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sparkletts April: In cheerful voice says just think tonight one of us will be sleeping in a dark hotel room NT 0 9:23AM 02/09/2005
makmadden Howie & Janie in HOH room - they thought of some more trivia questions... 0 9:23AM 02/09/2005
makmadden Howie in HOH room by himself in the dark playing with his light saber... NT 0 9:26AM 02/09/2005
Sluggo Howie to himself: "The Power of Veto is with you!" NT 0 9:26AM 02/09/2005
bbfaninaz April in bath room complaining about her nose NT 0 9:27AM 02/09/2005
SassyPrncess Howie alone in HoH, talking to BB while playing with light sabre... 0 9:27AM 02/09/2005
sparkletts April: BB you suck big donkey (the rest was inaudible) NT 0 9:27AM 02/09/2005
bbfaninaz fish for a second, then back NT 0 9:28AM 02/09/2005
sparkletts April: I need alcohol in me NT 0 9:28AM 02/09/2005
skywalkerone "friendship" disscussion leaving janie bashing and moving on 0 9:29AM 02/09/2005
Jana April to Maggie: Would stick a suppository in my butt if I asked you? " She does it to people she doesn't know then Mag says 0 9:29AM 02/09/2005
bbfaninaz April talking to her fish, pepperoni,asks what are they doing with the fish after... NT 0 9:32AM 02/09/2005
Suzan April went to DR to find out if she can take a nap, Maggie is talking to Ivette and Beau 1 9:33AM 02/09/2005
beckysko april saying she wants to know if she can take a nap 0 9:33AM 02/09/2005
bbfaninaz april says bb said pov in less than 30 min. NT 0 9:34AM 02/09/2005
beckysko april back from dr 0 9:34AM 02/09/2005
Suzan Howie and Janelle are seen in the HOH room, just general chit chat. Beau is sitting in a chair 0 9:37AM 02/09/2005
augie HOLLY on Feed 1........ NT 0 9:38AM 02/09/2005
beckysko janie and howie in DR 1 9:38AM 02/09/2005
fitty_little_me I think we can safely confirm that Holly is in the backyard. Giggling and snorting. NT 0 9:38AM 02/09/2005
symmadownow Holly in BY again with HG pics NT 0 9:38AM 02/09/2005
augie Showing on feed 1 some of the veto comp set up with Holly. NT 0 9:38AM 02/09/2005
joannie Holly is in BY 0 9:39AM 02/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER holly involved in veto comp showing on feed 1 NT 0 9:39AM 02/09/2005
beckysko holly in backyard 3 9:40AM 02/09/2005
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