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LIVEFEEDWATCHER mag said this will be fun even more fun with a glass of wine then april says 0 4:00PM 09/09/2005
nickinoodles Maggie is upset and hurt with what April.... 0 4:00PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER maggie told april her feelings were hurt by april for talking to janie... NT 0 4:02PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER mag just told april that if janie evicts ivette that basically april and janie will go after maggie and april 0 4:03PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER april doing alot of brown nosing and backtracking NT 0 4:03PM 09/09/2005
knifey_spooney Maggie tells April that Ape's conversation with Janelle put a target on Maggies back, and that she is hurt 0 4:04PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER ivette out of DR NT 0 4:04PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER ivette comes outside and mags and aprils convo stops aburtly cause they were 0 4:06PM 09/09/2005
ferretkiss APR and MAG in the BY while IV is in the DR 0 4:07PM 09/09/2005
LIVEFEEDWATCHER maggie inside with and then i hear a mans voice then ivette saying what what and april sayingsomething NT 2 4:08PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT 0 4:10PM 09/09/2005
Panda4 Fish on all feeds. NT 0 4:10PM 09/09/2005
Disneyisme RECAP of the feeds today 0 4:33PM 09/09/2005
ktan Janelle wins AC! She's no longer in the house and is off to see Two and a Half Men. NT 0 4:33PM 09/09/2005
Zazny Ivette doesn't understand how America could love Janelle NT 0 4:34PM 09/09/2005
Zazny I: I don't care that she won this...I'm worried about how I'm looking NT 0 4:35PM 09/09/2005
nickinoodles Let the bashing commence! Ivette talks about how she doesn't mean to be... 0 4:37PM 09/09/2005
Zazny Ivette says they are destined to win; if they screw by changing how the winner is chosen, then the game is fixed for Janelle NT 0 4:38PM 09/09/2005
SassyPrncess A: I have *never* said I hated anyone in this house. NT 0 4:38PM 09/09/2005
PawPrint74 TRANSCRIPT - Maggie Lies to April - April Catches Maggie's Lie - April and Ivette Argue - September 6, 2005 TRANSCRIPT 0 4:38PM 09/09/2005
amynyc The BITTER trio sit in LV... Ivette recounts every horrible thing she claims Janelle said, while seemingly forgetting the endless nights of 0 4:39PM 09/09/2005
Zazny I: She was a bitch to every girl in this house; A: Not that America saw. 1 4:39PM 09/09/2005
amynyc Ivette: Janelle has no morals, and no soul in this house. Yeah, I hate her NT 0 4:40PM 09/09/2005
ferretkiss IV: did i say i F*ckin hate her, absolutely. do i think she deserves the money, absolutely not........ 0 4:40PM 09/09/2005
nickinoodles Ivette says that Janelle doesn't deserve to win this game and... 0 4:41PM 09/09/2005
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