not talking about the clue at all. James is asking Beau if he can finish his hair tonight. NT - Disneyisme
6:24PM 26/08/2005
Beau: I would make a good housewife, right? NT - katanna
6:26PM 26/08/2005

Ivette, James, Maggie and April are staring at the fish tank while Beau is cooking. - Disneyisme
6:26PM 26/08/2005

Ivette & Maggie convo in barracks - scoobydoo
6:33PM 26/08/2005

M to I: If you do something to help James, it will be seen as an act against April NT - Doofannes
6:35PM 26/08/2005

Maggie & Ivette ... - scoobydoo
6:35PM 26/08/2005

Maggie to Ivette - If you do anything at this point to keep James it will be an act against April but that's for you to decide and - Suzan
6:36PM 26/08/2005

Ivette thinks it's her job to warn James not to use veto if he wins it - scoobydoo
6:36PM 26/08/2005

Ivette: If he plays for POV then it's my job to let him know not to use it. M: It's not your job. NT - Suzan
6:37PM 26/08/2005
Maggie is talking about how it's in James best interest to not use POV if he wins, that Janelle should go home because she's his competition. - Suzan
6:42PM 26/08/2005

Maggie: "This will be seen as going against the Friendship" NT - scoobydoo
6:39PM 26/08/2005

April & Ivette hug-dancing now NT - scoobydoo
6:44PM 26/08/2005

James is called to the diary room and the houseguests are getting - bakerladee
6:50PM 26/08/2005

I: MMMMMmmm Janelle why don't you cook more often, J: Because I like to be cooked for, I'm used to going to restaurants NT - Suzan
6:52PM 26/08/2005
April to Beau - Oh, how do you make garlic salt? He starts to tell her (lol) and says I'll wait until you taste it first - Now Beau and Janelle argue - Suzan
6:53PM 26/08/2005
April: OH........MY........GAWD......THIS is so good!!!!!!!! NT - bakerladee
6:55PM 26/08/2005

Beau's garlic bread is a hit - they are all ooo & ahhhhing over dinner NT - Suzan
6:54PM 26/08/2005

They are all eating with general conversation - about being sick when they get out because of new germs, the food, how April feels, they even teased - Suzan
7:02PM 26/08/2005
April talking again about how sick she feels NT - Suzan
7:18PM 26/08/2005
Talking about dreams. Maggie says when you have a dream where you can't speak in it it means that in your life you are not hearing what someone is - Suzan
7:12PM 26/08/2005
Now they are discussing breast feeding!! Ivette has a lot of opinons about it. Janelle telling about her friends that have kids, disucssing how long - Suzan
7:15PM 26/08/2005

Apple crisp time - Janelle's going to make dessert. Mags and Ivette are washing dishes, April is drying, James is helping too NT - Suzan
7:30PM 26/08/2005

Janelle: "Thanks for eating with us, Maggie" - scoobydoo
7:31PM 26/08/2005

The kitchen tap has been running for like 45 min NT - gokaysar
7:50PM 26/08/2005

Earlier during dinner, Howie asked why they gave a shout out to BB Holland - Debra_Kadabra
7:51PM 26/08/2005
Beau gave a shout out to BB Holland in his HOH Blog NT - puck71
8:05PM 26/08/2005

BB: Howie please go to the DR. NT - Janie_Roxx
7:56PM 26/08/2005

BB: Maggie please put on your mic. NT - Janie_Roxx
8:06PM 26/08/2005

Maggie, April & Beau in HOH room - scoobydoo
8:07PM 26/08/2005
Maggie thinks it is not in James' best interest to use the veto should he be asked to play and win. Beau comments that it would mean one of us would - Suzan
8:12PM 26/08/2005

Maggie: It'd be such a waste if we send Howie home this week NT - scoobydoo
8:08PM 26/08/2005

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