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AlNisa Maggie said that what Janelle does is unecessarily mean (ed: and the Big "C" comment Maggie made was not??) NT 0 10:00PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April is saying that Ivette and Janelle do have a lot in common, Maggie pissed they're hanging out again 0 10:04PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Janelle went in gold room, Howie joins AIM in barracks playing with light sabers in bkgd NT 0 10:07PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie tells April her goodbye message for her is really funny 0 10:12PM 07/09/2005
BHnoah Ivette to Howie: if you want to know who has been 100% honest, Beau, myself and maggie 0 10:14PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie and Ivette alone in HOH room 0 10:18PM 07/09/2005
Yaya007 Maggie says she hasn't asked God anything during this game. She just wants to be a better person and that is where God comes in. NT 0 10:21PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April now in BY with Howie / Howie tells April that Janelle doesn't really like Ivette (Ed: d'oh!) 0 10:24PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi F3 has Pseudo-HOH Maggie alone in HOH room on HOH bed with mud mask on face, head phones on and lording over spycam NT 0 10:26PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April says game will not be over even in sequester 0 10:29PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April: I always said I didn't want to come in here thinking about the money 0 10:40PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi BB: April, please go to the diary room. (she doesn't) 0 10:42PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie/Ivette discussing her talking to Howie/Jan.. the money 0 10:49PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi FISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh NT 0 10:54PM 07/09/2005
lizzy When they were packing in MB did anyone catch maggie say to april something about her pajamas .. 1 10:55PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Now we have feeds again without sound. Howie/Janelle talking by washing machine. NT 0 10:58PM 07/09/2005
MonsterDubs Maggie and Ivette in HOH discuss Ivette talking to Howie and Janelle 0 11:00PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi The hamsters are awake but still we get F1/F2 - laundry spinning in dryer F3-LR F4-kitchen table NT 0 11:03PM 07/09/2005
MonsterDubs all feeds are empty rooms (ed- must be my bedtime. didn;t i swear to go to bed early tonight d'oh!) NT 0 11:05PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi BB: Ivette please go to the diary room. NT 0 11:06PM 07/09/2005
ShelBel Still no one on feeds. All empty rooms. NT 0 11:16PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Janelle comes out of sliding glass door, looks at laundry, not done, goes back inside NT 0 11:17PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Janelle sits at kitchen table alone to look at memory wall NT 0 11:18PM 07/09/2005
crymerci Janelle comes to BY to check on clothes (still drying) then goes to dining room to brush hair. NT 0 11:20PM 07/09/2005
drummer_inblack F1 & F2 Now show Maggot and Ape in the HOH BR. Iv still in DR. NT 0 11:25PM 07/09/2005
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