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Topic #2303288
Billy - James is asking Ivette if she thinks that Howie & Janelle will pick him to play POV, and he says he doubts it, that it'll be her & Beau, and that if 0 Replies #2303288 9:21PM 26/08/2005
she wins it, he says to keep it.
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Topic #2303290
knifey_spooney - Ivette appears to be falling for James's "poor me" act in the GR 0 Replies #2303290 9:21PM 26/08/2005
She is hinting that "something is up" that is bothering her. She thinks that things that she has told James has been repeated.

James is repeating that April and Jennie went to the S4 about booting Ivette
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Topic #2303293
Diana - James to Ivette: I wonder if they'll ask me to compete 0 Replies #2303293 9:21PM 26/08/2005
J: I don't think they will
I: If they do and you win it you know you need to hang onto it

I: There's some things that have been said, that I've told you that have come back to me

J: Like what?

I: You can't tell me they haven't come to you and made offers

J: I already told you that

I: I told you don't get frazzled.
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Topic #2303294
fnfish - Ivette and James in GR. 0 Replies #2303294 9:21PM 26/08/2005
J: You know these are my bad days
J: Shouldn't be nervous at all?
I: No you shouldn't be nervous.
I: James, I'm not gonna....
J: I know you're not gonna BS me
I: The only thing that upsets me is that I'm not in control.
J: If they ask you to compete, you should just hold on to it.
I: I just don't like some things that have been going on. I don't like that some things have been said. I'm not going to say anything now, I'm just going to wait.
I: There are some things that I've told just you, and they've come out and that bothers me.
I: I know that they've told you sh*t
J: They told me that it was April and Jenny that came to them and got them started. They told me that even if I didn't want to stick with them, my best chance was to stick with them.
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Topic #2303298
memyselfandi - James: You know these are my bad days 0 Replies #2303298 9:22PM 26/08/2005
Ivette tells him to stop picking at his nails.

James: I got to watch out because every time I talk to you I wind up losing my queen or something else.

James doesn't thinK Howie and Janelle are going to pick him for veto. James is saying if Ivette or Beau win POV playing for them they should just hold onto it.

IvettE: I just don't like some things that are going on. I just don't like some things that have been said.

James asking for more specifics.

I: There's just always certain things that I've told you and they come out.

J: Whatever their reasons might be, it bothers me that I know that they've told you ***** and you can't sit here and told me that hteyr haven't attempted to make offers with you.

Rehashing of the April vs. Ivette saga with April turning against her and being willing to save Sarah and get Ivette to go home.

Ivette says that whole story was just bizarre.

James: If that upset you then how do you think I felt?

*back to chess talk*
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Topic #2303299
fnfish - More Ivette and James in GR 0 Replies #2303299 9:23PM 26/08/2005
They interrupt the talk to play chess. When they do talk, they're whispering very low, hard to hear.

James looks very defeated at the moment. He probably is realizing that his days are numbered.
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Topic #2303303
SassyPrncess - Howie: He's such a great actor! - April: When he came to HoH w/Jen he cried! NT 0 Replies #2303303 9:24PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303314
SassyPrncess - April says James told Ivette "They are trying to get me to make deals & I won't." NT 1 Replies #2303314 9:25PM 26/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - repeats again the Pressure cooker/Rachel/Demon story. NT #2303315 9:26PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303317
Billy - James is doing his normal playing game, now back to "what were you saying" and asking what has came back to you that I've said. Trying to put the 1 Replies #2303317 9:26PM 26/08/2005
trash mouth on April & Jennifer.
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Billy - now Ivette has pretty much subconsciously told James that April is backdooring him by saying she doesn't know if April is planning on backdooring him. #2303338 9:29PM 26/08/2005
And James then asks her if she thinks it's possible, and she says anything is possible. IMO, she is telling him, without telling him directly.
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Topic #2303323
SassyPrncess - Howie tells April that James says she listens in the SR. April denies this. NT 1 Replies #2303323 9:28PM 26/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - April: Before Jen left, she told me to make sure James is OUT. NT #2303330 9:28PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303329
memyselfandi - Ivette: Lately I've been listening to certain things and I don't like certain things that have been said. 0 Replies #2303329 9:28PM 26/08/2005
Ivette is saying she doesn't like James' answers that he wants to stay in the game to send home the people that sent home Sarah when in reality it was the whole house that did that. James is saying he meant Howie, Rachel, Janelle but he's not defending it.

Ivette is lying to James telling him she doesn't know what April is thinking as far as backdoor.

J: Do you think it's possible?

I: I don't think anything's impossible at this point in the game.

Ivette says she's just lucky she's here at this point in the game.

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Topic #2303336
fnfish - Ivette/ James in GR. 0 Replies #2303336 9:29PM 26/08/2005
J: What were you sayin' again?
I: Not sure, I lost track.

They are very quiet and seem to be avoiding eye contact. Concentrating on their chess game.

J: Ivette, anything that I've ever told you.....
J: There are other reasons that I don't like April that are not strategic.
I: When I asked you who you're after, you told me that you were after the people who are responsible for getting Sara out, well the reality is is that the entire house was responsible.
(not sure what james response was to this)
J: I know that I might get put up, I would just like to be forwarned if I'm going to get backdoored.
I: And I'm telling you, I don't know what April might be thinking as far as backdoor.
J: Do you think it's possible?
I: Do I think it's possible? I don;t know, nothing is impossible in this game.
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Topic #2303337
InTheCave - ironic chess quote #4838 0 Replies #2303337 9:29PM 26/08/2005
James to Iv playing chess in GR: "One piece of yours is messing up what I want to do."
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Topic #2303342
SassyPrncess - April: I don't care about the money, but I don't want that guy to win. NT 0 Replies #2303342 9:30PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303347
Angelfire - Maggie is listening at the HOH door to April talking to Howie and Janelle. NT 0 Replies #2303347 9:30PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303361
SassyPrncess - James: There is no reason, if she wanted them to stay on the block that April wouldn't pick me. NT 0 Replies #2303361 9:32PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303374
SassyPrncess - Beau is out of DR. Wanted to go to GR to help Ivette, April said no, it's too obvious. NT 0 Replies #2303374 9:33PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303381
SassyPrncess - Beau's excuse for not BD-ing James last week was that "someone" already told J that B was picking him for veto. NT 0 Replies #2303381 9:35PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303387
SassyPrncess - Apri: I love my nominee's so much! - Janie: We love you too, April. -A: I am soooo sorry you guys. NT 1 Replies #2303387 9:35PM 26/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - April says she is going to bed, doesn't feel well, wants good night sleep, goes up to HoH w/Maggie NT #2303392 9:36PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303397
SassyPrncess - A to M: If James goes out that door this week, everything he ever said goes out the door w/him. Let's not bring it up again. NT 2 Replies #2303397 9:37PM 26/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - A repeats "her going into SR to listen to GR" according to James. She is fired up. NT #2303399 9:37PM 26/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - M: they've gotta be so f-ing nervous (about Veto comp) A: I know! NT #2303409 9:39PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303407
memyselfandi - April is mad that James has told H/Jan that she's a big eavesdropper 0 Replies #2303407 9:39PM 26/08/2005
She wants James gone and once he's gone she wants everything James has ever told people to save himself to go with him.
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Topic #2303415
SassyPrncess - James: So you don't know? -Ivette: I told u, I don't KNOW. NT 0 Replies #2303415 9:40PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303438
memyselfandi - April is saying don't believe everything Janelle says either, but this week we need to have faith in them NT 0 Replies #2303438 9:45PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303444
Doofannes - Ivette's telling James to convince Janelle to ask him to play the veto NT 0 Replies #2303444 9:46PM 26/08/2005
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Topic #2303448
he244 - Amazing, Ivette is telling James to lie. NT 0 Replies #2303448 9:46PM 26/08/2005
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