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Topic #2379742
knifey_spooney - Ivette tells Janelle that boxing is the best workout, you're arms get ripped in like 2 weeks. 1 Replies #2379742 2:40PM 04/09/2005
Janelle walks to work. She is talking about her work, she says that her work is like a house... she says it makes sense that she has to wear lingerie in the bedroom, but she thinks that there should be french maid outfits.

April says that her work sounds fun, that her and Matt will come and visit when she comes to Miami in October. Janelle says she will love it.

Janelle talks about going to Sawdress Mills (?) Mall after work one morning for their big Thanksgiving sale. She got out of work at 5am and went to the mall at 6am to buy electronics with Ashlea. She says she was in line for 4-1/2 hours and girls were having catfights in line etc.

April says she would rather pay full price then go through that to get a deal.
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EVS13 - Sawgrass Mills NT #2379749 2:42PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2379754
knifey_spooney - Janelle talking about a big sale at that mall. 1 Replies #2379754 2:43PM 04/09/2005
Talking about how horrible was, how fights broke out at the mall and the police had to come and arrest people who were brawling in stores.

They talk about where they like to shop, Iv/Ape/Janelle all love Nordstrom. They talk about jeans from Nordstrom, April and Janelle have the same pair. Ivette needs to get some for Tush.

Janelle and Ivette are going shopping as soon as they leave.

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knifey_spooney - To clarify: Janelle was drunk, she said Ashlea was driving her, they were supposed to meet at the car, but they lost each other #2379936 3:17PM 04/09/2005
and Janelle took a cab back to Ashleas house. Ashlea didn't make it back home for 5 hours, apparently. They couldn't communicate because Ashleas cell phone was turned off because she forgot to pay the bill.
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Topic #2379757
JenniLee - Iv. April, and Janelle talking about shopping the day after Thanksgiving 0 Replies #2379757 2:44PM 04/09/2005
April says she never goes out on that day because it is filled with penny pinchers who are "bastards."

Ed. Note: Just a few short hours ago April told Maggie that she was quite the penny pincher in comparision to her husband.
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Topic #2379758
knifey_spooney - April says Matt will not let her buy anything when she gets back, she will be on such a budget. NT 0 Replies #2379758 2:44PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2379766
PSister - April asked Jannelle what she would do with the money if she won. 0 Replies #2379766 2:46PM 04/09/2005
Jan: You mean if I won the grand prize?
Apr: Yeah
Jan: Probably give most of it to my family.
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Topic #2379773
knifey_spooney - April asks Janelle what she will do with the money? 0 Replies #2379773 2:46PM 04/09/2005
Janelle says if she got the grand prize she would probably give it to her family.

April says Matt will throw the whip down on her when she gets back, because they will be on such a tight budget, due to her income loss from being in the house.

Ivette says if she won the 50K she would buy two properties, put a downpayment on two properties.

April says she would go straight to the SPCA in Dallas and spend a day there buying them all the stuff they need etc.

Howie comes over and says they are all so cute.
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Topic #2379799
knifey_spooney - Howie: Michaels so cute.. Michael and Janie will get married one day 0 Replies #2379799 2:52PM 04/09/2005
IVette: You think?

Howie says that Janelle is getting old and is ready for kids.

Ivette says Janelle enjoys life too much.

Janelle says she has never been single. Ivette seems shocked by this... says Janelle probably gets bored easily. Janelle says its not that she gets bored .. irritated is more like it.

Janelle doesn't like to live with guys, she likes to have her own apartment. Ivette seems fascinated by this, asking Janelle questions about it. She wants to know if Janelle sleeps over at her boyfriends house? Does she just do it and go home? Does she just like to have her own space? etc.
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Topic #2379812
knifey_spooney - Ivette has dated someone who is 9 years older, she is 34 now 0 Replies #2379812 2:54PM 04/09/2005
Howie asks how old Tush is? Ivette says she is 27 (?) Her birthday is Sepetember 24.

Ivette is playing with Howies light saber, it is making weird noises. Howie asks if she has ever seen any of the movies, Ivette says no, she doesn't like anything to do with sci-fi. Ivette likes movies about kidnapping, mafia etc.
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Topic #2379825
knifey_spooney - Maggie and April laying out in the sun now. 0 Replies #2379825 2:56PM 04/09/2005
Maggie says someone "f--ing kicked my ass" (not sure who)

Janelle comes over to join them.

Not much talking, just Mag/Ape/Janelle laying in the sun.
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Topic #2379836
knifey_spooney - Janelle says she used to be so skinny you could see ripples 0 Replies #2379836 2:59PM 04/09/2005
Maggie wants to know what ripples are? Janelle says its like when you bend over, and you can see muscles (or something) she says its when you are so skinny.

Maggie thinks its gross, that you wouldn't want that.

Maggie questions Janelle about why she would want another boob job? She is asking Janelle why she would put herself through it? Janelle wants "tear drops"
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Topic #2379855
knifey_spooney - Janelle and April talking about boob jobs (I think its a bit gross, warning) 0 Replies #2379855 3:02PM 04/09/2005
Maggie incredulous that Janelle didn't have anyone to take care of her after her boob job... says you can hire someone to do it, didn't she know anyone?

Janelle said she just moved and she only knew one person, and she was at work, so she had to take care of herself.

Maggie says she would never put herself through that.

Janelle says you can't put your hands over your head, because they will rip.. she says she was dancing in Vegas two weeks after she got it done and it ripped. Said it was extrememly painful.

April says she was so scared of ripping hers, she was always paranoid to matt about ripping.

April and Janelle were agreeing that the first day after surgery was the worst, the most painful.
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Topic #2379873
knifey_spooney - More surgery talk.. 0 Replies #2379873 3:05PM 04/09/2005
Maggie says she hates anesthesia (sp) and would not get elective surgery, even though boob jobs look so nice.

Aprils mom had lipo in her tummy.. talking about her recovery. Maggie questioning it, wondering if you have scars from a tummy tuck .. April says yes.. huge scars. (there is more gross details discussed, about reconstructing belly buttons, pussing etc)
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Topic #2379899
knifey_spooney - Maggie asking April why her mom couldn't just get a nice stomach "the hard way" by working out 1 Replies #2379899 3:08PM 04/09/2005
She seems critical of the fact that her mom would get lipo, would go back a second time because she wasn't satisfied the first time.

Throughout the plastic surgery talk Maggie seems disturbed and non-approving of plastic surgery.

She thinks its because she sees so much surgery, and has had some non elective surgeries herself.
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amIsane - Aprils mom had Lipo and tummy tuck NT #2379934 3:16PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2379917
knifey_spooney - Ivette silent in HOH room looking at picture of her girlfriend and listening to music NT 0 Replies #2379917 3:12PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2379947
Kaynelle - Maggie discovers that Janelle has Keloids (sp?) -- she scars easily. 0 Replies #2379947 3:20PM 04/09/2005
Maggie is fascinated by all of Janelle's scars.

She says she is fascinated by people's scars. It's what makes people human.
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Topic #2379950
knifey_spooney - Maggie/Janelle/Ape comparing scars in the BY as they lay in the sun 0 Replies #2379950 3:20PM 04/09/2005
Maggie has some from making potatoes. She also has some scar from the surfboard.

Janelle has some burn scar from baking a casserole for a boyfriend a few years ago.
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Topic #2379960
Kaynelle - April reveals that Jennifer and Ivette shave their arms. Janelle has a mutant long hair on her arm. NT 0 Replies #2379960 3:22PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2379967
Kaynelle - Janie: I'm going to go in and have lunch. 0 Replies #2379967 3:23PM 04/09/2005
Maggie NO! We aren't ready for you to go in!!

Janelle leaves.
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Topic #2379968
knifey_spooney - Janelle says Maggie! Do you want to see my mutant hair! And MAggie does, apparently.. 0 Replies #2379968 3:23PM 04/09/2005
She seems fascinated by Janelles "mutant hair" (which seems to be a long hair on her arm) Maggie inspecting it. She says it isn't that long.. Janelle says it will just keep growing and growing.

They discuss people who shave their arms, they don't see a problem with arm hair. Janelle thinks it is good. They mention that Ivette shaves her arms, so does Jennifer. They don't think there is a need to shave arms. Maggie says she can barely keep up with the rest of it.
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Topic #2379993
Kaynelle - April: I guess it will be good for me to pack and get my stuff organized 0 Replies #2379993 3:27PM 04/09/2005
Maggie; I'll go on the block April.

April insisting it's okay. And even if she left she thinks she would be okay with it.

Maggie says, "you have my vote April."
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Topic #2380030
Kaynelle - April whining again about how Ive and Janie say they want to go 0 Replies #2380030 3:30PM 04/09/2005
shopping when they get out of here. I am SO on a budget when I get home.

Maggie: Well, I want to go shopping to, at Target. It relaxes me. I do want to by that robe.
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Topic #2380038
Kaynelle - April retelling the question she asked Janelle about the grand prize money and what 1 Replies #2380038 3:32PM 04/09/2005
she would do with it. April said, "You could tell she didn't even think about it, because she assumed she wouldn't get it.. she just said... oh, I'd probably just give it away."

April also said "I have such a bad feeling she'll be walking around here with some one at the end."
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KayJan - she said janelle would give some of it to her family NT #2380058 3:35PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2380047
knifey_spooney - BB: Remeber houseguest, you only have to swim 440 laps to do 1 mile in the BB pool! NT 0 Replies #2380047 3:34PM 04/09/2005
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Topic #2380071
knifey_spooney - Howie prepares to go swimming laps, and talks to himself. 0 Replies #2380071 3:37PM 04/09/2005
He drops his shorts, revealing his swim suit (speedo like) and says "What an embarrasment, jesus, what a slob!"

Then jumps in the pool to swim laps.
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Topic #2380100
knifey_spooney - No action on feeds: Jan/Mag/Ape in kitchen .. no talking/sound & F3/4 Howie doing laps NT 0 Replies #2380100 3:43PM 04/09/2005
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