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memyselfandi Maggie: This is my time. I have my coffee and I have nights with you girls in the HOH room. Everything else I hate. 0 8:05PM 07/09/2005
PandeMOANium Janelle was being sincere with Ivette. Ivette goes to tell the story to Mag/April & they turn to b*tches again, saying Jan is telling a lie/evil. NT 0 8:12PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Ivette is telling April and Maggie how Janelle and her bonded over baby stuff and then... Maggie launches into damage control 0 8:15PM 07/09/2005
fnfish And so the Janie bashing begins 0 8:16PM 07/09/2005
Diana Ivette says the reason she's down is because she is nervous she can't play for HOH NT 0 8:21PM 07/09/2005
ostra Janie and Howie in BY, Janie walking around the yard as usual, Howie working out NT 0 8:24PM 07/09/2005
Diana April lecturing about money again...oh and here comes God 0 8:25PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April says Janelle has told her that she is voting to keep Howie and evict April and more damage control 0 8:26PM 07/09/2005
Diana Maggie tastes the cookie dough and it doesn't taste right. Ivette: Let's get Janelle, she knows how to bake. 0 8:28PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April walks away and Ivette complains to Maggie how April always talks about the money 0 8:29PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi A/I/M discussing packing, chitchat 0 8:39PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Randomly April interjects: Boy I'm horny and I can't wait to see Matt *adult* 0 8:43PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi I heard this before but discussion confirmed it: April told Ivette she was the only COLORED houseguest left 3 8:51PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Cookies are done and Howie and Janelle come and get them. 0 8:56PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula Drunk Janie Stories 0 9:14PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula A- "Dills in this game come a dime a dozen" 0 9:16PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula HG discussing previous BB seasons 0 9:17PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula HG talking about the pairs 0 9:20PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula Iv & Howing-Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda 0 9:24PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula Jan-The surfboard agreement saved us 0 9:27PM 07/09/2005
deebopalula HG's all getting along 0 9:30PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April tells Ivette she is SO WEIRD 0 9:45PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Other tidbits from Final 5 in kitchen *some adult* 0 9:48PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi April: Ivette can't get mad at me because I never asked him. He told me. 0 9:54PM 07/09/2005
memyselfandi Maggie is watching April pack while Ivette/Howie/Janelle hang out NT 0 9:55PM 07/09/2005
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