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Topic #2384207
auntjulie - Mag just told Ivette & Ape that America shouldn't get to vote for the winner 0 Replies #2384207 11:48PM 04/09/2005
that America doesn't see everything. (Strange, haven't they noticed cameras EVERYWHERE??)
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Topic #2384218
knifey_spooney - Ivette/Mag/Ape think that America shouldn't vote, because they don;t know the truth... 0 Replies #2384218 11:49PM 04/09/2005
They think it wouldn't be fair. Ivette thinks BB didn't know that the couples would be revealed so quickly. Ivette says BB told James that America wasn't supposed to know about the pairs until week 3.

She is recounting the Summer of Secrets so far. She think there could be another, but she doesn't think so.
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Topic #2384248
knifey_spooney - April says we can't talk to Howie about anything, he is playing for janelle now. 0 Replies #2384248 11:53PM 04/09/2005
She is saying that Janelle does stuff to rile people up.

Ivette says that America voting will mess with the integrity of the game, the point is making nice with the other contestants so they vote for you...

Ape says when she talks to Janelle, she is being nice to her. Ivette says Janelle does that, when you are talking to her she is nice to your face, but she knows as soon as you turn your back, Janelle doesn't give three sh-ts about what you are saying...
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Topic #2384255
knifey_spooney - Ivette says Janelle missed the point of the game, its about winning people over so they vote for you in the end... NT 0 Replies #2384255 11:53PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2384281
ferretkiss - APR/IV/MAG in hoh (janelle talk) 0 Replies #2384281 11:57PM 04/09/2005
apr: she said i dont care im here to play the game
iv: what game
apr; the game we are not playing
iv rants that janelle needs people for the final vote, if she was here to play the game she would want april, maggie on her side, DYUWIS?

ape: she has rachel, james, and howie.
iv more rant
ape: she doesnt care, thats the dill. lets just worry about ourselves. the more i talk about the game the more im going to get worked up. i dont care, thats not why i came in here, i mean if im sitting at the end ill be honored.
more rant from ivette.

mag: she should know the only reason aprils going up instead of me is shes never been up there.
apr: i already know its going to be a tiebreaker.
iv: it might not be, because she knows howie is going home anyway (saying that jan might vote howie out)

ape:great thing is yeah i might look dumb sometimes but im not. so if she tells me stuff ill tell yall. but there can be no information going back to her. id ont really want to get stressed out about this stuff. the dill is im not stressed but.

april sneezes and says i just peed on myself i need to go to the bathroom.
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Topic #2384300
billw84 - "I want to see how much of my stupidity they show on TV" -Ivette 0 Replies #2384300 11:59PM 04/09/2005
"That's why America didnt' vote for you" - April
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Topic #2384308
bakerladee - Janelle sitting at the table looking at the wall playing with her hair. NT 1 Replies #2384308 11:59PM 04/09/2005
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knifey_spooney - Feed 3: A preview of all next week NT #2384320 12:01AM 05/09/2005
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