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Howie: "It will be fun to get out of here and hear about the hurricanes. As long as no one got hurt." omg NT - Jube
12:54PM 05/09/2005

a few minutes ago howie whispered to janelle that he's going to talk to ivette later on today as soon as he can get her alone. NT - JulieHuck
12:56PM 05/09/2005

April can't wait to see her baby (not sure if she's talking about Matt or Pepperoni) - scoobydoo
12:56PM 05/09/2005

April sucks up to Maggie: "You are such a wonderful person." NT - Sluggo
12:57PM 05/09/2005

April obsessed with poop... - Madelyn
1:00PM 05/09/2005
actually, they are talking about Ivette. NT - luvinjanie
1:01PM 05/09/2005
Actually, the conversation started with them talking about Janie having to poop 10x/day, then moved on to talking about Ivette's poop patterns. NT - Lawyerman
1:04PM 05/09/2005
ooops! Sorry! :) NT - Madelyn
1:02PM 05/09/2005

Maggie, April & Ivette talking about stools and bowel movements now NT - scoobydoo
1:01PM 05/09/2005

Maggie: What is the first store you want to go to? - scoobydoo
1:05PM 05/09/2005

April wants to go to Target, Petsmart NT - scoobydoo
1:06PM 05/09/2005

Ivette hopes to get a Target on the beach soon NT - scoobydoo
1:09PM 05/09/2005

Ivette talking about her travel plans after the show - scoobydoo
1:13PM 05/09/2005

In Vegas, Ivette wants to stay in a hotel for a couple of days but KNOWS - scoobydoo
1:14PM 05/09/2005

Ivette is DYING to see Cappy; April wants to see her dry cleaner NT - scoobydoo
1:18PM 05/09/2005

April forgets that cameras are running all the time - scoobydoo
1:23PM 05/09/2005

April wondering about the editing for the show NT - scoobydoo
1:24PM 05/09/2005

April loved Eric from the get-go because he was married NT - scoobydoo
1:26PM 05/09/2005

Jen warned april not to be like Karen from BB5 who talked about her husband all the time - scoobydoo
1:27PM 05/09/2005

J/H asleep in GR, some of the others (April for sure) doing laundry NT - Madelyn
1:47PM 05/09/2005
Maggie was going to do laundry, but let April go first because she had to pack and wanted clean clothes to pack NT - puck71
1:51PM 05/09/2005

Maggie laying out in the sun, A tells her "you're going to sweat your A-hole off" NT - Madelyn
1:53PM 05/09/2005

Maggie is Now Jonesing on April's New - valentine
1:59PM 05/09/2005

Side Note About Maggie's Weight - valentine
2:02PM 05/09/2005

Maggie talking to the cameramen - bo_bim_bob
2:03PM 05/09/2005

Maggie and April Insult the BB Crew - valentine
2:05PM 05/09/2005

Apr and Mag realize it's Labor Day and wonder why BB didn't do something special. - Mirage
2:06PM 05/09/2005

Janelle is Enemy #1 Now - valentine
2:08PM 05/09/2005

April Tells Maggie About Janelle - valentine
2:13PM 05/09/2005

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