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serac ivette going to get plastic bags that suck down. NT 0 4:57PM 07/09/2005
serac BB just called a lockdown from the outside. NT 0 4:58PM 07/09/2005
toddlisatyriem The Cleaning NERDHERD are at it and Maggie.... 0 5:00PM 07/09/2005
toddlisatyriem Howie is finally awake! NT 0 5:03PM 07/09/2005
abbybb In WR, Jan complaining about her oily skin to How, they then move to the kitchen where Jan is having ice cream 0 5:14PM 07/09/2005
serac howie says oh I should raid your panty drawer to april, 0 5:17PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Jan looks like she's trying to soften the ice cream in her glass, How's voice can be heard in the background talking to nh.. 0 5:17PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Jan eating ice cream in the subway room while Iv packs for How and comments on how ugly some of his clothes are. Jan says, "I can't wait to take you 0 5:20PM 07/09/2005
serac Ivette is putting howies clothes away. NT 0 5:21PM 07/09/2005
abbybb How wants to leave Jan his hat but Jan says it's ugly. He says he'll leave it for Mag and she says "Thanks".. (poss. sarcastically) NT 0 5:21PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Jan saying she likes a pair of Apr's panties and How says he wants them. She says no and he says, "C'mon. YOu're giving them to a good cause" NT 0 5:23PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Apr gives some panties to someone (poss. Jan or Mag) and How says, "Why does she get the panties and I don't?" NT 0 5:23PM 07/09/2005
serac howie is upset because april gave maggie panties and not him. NT 0 5:24PM 07/09/2005
serac janeele is around, and howie saying your cute janelle she says your cuter howie. NT 0 5:25PM 07/09/2005
serac howie says he needs style and culture. NT 0 5:27PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Jan goes into the shower w/ her sports bra and track pants with the water running.. ( ed. doesn't she get her clothes wet??) 1 5:28PM 07/09/2005
serac fish NT 0 5:29PM 07/09/2005
serac maggie, and ivette still helping april pack, howie just hanging around. NT 0 5:32PM 07/09/2005
abbybb How walks into the shower and tells Jan she's beautiful and then sings, "I Dream of Janie" and says there should be a show about her.. 0 5:33PM 07/09/2005
abbybb Jan now getting dressed in shower. Wearing what looks to be her "Whatever" top but she's struggling with her jeans. Says, "Damn." NT 2 5:41PM 07/09/2005
gamegirl Howie finds a Universal coupon in his stuff. LOL! NT 0 5:44PM 07/09/2005
gamegirl Howie has so much stuff that the girls are filling plastic bags for him. They are all getting along great. NT 0 5:46PM 07/09/2005
Taffy Maggie and April compare notes on Ivette in the BY... (long) 0 5:50PM 07/09/2005
gamegirl H& M & J discuss waking up horny, gym equipment etc. Janellel is telling Maggie what is 'normal' & what isn't. 0 5:56PM 07/09/2005
sc00pgrl all hgs sitting around table having dinner and Miami conversation and idol chitchat NT 0 6:45PM 07/09/2005
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