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Janie saying she will get her period tomorrow and something about - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
6:38PM 05/09/2005

Janelle said her period will start tomorrow, because she was ovulating last week lol NT - bbfaninaz
6:38PM 05/09/2005

Howie in Dr, Maggie, Ivette, April talking about how they would have recieved bbq food, but since Ivettes inncident, they get Mcdonalds NT - bbfaninaz
6:41PM 05/09/2005

april said also she will be getting her period tomorrw to and - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
6:43PM 05/09/2005
Ivette said she started her period this morning NT - crayons
6:51PM 05/09/2005

Maggie, Iveete, April in BY counting fooseball players, and how many points to win NT - bbfaninaz
6:53PM 05/09/2005

McDonald's is here ... - PandeMOANium
7:05PM 05/09/2005

Dinner talk...Ivette saying VooDoo is a religion liken unto Chatholic... - Yaya007
7:18PM 05/09/2005

Ivette says they take hair from your brush to cast spells. Jan says she believe in this. NT - Yaya007
7:19PM 05/09/2005
Maggie asked Janelle " so you believe in this" and Janie I think answered I believe they believe in it. NT - HalleyG
7:21PM 05/09/2005

Ivette knows someone who put a hex on someone...fish NT - Yaya007
7:19PM 05/09/2005
Ivette said that her god daughters mom believes her husbands first wife did something... and then we got fish NT - HalleyG
7:23PM 05/09/2005

Ivette says, what happen in Cuba is that there is alot of mixed religions, but most it is a black religion. NT - Yaya007
7:21PM 05/09/2005

Talking about Cuba still being communist. Talk about the products that come from Cuba. NT - Yaya007
7:21PM 05/09/2005

Ivette got here when she was 9 years old, when Castro came into power. She said Castro gave them permission to leave 3 times. NT - Yaya007
7:22PM 05/09/2005
Her father was 9 years old when he got here. Ivette was born here. NT - applecrisp
7:32PM 05/09/2005
I didn't hear Ivette say that, but Castro took control of Cuba in the late 1950s, so Ivette couldn't have been 9 years old at the time. She may have - crayons
7:28PM 05/09/2005

Ivette saying the beach of Miami was a slum back when she was a child. NT - Yaya007
7:24PM 05/09/2005

fish then more talk about the beach community of Miami. NT - Yaya007
7:25PM 05/09/2005

Ape says she was South Beach, and there were so many gays. Ivette laughs and says, we are everywhere. - Yaya007
7:26PM 05/09/2005

Jan wondering how young girls who can't talk English are getting here. - Yaya007
7:27PM 05/09/2005

Actually, Ivette said here mom and dad came to America when they were 9 and 12 - mountainmama
7:27PM 05/09/2005

april outside by herself getting in hot tub NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:37PM 05/09/2005

maggie coming outside to hang with april and mag is talking - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:39PM 05/09/2005

april defending herself to maggie about ivette saying - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:41PM 05/09/2005

april saying they (ivette and maggie ) are pushing - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:42PM 05/09/2005

maggie said janie would take ivette to the end because - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:44PM 05/09/2005

maggie saying she picked april over beau but ivette - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:49PM 05/09/2005

april is howie and ivette bashing right now she ( april ) is trying - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
7:50PM 05/09/2005

April worries she's getting shut out - Zazny
7:54PM 05/09/2005

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