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janka Howie returns to the HOH room and tells Janie that they others are studying.. 0 12:09AM 02/09/2005
janka The experts are on to her, can't spy on a spy. So Janelle makes like she's going to GR for some last minute items to take to bed with her. 0 12:14AM 02/09/2005
janka Everyone studying... 0 12:24AM 02/09/2005
Taffy Everybody cramming for comp... 1 12:50AM 02/09/2005
Taffy Ivette and maggie in bed, but still talking... 0 1:00AM 02/09/2005
Nerghan Howie and Janelle in HOH studying... 0 1:03AM 02/09/2005
Taffy HOH Room 0 1:17AM 02/09/2005
Taffy Barracks... 0 1:34AM 02/09/2005
calgal While Janelle is downstairs brushing her teeth before bed, 0 1:37AM 02/09/2005
Taffy last stop at HOH... 0 1:45AM 02/09/2005
crayons On F-3, Ape was picking her nose again and I swear I saw her 0 1:51AM 02/09/2005
cussler H is giving J a back rub in the HOH room... 0 1:58AM 02/09/2005
drummer_inblack Lights out in the HOH room, Janie napping while Howie listens to a U2 song. NT 0 2:15AM 02/09/2005
applecrisp Howie talked about how he gave a PC answer to Julie's question 0 2:36AM 02/09/2005
he244 Howie and Janelle still up gloating and laughing. 0 3:48AM 02/09/2005
straightdave 3:50am BB time and Howie and Janie are still awake and talking NT 0 3:50AM 02/09/2005
valentine FISH on All Feeds. NT 0 3:54AM 02/09/2005
valentine Now We're Back 0 4:00AM 02/09/2005
lyssababy30 all houseguests sleeping, with vision's of veto's dancing in their heads!!!! NT 0 5:30AM 02/09/2005
Alison fish now NT 0 7:22AM 02/09/2005
menthol F3, Ivette has been up for a little while, just laying in bed rolling her eyes. NT 0 7:31AM 02/09/2005
Sluggo Fish again... early wake-up call? They DO have a busy day NT 0 7:44AM 02/09/2005
neysa54 BB: The bedroom lights must remain on...Beau" Screw you BB"..FISH NT 1 7:52AM 02/09/2005
augie 8:30 AM veto comp - Howie just said. In half hour. NT 0 7:57AM 02/09/2005
jules Feeds blocked until Saturday after the show NT 0 8:05AM 02/09/2005
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