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Disneyisme Howie saying tomorrow is the day for them to do a luxury contest.."it's been 2 months now." 0 4:22PM 27/08/2005
Seny Howie said at the Wrap party they should make a bunch of vetos and hoh keys and hand them out to the people who won them NT 0 4:23PM 27/08/2005
Seny Camera is zoomed in on james. James is working out on the bowflex and his face looks constipated NT 0 4:24PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie tells James he could sell his vetos on e-bay for like 0 4:24PM 27/08/2005
Iris How and James in gym talking about when Jen won HoH 0 4:25PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme Right now we have a quiet HOH and a quiet contemplating James in the gym. NT 0 4:25PM 27/08/2005
Seny James looks very serious, he is in deep thought NT 0 4:26PM 27/08/2005
Seny James says to howie, i think thats the first time ive ever seen you clean (after moving back to the kitchen) NT 0 4:26PM 27/08/2005
Seny The fish just came on. NT 0 4:28PM 27/08/2005
Iris How and James in kitchen 0 4:28PM 27/08/2005
Toronto It would appear as though the BY has been opened. NT 0 4:28PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme James went to the kitchen now, he says to Howie that he got to host his own funeral today. 0 4:28PM 27/08/2005
Toronto April has been awoken by the call of nature, it seems. NT 0 4:29PM 27/08/2005
Iris BY is now open, How and James in BY, hard to hear them. NT 0 4:29PM 27/08/2005
Seny Houseguests: the lockdown is over you are now free to move around the house! 0 4:29PM 27/08/2005
Seny April is awake 0 4:30PM 27/08/2005
Iris Feeds 1 & 2 on sleeping HoH HGs; Feeds 3 & 4 on How and James doing laundry in BY. James sorting and loading clothes in washer. NT 0 4:31PM 27/08/2005
Seny Howie and james are doing some laundry NT 0 4:31PM 27/08/2005
Toronto James and Howie enter the house and go into the gym. NT 0 4:32PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme James is geting clothes done at the dryer and complaining about the towels 0 4:32PM 27/08/2005
Iris James back to working out in gym, How not on feeds. NT 0 4:32PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie saunters off to nap and James stays in the gym to release some tension. NT 1 4:34PM 27/08/2005
Iris How asking James if he wants any ice cream. How says if he's going to be fat, he's going to be happy. James declines and continues workout. NT 0 4:38PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie wants ice cream, and James says "Howie! Give up on the ice cream right now, just give it up." 0 4:38PM 27/08/2005
Iris James saying all of the times he was on the block he cooked, cleaned, etc. NT 0 4:39PM 27/08/2005
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