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bbfaninaz Now April is asking Janelle what she thinks the pov compitition will be NT 0 1:17PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle is telling her she does not know what the next comp. will be NT 0 1:17PM 09/09/2005
BHnoah April up in HOH room with Janelle-- She is saying she doesn't want to go home 0 1:17PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Now April is saying she is not sure if she should go to Maggie and stike a deal NT 0 1:18PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April says that Maggie is pretty much guarenteed to stay this week NT 0 1:19PM 09/09/2005
BHnoah April to Janelle-- "I think it's between Ivette and I on who's going home" NT 0 1:19PM 09/09/2005
Vartanlvr April is trying to pick her brain as to next hoh comp 0 1:19PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle said, so you don't think there is any point in talking until after pov, April well yea, yea NT 0 1:19PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle, would you even consider voting out Maggie? April says no way NT 0 1:20PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April says she knows for sure that Ivette will keep Maggie as well NT 0 1:21PM 09/09/2005
Zazny J: I wonder if they had a deal, with that whole Eric thing 0 1:21PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April is begging Janelle to win pov, and keep her NT 0 1:21PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April is telling Janelle that if they throw in a prize like the safe, do NOT go for it save me!! NT 0 1:22PM 09/09/2005
Zazny A: They'll throw in that 3rd safe to see who would go for it 0 1:22PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle says that she wants either Maggie or Ivette gone over April NT 0 1:23PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April says it is 50/50 if Maggie wins pov, on who she would save/ vote for NT 0 1:23PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle asking if Ivette is mad at Maggie for not using pov on Beau, April says no I don't think so NT 0 1:24PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April is again saying she knows for sure they will be throwing in the safe NT 0 1:25PM 09/09/2005
Zazny A: I think Ivette really wants to win this; J: The whole thing? Don't you? 0 1:25PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April is saying that if it is her and Janelle going for pov, to give it to her NT 1 1:25PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle said, so it doesn't matter who I nominate? April pauses, uh no NT 0 1:26PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz Janelle asked would you be mad if I nom. you? April , uh no not at all NT 0 1:27PM 09/09/2005
nickinoodles Janie: (april might not have caught this) It's better for me if you win it (POV). NT 0 1:27PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April says, well I would lke to be safe, but, Janelle says that she doesn't want them to think they have a bond NT 0 1:28PM 09/09/2005
bbfaninaz April, what if pov can not be won? Janelle, oh no it will be NT 0 1:29PM 09/09/2005
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