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Topic #2355129
TX_Redhead - Howie got his U2 CD again (ed note: he looks GREAT with that haircut) NT 0 Replies #2355129 8:57PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355163
ouxch - April and Ivette talking at the RT 1 Replies #2355163 9:00PM 01/09/2005
Ape - Give yourself some ***** credit [About Ivette saying He [Beau] should stay because he'll get farther]

(ed note: Ouuuuu Friendship is turning on eachother~!)
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ouxch - april - "you signed up for it." NT #2355169 9:00PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355177
ouxch - April - "As much as were a foursome, were all individuals." NT 0 Replies #2355177 9:01PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355196
TX_Redhead - Something Maggie said earlie that just dawned on me... 1 Replies #2355196 9:02PM 01/09/2005
While they were bashing Janie in the bathroom, Maggie said "she doesn't know what if feels like to be on the block" Ivette said something to the effect of "she should" or "she will".
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TX_Redhead - BTW, this was concerning April NT #2355213 9:03PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355211
ouxch - Mag - "Unlike Eric and I, and Jennifer and April. You guys have a choice [B and I], whos to stay and whos to go." NT 0 Replies #2355211 9:03PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355242
Billy - Ivette ready to give up, saying Beau deserves to stay after April & Maggie tell her that they can dictate who stays, since they will have the votes. 0 Replies #2355242 9:05PM 01/09/2005
Her reason is because Beau has won an HOH, and they tell her that tonight wasn't her time, and she might get it on Saturday.
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Topic #2355267
ouxch - Ivette - "I'm going to say, "Janelle, how does it feel like to know you don't have a shot at the 500?" *Maggie Laughs* 0 Replies #2355267 9:06PM 01/09/2005
(ed note: Ivette is getting pathetic. Honestly. Shes being a sore loser. Poor Sportmenship.)
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Topic #2355273
notchbaby - Maggie and April ask Ivette who she wants to stay, her or Beau 0 Replies #2355273 9:06PM 01/09/2005
Right off she says probably Beau deserves it more cause he has won and HOH. Maggie and April look at each other startled. April says, you better think about that a little while, tomorrow could be your HOH time.
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Topic #2355282
Billy - Maggie snarking on Ivette about her wanting to say things to Janelle about not being able to win the $500K, and only being able to take the $50K, 0 Replies #2355282 9:06PM 01/09/2005
and Maggie says I'd say "it's more than you've won Ivette".
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Topic #2355283
TX_Redhead - Evillette keeps saying she wants to ask Janie 1 Replies #2355283 9:06PM 01/09/2005
So, how does it feel to make it to the end knowing you could never win the $500K
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Suzan - I didn't see this posted, but somewhere during this pow-wow of the four of them Ivette starts talking about how much she cannot stand Janelle - #2359142 9:31AM 02/09/2005
She says she can't even stand to be in the same air with her. Then she starts off on what a negative person Janelle is and how she (Ivette) feels a negative energy from Janelle. She goes as far as to say she has an evil soul, does that make sense? She spends a lot of time going over these feelings with her eyes getting wide and looking to the others for confirmation. Mostly they sat and listened to her.

(ed note: I believe all of Ivettes negativity is what is keeping her behind in the game, her focus is on Janelle and not the tasks at hand, she fixiates on something and just won't let go - Rachel is another example)
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Topic #2355367
Billy - April has just told Ivette that at this point, unless the person on the block wins POV, they shouldn't expect anyone else to use it on them. 0 Replies #2355367 9:11PM 01/09/2005
*Ed Note: At this point in the game, with only 6 players remaining, I can't remember from last season, but does the HOH & the 2 nom's get to pick a partner to play for POV, or is it just those 3 that play?
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Topic #2355448
Taffy - Ivette, Maggie and April still talking about who would be living at the house next week... 1 Replies #2355448 9:17PM 01/09/2005
Maggie: (whispers) Let's make it three girls
April: I'll get HOH tomorrow night, i need to wash my face, holly crap, I need Xanax, I need Avian.

Ivette: All of our goals are happening, we have the votes
April: Thanks to Jen
all: nodding
April: in sequester they'll let us talk about our vote
Maggie: they can't stop us
April talking about ripping Janelle(?) a new one.
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CanCon - Avian = Ambien (sleep medication) NT #2357411 12:42AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2355494
Taffy - April: I woill be in tears if I have to be in the final three with them. We cannot let that happen 0 Replies #2355494 9:20PM 01/09/2005
we have to sit here and think.We would have never thought that she would take Maggie off that week. we wouldn't have
Maggie: We beat some incredible players
Then they say the names...and now we are six, how amazing is that?
April: you got the weakling here, you got the (missed) she's lost 15 pounds, you got the crazy Cuban...missed the rest...sorry
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Topic #2355539
shesblazzzing - Beau just asked Howie to go up to HOH so they could talk. NT 0 Replies #2355539 9:24PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355606
shesblazzzing - Beau/Howie in HOH 0 Replies #2355606 9:28PM 01/09/2005
Howie says he has to talk to Janie before he makes a decision because last time he was HOH he was alone and screwed it up. He tells Beau that at this point in the game, it's not personal, but "strategical."

Beau says no matter what, you know I love you inside and outside of this house.

Now they are talking about James and a limp he apparently had a few days ago. From what I gather, they believe it was all an act and had he been picked for the veto, he would have gone "balls out" (according to Beau).
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Topic #2355675
shesblazzzing - More Beau/Howie 0 Replies #2355675 9:33PM 01/09/2005
They say it all depends on the veto, can't make a concrete decision until then (paraprashed).

Beau asks if Howie knows who he will put up if the veto is used. Howie tells him he won't say anything until he talks to Janie because he doesn't want to say the wrong thing and then have Beau later come to him and say "Well Howie, you said this..."

Howie keeps reassuring him that it is a strictly "strategical" move. Tells Beau he hates to see him sad, but he had to do it. Also says he loved James like a brother and didn't like seeing him sad the past couple weeks. He said at one point, "James was in here crying and I knew that was just tactics."
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Topic #2355707
shesblazzzing - Beau/Howie cont'd 0 Replies #2355707 9:35PM 01/09/2005
Howie tells Beau that he likes him, he is honest and is playing an honest game and won't leave being deceitful (something like that). Says he isn't lying to Beau, you know I love you, etc.

Feeds switched to April and Ivette in the bathroom.
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Topic #2355747
shesblazzzing - I think April and Ivette were talking about Janelle. 0 Replies #2355747 9:38PM 01/09/2005
The feeds switched to them in the middle of the convo, and they were saying something about if James stayed she would have made nice with him. They quickly get up and April mutters something about taking some cream (missed it).

Now they are in the barracks.
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Topic #2355771
crymerci - Dining room cam on the dirty dishes Ivette, Maggie and April left on table. NT 0 Replies #2355771 9:39PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355799
shesblazzzing - April ranting about Janelle leaving her stuff all over the place.. 0 Replies #2355799 9:41PM 01/09/2005
...not helping to clean, etc.

Says Janelle told her "It's okay April, you and I are PMSing so we can be mean. I was mean to James this morning."

April says she couldn't do anything, what was she supposed to do, go to the kitchen and grab a knife and slice her own throat? Because that's what she wanted to do.

Howie and Beau come in and April abruptly changes the subject. Now they are talking about packing.
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Topic #2355818
just1fan - April justifying to Ivette being civil to Janelle... 0 Replies #2355818 9:42PM 01/09/2005

ap: she doesn't f-ing get it. she doesn't f-ing get it. (bashing janelle) I'm so f-ing sick of her. I tried to go to the DR to vent about her but they wouldn't let me...

Hopefully she (Janelle) is different outside of here but i don't know. I can choose to let her get on my every last nerve or keep peace. The great thing that we know... one of us is in the final 3. Even if those two mother f-ers are in there.

Howie and bo come in and convo changes...
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Topic #2355819
BHnoah - Beau playing with Howies light saber in main bedroom NT 0 Replies #2355819 9:42PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355856
BHnoah - They've turned off the lights in main bed room (and it's in color not night vision) and Maggie and beau are using the light sabers NT 0 Replies #2355856 9:45PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355878
shesblazzzing - Earlier in HOH, Howie told Beau that Maggie is the glue that holds them (the friendship) together. NT 0 Replies #2355878 9:46PM 01/09/2005
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Topic #2355920
shesblazzzing - Howie called to DR. Ivette says to remember what to ask for. 0 Replies #2355920 9:50PM 01/09/2005
Earlier, Ivette told Howie he should have asked for a picture of Tush (her girlfriend) since she's getting evicted anyway.
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