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Jan makes a very degrading remark about how men working in ditches or construction workers - Yaya007
4:16PM 05/09/2005

April is in the HOH bed - joannie
4:16PM 05/09/2005

Mag says Bo see Maggie as the reason he is out of the game. Ape say they think she talked Mag into not using the veto. NT - Yaya007
4:17PM 05/09/2005

Maggie says, 'when has anyone been able to talk me into doing anything'! NT - Yaya007
4:17PM 05/09/2005

Ivette says her skin is dry and she don't know what is up. Then BB tells Jan to center her mic. NT - Yaya007
4:19PM 05/09/2005

Howie Jan and Ivette talking about places in Miami. Jan hasn't been to some of the places Ivette mentions. NT - Yaya007
4:20PM 05/09/2005

Ivette says she is going to introduce her to some of her friends that she says Janelle will just love. NT - Yaya007
4:22PM 05/09/2005

Howie, Jan and Ivette talking about ppl they know in Miami, someone named Rose that Jan partied with. Ive says Rose had - Yaya007
4:25PM 05/09/2005

Ivette talking to Janie about strippers and bartenders in Miami - joannie
4:25PM 05/09/2005

Ivette: "Not a lot of people are going to talk at the wrap party... - joannie
4:28PM 05/09/2005

Howie is giving Janie a lap dance! - joannie
4:30PM 05/09/2005

Howie is in the dining room giving Janelle the worst stripper dance in the world NT - bbfaninaz
4:31PM 05/09/2005
ivette just asking if it was up and grabbed him. (think it was) NT - Dragon
4:32PM 05/09/2005

Ivette to Howie: "C'mon. I'm gonna teach you how to strip." NT - joannie
4:32PM 05/09/2005

Ivette is now teaching Howie how to strip NT - bbfaninaz
4:33PM 05/09/2005

janie now showing howie how to pole dance NT - Dragon
4:34PM 05/09/2005

Janie has the Carmen Electra StripTease Exercise video NT - scoobydoo
4:34PM 05/09/2005

Ivette: "You gotta loosen up. Loosen. Up." NT - joannie
4:34PM 05/09/2005

Janie dancing with a mop doing the Librarian NT - scoobydoo
4:35PM 05/09/2005

now Janelle is showing Howie her stripper dance, looks like she has done it MANY times before NT - bbfaninaz
4:36PM 05/09/2005

Ivette and Janelle are giving Howie dancing lessons. - joannie
4:37PM 05/09/2005

This is too funny! Howie is a horrible dancer! He's hopeless! They are trying 2 teach him to sway! NT - krazykjh
4:38PM 05/09/2005

Ivette: You look like Gary the Retard! You are pigeon-toed. Can we have some music BB? NT - krazykjh
4:39PM 05/09/2005

Ivette: "No, Howie! It's not about you! It's about the girl!!" NT - joannie
4:40PM 05/09/2005

Ivette: "What a f*cking disaster!" NT - joannie
4:41PM 05/09/2005

Howie dancing: "I'm the sexy diva!" NT - scoobydoo
4:41PM 05/09/2005

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