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Sunflake April, Beau and Ivette trying to figure out how much the stuff in the bakery competition weighed before they started, they're going over comps. NT 1 12:53PM 27/08/2005
Sunflake April asks Ivette not to say anything to James, Ivette says there is nothing to say. They agree he's had plenty of opportunities. NT 0 12:55PM 27/08/2005
Mrguytvblog "i'm not HOH james, i'm not. he may benefit me, but not my group. he can make me all the promises he wants..." ivette says to april NT 0 12:56PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Maggie and James alone in gym. NT 0 12:57PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Ivette: I'm glad I didn't win that veto because if I had, I would have been swarmed. (By James, I'm assuming.) NT 0 12:58PM 27/08/2005
Toronto April asks BB to summon her to DR; she wonders if she'll be called to it as often as James is when he has PoV. NT 0 12:58PM 27/08/2005
Mrguytvblog "so as long as she's in the game, we're screwed. seriously." says ivette to beau/april in HOH room NT 1 12:59PM 27/08/2005
Toronto April: If I nominate James, Ivette, do you promise to evict him? Ivette says that she's got no choice. NT 0 1:00PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie reflects with Janelle on how he could have improved his performance in the PoV comp. NT 0 1:04PM 27/08/2005
Mrguytvblog James sharing a forced laugh with Maggie in Workout Room about her fake job NT 0 1:06PM 27/08/2005
Mrguytvblog "What do you consider dirty maggie, your definition..." asks james. maggie says she'll never give him that. NT 0 1:06PM 27/08/2005
Mrguytvblog james took over maggie's stair climbing machine so she can exchange mic's. wants to play chess with ivette when maggie comes back NT 1 1:08PM 27/08/2005
Toronto BB finally responds to April's diary room request. NT 0 1:09PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie is trying to decipher the meaning of MTA3-17. NT 0 1:13PM 27/08/2005
Toronto Howie is telling Janelle that regardless of which alliance wins HoH next week, April is probably safe. 0 1:22PM 27/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie howie wants janie to talk to april, tell her that she won't go up next week if j or h get hoh 0 1:24PM 27/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie janie imitating lori from bb3 NT 0 1:30PM 27/08/2005
Seny Howie chanting Do me do me do me! NT 0 1:32PM 27/08/2005
Seny Howie says if he wins he stays if not hes in the tropics with jen, He seems not to care if he goes NT 0 1:33PM 27/08/2005
Seny Howie said he would spank janie and give her a manacure with his teeth, ride her cowgirl bang her from behind analy surfacely doggystyle NT 0 1:34PM 27/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie janie's now a 'sexy diva.' howie goes thru the list of what he'll do to her. janie: 'that's disturbing.' 0 1:36PM 27/08/2005
Seny Looks like howie finaly fell asleep NT 0 1:36PM 27/08/2005
Seny Janies asleep, Ivete is making apple crisp NT 0 1:37PM 27/08/2005
Seny Camera positions are 0 1:40PM 27/08/2005
kaysar_and_janie janie promises she'll take her mom on trip to bahamas. april says don't bring michael. janie says she won't. 0 1:45PM 27/08/2005
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