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Topic #2359049
sparkletts - April: In cheerful voice says just think tonight one of us will be sleeping in a dark hotel room NT 0 Replies #2359049 9:23AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359052
makmadden - Howie & Janie in HOH room - they thought of some more trivia questions... 0 Replies #2359052 9:23AM 02/09/2005
Janie trying to eat a banana but is having a hard time she said its too early - Howie is telling her to breathe deep in and out.

H- NH is coming after us janie they want us (as Howie turns on his light saber)

H- Janie if you win tomorrow night we are in the Final 4 - that's what you wanted
J- yep
They start doing trivia again....
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Topic #2359075
makmadden - Howie in HOH room by himself in the dark playing with his light saber... NT 0 Replies #2359075 9:26AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359078
Sluggo - Howie to himself: "The Power of Veto is with you!" NT 0 Replies #2359078 9:26AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359080
bbfaninaz - April in bath room complaining about her nose NT 0 Replies #2359080 9:27AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359082
SassyPrncess - Howie alone in HoH, talking to BB while playing with light sabre... 0 Replies #2359082 9:27AM 02/09/2005
You're awesome BB! You're awesome! Allows me to strike the remaining HG's down!

Howie farts: Sorry BB.
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Topic #2359087
sparkletts - April: BB you suck big donkey (the rest was inaudible) NT 0 Replies #2359087 9:27AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359094
bbfaninaz - fish for a second, then back NT 0 Replies #2359094 9:28AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359103
sparkletts - April: I need alcohol in me NT 0 Replies #2359103 9:28AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359115
skywalkerone - "friendship" disscussion leaving janie bashing and moving on 0 Replies #2359115 9:29AM 02/09/2005
to bowl movements april asks maggie if she would stick a suppository in her butt bo says yuk ewww and april says she sticks her finger in peoples asses she doesnt even know and she loves me and then maggie says most of my patients i hate.(ed:nice )
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Topic #2359119
Jana - April to Maggie: Would stick a suppository in my butt if I asked you? " She does it to people she doesn't know then Mag says 0 Replies #2359119 9:29AM 02/09/2005
"ANd half of those I hate"
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Topic #2359150
bbfaninaz - April talking to her fish, pepperoni,asks what are they doing with the fish after... NT 0 Replies #2359150 9:32AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359157
Suzan - April went to DR to find out if she can take a nap, Maggie is talking to Ivette and Beau 1 Replies #2359157 9:33AM 02/09/2005
about the care of the fish, Ivette and Beau are at the kitchen counter playing chess. Janelle/Howie are not shown on the feeds right now.
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Suzan - BB told her it will be less than 30 minutes before they start - no nap NT #2359166 9:33AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359167
beckysko - april saying she wants to know if she can take a nap 0 Replies #2359167 9:33AM 02/09/2005
beau and ivette playing chess at the kitchen counter.
April says 'i hate this...i want to know if i can go and take a nap - let me in BB!'
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Topic #2359168
bbfaninaz - april says bb said pov in less than 30 min. NT 0 Replies #2359168 9:34AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359176
beckysko - april back from dr 0 Replies #2359176 9:34AM 02/09/2005
says BB said it will be less than 30 minutes.
she wishes she could take a nap...(i think she said 'get some battle sleep'?
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Topic #2359201
Suzan - Howie and Janelle are seen in the HOH room, just general chit chat. Beau is sitting in a chair 0 Replies #2359201 9:37AM 02/09/2005
in the bathroom waiting for Ivette to come out.
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Topic #2359210
augie - HOLLY on Feed 1........ NT 0 Replies #2359210 9:38AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359215
beckysko - janie and howie in DR 1 Replies #2359215 9:38AM 02/09/2005
janie saying how she'd never ever go out with him.
says 'do you think they're going to do that laser thing?'
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Suzan - HOH room NT #2359268 9:41AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359226
fitty_little_me - I think we can safely confirm that Holly is in the backyard. Giggling and snorting. NT 0 Replies #2359226 9:38AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359228
symmadownow - Holly in BY again with HG pics NT 0 Replies #2359228 9:38AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359229
augie - Showing on feed 1 some of the veto comp set up with Holly. NT 0 Replies #2359229 9:38AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359232
joannie - Holly is in BY 0 Replies #2359232 9:39AM 02/09/2005
holding up hockey pucks with HG's pictures on them!
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Topic #2359244
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - holly involved in veto comp showing on feed 1 NT 0 Replies #2359244 9:39AM 02/09/2005
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Topic #2359249
beckysko - holly in backyard 3 Replies #2359249 9:40AM 02/09/2005
some guy (bb staff) talking to her and telling her how to host the veto.
she is holding a bunch of circle disks with houseguests on them.
2 big brother staff in the backyard with her giving directions.
she's wearing a little black sweater with LOTs of cleavage.
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SassyPrncess - Veto comp is a circular table with station for each HG, Chips have evicted HG's faces on them. NT #2359291 9:42AM 02/09/2005
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SassyPrncess - In each station there is gold canister to stack chips in. One set of chips is orange w/no .... #2359350 9:47AM 02/09/2005
evicted HG face on them. One half of canister is closed and other half is open. The canister can swivel around. It looks like the contestant stacks chips in canister then turns it around to show answer.

Holly is wearing black fish nets stockings, a micro-mini black pleated skirt (think school girl skirt) with a button down black top showing enormous amounts of cleavage and belly. Her hair is down and wavy. At one point she grabbed Kaysar's chip and said, "Not cute! Nooo I am just kidding!" Then she grabbed 2 chips (mike & ashlea) and put them to her chest like boobies and giggled.
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SassyPrncess - Producer calling puck-like disks "Chips" NT #2359264 9:41AM 02/09/2005
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