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Toronto Howie tells James how he was temporarily blinded by the mud during the veto comp. NT 0 4:40PM 27/08/2005
dataloss James wants a job as "one of the guys behind the wall." NT 0 4:41PM 27/08/2005
Iris James said he tried to give pointers during POV comp (he hosted)... 0 4:44PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme They are talking about reality shows and the producers and James says "you've been on a lot of shows right?" 0 4:44PM 27/08/2005
Iris How and James talking about Eric and AC. James said: America said thank you, but no thank you. NT 0 4:45PM 27/08/2005
Iris James: Janelle is the luckiest m*f*r in the world. NT 0 4:46PM 27/08/2005
Disneyisme James says "I wonder if Sarah is in Chicago or sequestered." 0 4:47PM 27/08/2005
serac Howie going outside 0 4:49PM 27/08/2005
serac James back inside cleaning a large silver veto symbol. 0 4:52PM 27/08/2005
Iris Howie putting away clothes in barracks, sniffing the clothes every once in a while as he puts them away. NT 0 4:55PM 27/08/2005
adiva96 Howie now in BR unpacking. NT 0 4:56PM 27/08/2005
Iris Sleeping HG on F1 & F2, Howie putting away clothes on F3 & F4, Janie sleeping GR but not on feeds, James not on feeds. NT 0 4:57PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie farts and apologises to BB. NT 0 4:57PM 27/08/2005
serac Howie is unpacking 0 4:57PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie breaks wind again. What did he eat? NT 0 4:59PM 27/08/2005
Iris Howie bends over to look under the cabinet and farts AGAIN. How: Sorry BB. NT 0 4:59PM 27/08/2005
Seny 4:30 PM TO 5:00 PM UPDATE FOR Camera 3 and 4 (james and howie) 0 5:00PM 27/08/2005
Suzan Howie in the barracks by himself packing (or unpacking?). 0 5:05PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Beau wakes from his nap and descends to the kitchen to meet James and Howie. NT 0 5:11PM 27/08/2005
Seny Beau is awake now playing coasters NT 1 5:11PM 27/08/2005
Suzan Beau is up and heading downstairs. JAmes has been in the gym. Howie comes in and they talk coasters and sleep NT 1 5:11PM 27/08/2005
Iris Beau up and leaving HoH room, looking over railing walking down stairs. 0 5:13PM 27/08/2005
Iris Howie just said he had packed, but they told him to unpack. He said now he'll have something to do on Thursday. NT 0 5:15PM 27/08/2005
Iris Howie and Beau in BY talking about today's POV comp. Beau is washing off his and Mags veto symbols with water hose. NT 0 5:19PM 27/08/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Daily Recap to this point 0 5:20PM 27/08/2005
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