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Topic #2357218
janka - Howie returns to the HOH room and tells Janie that they others are studying.. 0 Replies #2357218 12:09AM 02/09/2005
Howie suggest an area where Janie could get to spy on them.

J: Should I?
H: Sure why not.
J: If they can spy on us we can spy on them.

Janelle head downstairs while Howie jumps in the shower. Janelle looking at the fish tank waitng to make her move.
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Topic #2357243
janka - The experts are on to her, can't spy on a spy. So Janelle makes like she's going to GR for some last minute items to take to bed with her. 0 Replies #2357243 12:14AM 02/09/2005
Beau watches her leave to make sure she is really gone. She heads to the kitchen then back to the HOH room.

J: Oh Howie you cuter.
H: You're cuter.
J: Am I really that's sweeet of you Howie.

Maggie and Ivette are in the GR going through Janelle's stuff.
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Topic #2357307
janka - Everyone studying... 0 Replies #2357307 12:24AM 02/09/2005
J&H up in the HOH room going over facts.

The others now in the GR going over facts after they messed with Janelle's stuff for a bit and the usual trashing. April keep pushing Beau to do something to Janelle's belongings but he said he couldn't. Then they decided to throw some of her clothes under her bed, so she couldn't find them.

They also study for about 30 seconds then check the door if anyone is spying, trash Janelle.

Study for thirty seconds.

Check the door.

Trash Janelle.

Rinse and repeat.
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Topic #2357440
Taffy - Everybody cramming for comp... 1 Replies #2357440 12:50AM 02/09/2005
on F1&2 J/H
Janelle: who verbally assaulted Jennifer on nationat television?
Howie: Janie
They both laugh and repeat the "gimme the f*ckin'key b*tch! thing...more laughter...back to studying...They're mainly going over comps and hoiuse features

On F3&4
whispering...April reviewing details of the HGs personal information
Maggie's boyfriend's name..Dave...how long she's been with her BY, then reviewing Beau's life...they already did Jan, James, howie's...I think they are saying good night now.
Beau, Maggie and Ivette hug
Maggie: one of us is going to go hang out with Jen
Ivette: something to the effect hat she's not going to get worked up about it. Maggie's still whispering, but I can't hear what she's saying
BB: Maggie, please put on your microphone
Maggie: she didn't know what karma means (?)
Ivette: yeah, what an idiot
Ivette: Janelle had already the heads up about coming here, hjer friend was on the amazing race...how is that valid, you know what I mean?
Maggie: I don't know...
...And we get Fish
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CanCon - Maggie: she didn't know what karma means (?) ....M talking about Nadria (BB5) not knowing what 'karma' meant - that N & A thought they ... #2357474 1:09AM 02/09/2005
were talking about 'Carma' Electra!
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Topic #2357463
Taffy - Ivette and maggie in bed, but still talking... 0 Replies #2357463 1:00AM 02/09/2005
More going over details like the fish tank, the 4 b-days celebrated in the house..Kaysar's comeback date...
Maggie: I gotta go to bed
Camera switches to April and Beau talking game infront of memory wall. they're reviewing past bb seasons. April: I'd rahter leave now that be in that situation, I'd be f*cking nutso! I think Janelle really came herew to be on television.
Beau and April looking at the pictures and making comments, but I only hear bits and pieces...sorry
April: Michael freaks me out...Sarah looks cute when she doesn'r smile...Kaysar looks like a complete geek,,,Eric looks solid...missed the rest
Beau criticizing his (own) features.
April: Howie tried to tell us he's 20something....I don't think the guys were that cute
Now they are looking at the fish
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Topic #2357470
Nerghan - Howie and Janelle in HOH studying... 0 Replies #2357470 1:03AM 02/09/2005
Howie and Janelle in HOH studying and going over things like what color boxes were opened during pressure cooker hoh comp and who opened it and what was in it, also talking about how many chairs are in the hoh and they comment about how it's not like they have been in there much. They talk about what color coasters there are in living room and how many star fish are in the hoh bathroom and then we get fish.

Howie talking about how they ,BB, must have a bunch of good footage of them. Janelle says she is cold, Howie says he has so much fat on him he isn't. They are talking all about preparing for the next two days and about comps and how it is going to be done. They aren't really trashing anyone all the while blissfully unaware of how much they are being trashed, particularly Janelle. They are pretty much strictly preparing and going over possible scenarios of the days to come. They seem to really know their stuff i.e. colors, quanity, what happened when, etc. They do a minimum of trash talking and then go right back to studying events in the house of the past.

Howie: If i wasn't so fat and didn't have such a big mouth, you would think i was cute right?
Janelle: hmm uhh,yea.

Then Howie begins playing with his light saber with the lights off.
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Topic #2357485
Taffy - HOH Room 0 Replies #2357485 1:17AM 02/09/2005
Howie:If I wasn't fat and had such a big mouth you'd think I am cute right?
Howie: Totally
Then he turns off the light and plays with his light saber (sp?)
lights back on..
Janie: you were mad at me?
Howie: I was a little pissed off... at james, cuz I knew he would cry and made you feel sorry for him. And then April talked about the pinky swear, and then you were strange too, hanging around with him all week.
Janie: I always hang out with him
now they're agreeing that James and the others were probably trying to work Howie up against Janie.
Jan: I wonder if Kaysar id watching?
Howie: are you kidding me? Michael is watching too

Jan: my tushy this, my tushy that...boo hoo! Stay at home with you f*ckin' tush b*tch! Don't come to this f*cking house!... more about Ivette, she's only nice when she needs something but how she's a f*ckin b*tch (their words!)the rest of the time.
Guess Beau said that if it had been Janelle putting him on the block it would have been malicious cuz they're calling him a dumbass for saying that, since it's obvious that B/I are the last pair.
Howie saying he thinks Beau always tells him the truth
Jan: what if Beau wins POV and uses it? What if April gets it?
Howie: worst case scenario, one of them goes home...but maybe they are very sentimental,and since Ivette hasn't won HOH...
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Topic #2357522
Taffy - Barracks... 0 Replies #2357522 1:34AM 02/09/2005
April is laying in bed awake, but not speaking
Everybody else seems to be asleep.
Back in HOH room howie and Jan are still going thru comp details
Howie is wide awake walking around the room with his light saber(sp?)
Janie says she's going to go brush her teeth downstairs, she'll be back.
Howie offers her to take a life saber with her
Janie: I'll be okay (me:LOL!)
Howie continues to mess with his new toy, I think he broke something on it
Howie: beautiful BB, beautiful...now I just need lipo suction and everything will be okay...
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Topic #2357530
calgal - While Janelle is downstairs brushing her teeth before bed, 0 Replies #2357530 1:37AM 02/09/2005
Howie is busy shoving cookies into his mouth while singing " why am I so fat " The camera pans to his love handles and stomach
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Topic #2357553
Taffy - last stop at HOH... 0 Replies #2357553 1:45AM 02/09/2005
Janey: I love Beau, I wish he didn't have to leave
Howie: me too, it's not personal though
Janey: I know, then again he's been an *****, well I guess he would be a bitch...
Howie: When April won HOH she was gracious and humble
Janey: Yeah
Then Howie and Janelle saying how annoying it is to hear people whining about pictures or a phone call when they'll go back to see all that people in three weeks...
Janie: You're here to play a game, so play it (missed curse word, it was either dumbass or a'hole...you get the gist, I hope )
Howie: gonna get a cookie, do you want one?
Jan: no (laugh)
Howie: I'm so fat...we're here on a business trip you know
Jan: uhuh

Good nite folks !
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Topic #2357568
crayons - On F-3, Ape was picking her nose again and I swear I saw her 0 Replies #2357568 1:51AM 02/09/2005
put it in her mouth! Ewwww ....
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Topic #2357582
cussler - H is giving J a back rub in the HOH room... 0 Replies #2357582 1:58AM 02/09/2005
They are practicing and talking and J said that her black bathing suit was the one she wore in the Miss LA contest...She came in 3rd and Marcus Allen was her sponsor...
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Topic #2357600
drummer_inblack - Lights out in the HOH room, Janie napping while Howie listens to a U2 song. NT 0 Replies #2357600 2:15AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2357627
applecrisp - Howie talked about how he gave a PC answer to Julie's question 0 Replies #2357627 2:36AM 02/09/2005
about his ideal girl. Janie says well what is it?
Howie: I like girls that are cute... I want her hot with a great little ass... (then something about "boobies")

Howie says Beau knew he and Ivette were going up if H/J got it since he put up H/R. "Fight fire with fire."

Howie says, "the two biggest trash talkers in the game, me and you." they laugh. "There was a lot of bad blood for a while but you know, we got most of it out of the house. Jen's gone. Kaysar's gone, and not that he was, he was just in the middle of it. and James, who was a major factor for it all." Janie is agreeing ("yep") to all of it. They laugh about James saying he hosted his own funeral.

Howie says he couldn't trust him, and Janie says he was hilarious.
Howie: But I'm mad because he f*cked our whole game us. He turned on us. We were gonna put Maggie up. He vetoed himself and brought himself back. Kaysar came back, we would've had a full alliance right now, pounding away on 'em. He f*cked it all up.

They laugh about how little of the S6 is left. Howie tells Janie it's a major step in the game if she wins tomorrow, they're getting rid of the NH. (para.) Janie said she guessed on some questions in the step up/down HOH competition.

They laugh again over James' antics trying to save himself this week, then talk about how pissed the NH was this morning about Janie & Howie not cleaning. They mock this morning's griping.
Janie: "What are you gonna do about it?! Evict Me?!"
They laugh. Janie: "You f*ckin' idiots. NERD HERDERS!" More laughing and NH-ing.

They turn out the lights.
Janie: Oh, Howie, you're a beefcake! The Nerd Herders are not going to be walking over this time that you're HOH.
Howie: Exactly.
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Topic #2357721
he244 - Howie and Janelle still up gloating and laughing. 0 Replies #2357721 3:48AM 02/09/2005
Howie tells Janelle how awesome she is with looks, personality, and the way she trashes the herd.
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Topic #2357724
straightdave - 3:50am BB time and Howie and Janie are still awake and talking NT 0 Replies #2357724 3:50AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2357726
valentine - FISH on All Feeds. NT 0 Replies #2357726 3:54AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2357734
valentine - Now We're Back 0 Replies #2357734 4:00AM 02/09/2005
and there is no sign of life on all four cameras.

Lights out for all 6 of them.
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Topic #2357836
lyssababy30 - all houseguests sleeping, with vision's of veto's dancing in their heads!!!! NT 0 Replies #2357836 5:30AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358183
Alison - fish now NT 0 Replies #2358183 7:22AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358236
menthol - F3, Ivette has been up for a little while, just laying in bed rolling her eyes. NT 0 Replies #2358236 7:31AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358312
Sluggo - Fish again... early wake-up call? They DO have a busy day NT 0 Replies #2358312 7:44AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358359
neysa54 - BB: The bedroom lights must remain on...Beau" Screw you BB"..FISH NT 1 Replies #2358359 7:52AM 02/09/2005
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bama_chevygal - It was Howie who said "Screw you BB" NT #2358432 8:05AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358389
augie - 8:30 AM veto comp - Howie just said. In half hour. NT 0 Replies #2358389 7:57AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2358436
jules - Feeds blocked until Saturday after the show NT 0 Replies #2358436 8:05AM 02/09/2005
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