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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag said this will be fun even more fun with a glass of wine then april says 0 Replies #2431735 4:00PM 09/09/2005
yeah um ya think they will give us a bottle and then april says yeah they will cause WE Deserve it lol
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nickinoodles - Maggie is upset and hurt with what April.... 0 Replies #2431736 4:00PM 09/09/2005
and Janelle talked about....she felt like April's convo with Janie made Maggie more of a target...

April's backpedalling....Maggie says, "I know it's not your fault."
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - maggie told april her feelings were hurt by april for talking to janie... NT 0 Replies #2431755 4:02PM 09/09/2005
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag just told april that if janie evicts ivette that basically april and janie will go after maggie and april 0 Replies #2431765 4:03PM 09/09/2005
said that is not a oppition and that will never happen..
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - april doing alot of brown nosing and backtracking NT 0 Replies #2431773 4:03PM 09/09/2005
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knifey_spooney - Maggie tells April that Ape's conversation with Janelle put a target on Maggies back, and that she is hurt 0 Replies #2431778 4:04PM 09/09/2005
She says that Ape should not have told Janelle that both her and Ivette would take MAggie to the end.

April trying to convince Maggie that Ivette is a pawn and that Janelle wants her out the most. April is saying that she isn't safe until the POV has been played. The "dill" is that Janelle will take Ivette to the F2 if IVette stays.
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette out of DR NT 0 Replies #2431779 4:04PM 09/09/2005
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette comes outside and mags and aprils convo stops aburtly cause they were 0 Replies #2431818 4:06PM 09/09/2005
saying that it would be best if janie evicted ivette cause ivette knows all the answers to the ? comps
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ferretkiss - APR and MAG in the BY while IV is in the DR 0 Replies #2431829 4:07PM 09/09/2005
apr: you want to talk
mag: i was a little hurt about what you told me your talk with janelle was about . you implying that you would save me and ivette would save me.
ape talks as only she can do (cannot type it but you know what it it)
mag: but that she knows that makes me... let me go get my coffee

mag:ive played this game totally honest wtih you about my feelings, so..
ape: i did not say you were safe but she just told me she wants ivette out.
mag: that just makes me next.
ape: let me tell you, she has never said anything bad about you to me.

ape: when she said you are not a pawn in the kitchen that was not bad [meaning iv is the target]
ape: listen, i dont think she thinks she is going to make it in the final two. between you and me its a crapshoot on who she takes. i think what she, i cant tell ivette this becasue i dont want to hurt someones feelings because its not over until the vetois played, its not, its not over.

ape: i know ivette will want to take maggie, ive got to play just as hard as anyone can play, i dont look at it as being safe. i dont think she wanted to take her, but if it comesdown to it she will do it because she thinks she can win, does that make sense. and thats pretty much the bottom ine. and i dont think you are a target.

ape: and she understands she only has control this week and only this week. and no matter what the two of us are not going to take her.
mag: i think she would want to take ivette out because she knows the answers, she knows the house.

IVette comes out to BY.
ape: i love those pants when youroll them up.
mag: did you get called to the DR? [ed: mag knew this]
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LIVEFEEDWATCHER - maggie inside with and then i hear a mans voice then ivette saying what what and april sayingsomething NT 2 Replies #2431849 4:08PM 09/09/2005
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CbsBlows - After the man on the speakers pauses, April says, "Dont tell me #2431973 4:15PM 09/09/2005
theres a friggin tornadoe or some ***** coming." Janelle and Ivette can be heard saying what?, what?...All the guy said was, "Hey Guys, there might be." I think he realized in the nick of time that the cameras were still rolling.

ed note* (Makes you wonder if they know about what happened in N.O., by hearing Aprils comments)
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pokey_ally - BB said "Hey you guys, it might be ..." then BB stopped and they cut to fish NT #2431868 4:09PM 09/09/2005
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bbfaninaz - FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NT 0 Replies #2431875 4:10PM 09/09/2005
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Panda4 - Fish on all feeds. NT 0 Replies #2431882 4:10PM 09/09/2005
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Disneyisme - RECAP of the feeds today 0 Replies #2432148 4:33PM 09/09/2005
9:30 AM

BB woke the HG’s this morning at around 9:30. Janelle slept in the HOH, Ivette in the barracks and Maggie and April were in the GR. After about 20 minutes of FISH, Janelle is seen going from the HOH down to the GR. She walks in to the GR, turns on the lights and surprised that they were in there, apologized, then asked them if she could take the 3 pillows from there to the HOH, because the pillows in the HOH are too thin. Once she gets the pillows and is leaving, she does not turn the lights back off.

BB is now telling the HG’s they need to feed the fish, Janelle on her way out of the GR, said she doesn’t know how, so Maggie says “don’t worry we’ll take care of it.” In the meantime, Ivette has gone to the SR to get fish food and is feeding the fish. Janelle heads back to bed in the HOH, with the lights on, Maggie and April are still in bed in the GR with the lights on. Ivette now heads back to the barracks, turns off the lights and goes back to bed. BB none to happy says “I said the lights must remain on during the day.” Ivette gets up flips the lights on and gets back in bed.

April then got up soon after and headed to the SR to get the fish food, not knowing that Ivette already fed them. BB called her into the DR to let her know they had already been fed. April then returned the food to the SR and headed back to bed.

Ivette finally got up at around 10:20 AM and started coffee. She didn’t notice at first the ‘Nominations Today’ on the plasma screen. Then after a short while she saw it. In the GR, April is telling Maggie how loud the ‘rats’ were last night (that’s the BB crew behind the walls). She asks Maggie if she will be nervous playing for POV and Maggie answered “of course.”

11:00 AM

While Ivette was in the DR and Janelle still up in HOH, April and Maggie were outside dancing around trying to figure out who will take whom to the F2. Maggie is counting things on hers hands as they relate to how many weeks they’ve been in the house (hello, knock-knock Maggie, your fingers didn’t help you AT ALL in the last HOH competition! LOL). Maggie pretty much tells April that she doesn’t trust that April will take her (Maggie) to the F2 because she (April) has never really said she would. Maggie says “I think if you are playing with your heart you will take me, but maybe your strategy has changed.” April says “I've never played strategy before, so why would I start now?”

Ivette is out of the DR and April has been called in. Now Maggie and Ivette are outside. Maggie is telling Ivette that April said it doesn't matter who is put up, “I told her it matters who isn’t put up but April doesn’t think so.” They both agree that there are some things about the game that April doesn’t understand. Maggie says “poor Howie, he didn’t stand a chance against Janelle in the veto competition.” They talk about how the competitions are all biased towards Janelle in favor of her to win. Ivette then tells Maggie “you are the one that saved April by not using POV on Beau.” Maggie pretends not to understand at first, and then says “I saved you by doing that too.” Ivette said it was their time to get rid of April, now Janelle will probably save April again.

Maggie is called to the DR now. BB announces “Nominations Ceremony is in 2 hours.” Ivette and April are inside and April asks Ivette if she thinks there will be a shopping spree. April mentions something about there being an event of some sort tonight since the nomination ceremony will be so early today (BB announced it would be around 1:00 PM). April says to Ivette “I am telling you something is going on tonight. Probably the f’ing POV competition.”

11:30 AM

Everyone is finished in the DR for now and the four of them are sitting around outside talking about general things. Janelle talks about her participation in a beauty pageant when she was 17. She says she doesn’t like Miss USA, but loves the Miss Universe pageant. She declares there is no way she will put her kids in pageants. They all agree on how beautiful Milania (D. Trumps gal) is.

April mentions something about a pageant she was in when she was young and how the girl that beat her had better grades than her and was the librarian’s daughter. Ivette says “you people in Texas are all about cheerleading and pageants.”

12:00 PM

It’s so weird their conversation moved from pageants and cheerleading to movie stars, strippers and New Orleans, April saying how much fun she has had in New Orleans. Specifically they were talking about Charlie Sheen and his shenanigans with strippers. (Like they are physic, they covered New Orleans and Charlie Sheen who is the actor in the sitcom that Janelle (hopefully) will go on set with in Two and a Half Men.)

Janelle and April both disappear inside the house. Maggie and Ivette are talking alone now, Maggie saying she knows they will be nominated. Maggie remembers that Janelle and April were holding hands for a second last night when sitting in the blue chairs. Maggie does though, that April still knows she has to fight to stay in. They both agree that this has been one of the nicest days in the house.

April is back outside now with Maggie and Ivette and AGAIN asking if they think there will be a shopping spree. Now the three of them are talking about their families and loved ones. They want their significant others to be there to pick them up when this is over. Ivette yells “My Tooshie!!” April is peeved that Ivette didn’t get yelled at, she says “Why is it okay when you do it, but we get yelled at?” Ivette tells April that she is a camera whore.

1:00 PM April brown nosing the HOH

Nominations are in an hour. Everyone scurries to primp and get ready. April follows Janelle into the HOH from the bedroom where Janelle was doing her hair. She is just short of begging Janelle to let her stay in the game. April says “I need to win POV, it's the only way for me to stay…” Janelle says “Do you really think so; you think Maggie would keep Ivette over you?” April says “yes. They know you and I get along…” Janelle: “You think so?” April “pretty sure…” Janelle asks April again “Do you think Maggie would want to get rid of you?” April says “If we get along, and we go to the final 3, they think you will pick me.” Janelle says “I probably would, but you can't plan that far ahead, because who knows what will happen with the veto.” April: “It's totally a toss up.” Janelle says “Ivette would vote you out and you would vote Ivette out, that's obvious. I can't imagine Maggie picking you over Ivette.” April: “I know Maggie would keep Ivette because of Eric. Maggie is a great ‘in-the-middle’ person, she's not mean. Ivette on the other hand, she yells instead of talks.”

Janelle asks April “If I wasn't in the final 3, who would Maggie pick?” April: “I don't know! It's 50-50. She has never said she'd take me. Has she told Ivette? I don't know because I've never asked her.” Janelle asks April “So do you think the decision should be made after the POV competition?” April says “yeah, pretty much.” Janelle: “If given the chance, would you even consider putting Maggie up?” April: “Nuh-uh, I really wouldn't, I respect her because she's a nice person.” Janelle says “Would you consider putting up Ivette?” April says “I will; we knew it was coming down to this. Its better we do it now than in the final 3. I think Ivette would vote me out. She might say she doesn't know, but she will because she likes and respects Eric, which is understandable.”

Janelle made it clear to April that she respected Kaysar the same way Ivette respects Eric, but that does not affect how she herself will play the game out. Then April says “well Eric may have a 25% impact on her (Ivette’s) decision.” April says she will respect whatever decision Janelle makes “I’m just glad you want to keep me!”

Then April says to Janelle “You're like Superwoman. Please fight for the veto and keep me here!” Janelle says we're all strong and we can all win. April is convinced that BB will distract the competition with the possibility of obtaining entrance to the third safe. Janelle says “if it’s money, I will want the safe.” April almost begging says “Please go for the veto. You have a chance for the final 2 because you're a strong player.”

Janelle asks April if Ivette was mad at Maggie for not using the POV on Beau and April said no. Janelle says to April “so you won’t be mad if I nominate you?” After a minute April says “no.” Janelle says “It’s better for me if you win POV. I don’t want them to think that we have any kind of bond. If I don’t nominate you, it might make them mad. I definitely want Ivette out.” April concerned says “what if for some reason the POV can not be won?” Janelle does not think that will be the case.

Janelle says “the worst case scenario would be if Ivette wins POV, it will be a tough spot to be in.” April says “You can talk to Maggie….” Janelle: “Whenever I talk to Maggie, she beats around the bush and points the finger in another direction. That's why I didn't talk to her today. She would say it wasn't necessary to ask her.” Janelle tells April that if she gets any information from Maggie to let her know. Then she tells April to ask Maggie who she would want out. April says she will try, but thinks Maggie won’t offer up anything until after the POV competition.

April is now trying to figure out a story to tell Ivette about why she has been up with Janelle for so long. Janelle says to just tell her we were talking about last week and how the votes went etc.

In the meanwhile, Ivette and Maggie say how bad April is looking being in the HOH for so long with Janelle. Ivette threatens that if April lies to her when she comes down that April will NOT get her vote if she ends up in the F2. Maggie agrees with Ivette.

April is helping Janelle come up with something to say in the speech as to why they are being nominated. April tells Janelle that Maggie has been nice to her (Janelle), where Ivette has not.

April is once again begging that Janelle go for the veto and not the safe (if it’s offered.)

1:30 PM

Maggie and Ivette are outside, convinced that April is striking a deal with Janelle. Maggie says she has never made any deals outside of the friendship circle and she wouldn’t start now. Ivette says that even though she has been offered to make deals outside the friendship, she wouldn’t do it either. Maggie says she has never even been approached with the idea. Ivette says “I'm gonna have to fight to get POV, basically I see it as 2-2, because Janelle will want the nominations to stay the same and April will want to save herself.” Maggie says “it is so risky her staying up in the HOH for so long.”

Ivette and Maggie are in the bathroom, and April comes in from the outside after folding her laundry. April volunteers that Janelle was asking her who they were going to vote for and April says “I told her we didn’t know yet. I will tell you more when we are on lock down outside.” (This will be while Janelle is inside doing the nominations.) April says “has it been an hour yet?” Ivette says “yep! You’ve been up there for forty minutes.” April tells them that Janelle never did tell her who she was putting up. April then goes on to say how much they talked about Howie (ha!).

The girls without Janelle are outside now. April tells them Janelle said 'whatever happens don't take it personal. ' April says “I did not ask her who she'd put up I felt it wasn't appropriate. She never said who would put up. She said it will be strictly strategy and she gave me every scenario.” Ivette says “What did you say?” April: “She asked who'd I pick and I said I honestly don't know. I said I didn't ask Maggie, and I'm not Ivette or Maggie so I can't speak for either of them. Then she talked about last week and how Howie tried to get Ivette's vote…” Maggie says “I don't see how it can be strategy. She has no say in what happens. It can't be strategy!” April: “She might put me and Ivette up to see where you go. She knows where we stand.” Maggie: “Whatever. I don't see that as being strategy.” Ivette says “It doesn't make a difference; whoever I'm up against I lose.” April says to Ivette “You have 2 guaranteed votes!” Ivette says “You have 2 votes too, you have Jennifer and Rachel. You have Rachel hands down. I know that for a fact!”

Ivette says “Say God forbid Janelle and I are at the end, I don’t know who James would pick “April: “He'd pick you.” Maggie agrees. Ivette says “Well he said he would, but he might look at Janelle and say "wow!" April: “She asked who I wanted sitting next to me and I said there wasn't any need to think about that now. Whatever I think I will keep to myself. If I'm telling anybody, it wouldn't be her. She's curious. She doesn't know us. She doesn't know where we stand.”

At around 2:00 BB called for a lock down and Janelle to go to the DR for Nomination Ceremony preparation.

Still outside, April (lying) is telling Ivette and Maggie that Janelle said it would suck of the safe was thrown into the POV competition. April also said the only reason Janelle called her up to the HOH was because April is nice to her. April goes on to say how shocked Janelle was when April told her that they have not talked about who they would vote out.

April tells them she loves them and there should be no hard feelings with them when this is over. (Maggie is sulking with her arms crossed.) April says “I think she's thinking a lot harder about it than we are.” Ivette: “yeah because she's looking at whom she wants to sit next to at the end.” And then April says “I really think I'm going.”

Ivette says that in the HOH competition Janelle was doing a little dance when Maggie missed a question….” April says "but you couldn't see!" Ivette says “I could feel it.”

April says she wouldn't doubt if Janelle would bring Ivette to the finals because she thinks she could win over her. Maggie says “we had better not give her that chance.”
Ivette says “Janelle might be thinking, too, of who needs the money more.” April says that is not the way to think. Now they are talking about HOH competitions and how some are thrown for one reason or another. Ivette says “I think Danielle threw one but, Lisa insured she was safe.” Maggie “She went against Jason. I thought that was horrible….” Ivette says “And Jason still voted for her. She could've stayed on for Jason.” Maggie: “I thought that was horrible!” Then they talk about Drew taking out Diane to make sure he won the 500K. April says anything can happen and she wouldn't put it past the rats to change something up at the end. Maggie says “it isn't the rats you have to worry about but the jury.”

April seems very sure that they will be locked inside once the nomination ceremony is over getting ready for a POV right after. April says “poor Janelle, she has to pick between the 3 of us.” (Ahem, I on the other hand am not saying ‘poor Janelle’ but GO Janelle! LOL) April says “If I make final 3, and I have to hang on to something in a competition, I am going to hang on forever.”

Maggie is convinced that Janelle cheated on her first HOH win during the tie-breaker and that we didn't see it; and then it was edited in the 8-second delay.

3:00 PM Nominations Ceremony

Just before 3:00 PM, they are showing Janelle at the Memory Wall, and then later they show the BB staff bringing the nomination box, with the one key in it, and putting it in the gym, then closing the door. Our feeds cut to FISH at just about 10 minutes to 3:00. They have been out some time now and there is speculation that Janelle may have won and left for AC and that the others will find the nomination box in the gym…this could be good! OR we could be wrong! &#61514;

Well Okay, so that was fun to think about right? LOL! The feeds came back before 3:30 and Janelle is still in the house. (AC winner must not leave until after the weekend, as I believe filming is only during the week.)

Ivette and Maggie have been nominated. Janelle says to Maggie, “well at least I didn’t say I was using you as a pawn.” Maggie said “it doesn’t matter how you word it when you put some one up…” Janelle said “yes it does, because when you say someone is a pawn, it is basically saying that you are not a strong enough player to evict.” Maggie agreed, subtly, then laughed – a little.

They are in the barracks while Janelle is making something to eat. Ivette is crying saying to Maggie “I knew I was going to be on the block, but I didn’t think you would be.” April whispers to them that she really thought Janelle would put her up with Ivette, not Maggie. April says “You know we all prepared for this and that we were going to have to fight this out.” Ivette, crying says “I'm fine; it's just the reality that I knew your key was going to be in there. April: “You know we all have to fight for ourselves now. I feel like you would pick Maggie and Maggie would pick you. This whole thing makes my stomach hurt. The veto is the only thing that will guarantee safety for you or me or Maggie.”

Ivette says again that she knew 100% it would be April’s key in the box. April continues to tell Ivette that what Janelle said was actually really good ‘You are so good, but you don't give yourself enough credit’. Ivette says “I should've done better in that faces veto competition.” April: “Woulda, coulda, shoulda; I mean I could've won HOH yesterday but I screwed the pooch because Julie messed me up. I feel bad because I've let all y'all down.” Ivette is crying and sure that April will pick Ivette to leave. April tells her “I don’t know that yet, I haven’t made up my mind.” April leaves to find something to eat.

3:30 PM

Janelle, April and Ivette are in the kitchen now making something to eat. Janelle says “BB is so cool; everything I said I liked while I’ve been here, they put in HOH basket.” Maggie has just come out of the DR and said she asked for some wine tonight.

Now outside Maggie is telling Ivette, we must NEVER campaign against one another. Ivette says that April plays like she is weak at times. Maggie says that April can’t stand for someone not to like her. Ivette is accusing April of lying, saying that April once said ‘there are certain things I will not do to win 500K and one of them is talk to any of the S6’. They both say how badly they need to win the veto.

Ivette has been called to the DR. Janelle is still in the kitchen making food for everyone. April and Maggie decide to set up the volleyball net and say they hope they get wine tonight, playing volley ball will be more fun!

April started it! She said to Maggie “Do you want to talk?” Maggie says to April how hurt her feelings were that April talked to Janelle today, that it put a bigger target on her (Maggie) by her telling Janelle that both April and Ivette would take Maggie to the end. April says “all she told me is that she wants Ivette out.” Maggie says “Right, then once Janelle evicts Ivette then you and Janelle will come after me next.” April says “that is not an option, it will never happen. And Janelle has never said a bad thing about you to me.” April also told Maggie that “Janelle understands she only has control this week and only this week and that no matter what, the two of us are not going to take her to F2.”

Ivette came outside now, so April and Maggie changed the subject.

4:00 PM

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ktan - Janelle wins AC! She's no longer in the house and is off to see Two and a Half Men. NT 0 Replies #2432154 4:33PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432182
Zazny - Ivette doesn't understand how America could love Janelle NT 0 Replies #2432182 4:34PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432204
Zazny - I: I don't care that she won this...I'm worried about how I'm looking NT 0 Replies #2432204 4:35PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432241
nickinoodles - Let the bashing commence! Ivette talks about how she doesn't mean to be... 0 Replies #2432241 4:37PM 09/09/2005
a sore loser....but she doesn't understand b/c she claims Janelle called Ashlea too ugly to model, always talked about Beau being black, calling them all whores....a married woman a whore!

Ive and the clan don't understand how America could love Janelle (ed. they will when they get out!)
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Topic #2432255
Zazny - Ivette says they are destined to win; if they screw by changing how the winner is chosen, then the game is fixed for Janelle NT 0 Replies #2432255 4:38PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432257
SassyPrncess - A: I have *never* said I hated anyone in this house. NT 0 Replies #2432257 4:38PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432263
PawPrint74 - TRANSCRIPT - Maggie Lies to April - April Catches Maggie's Lie - April and Ivette Argue - September 6, 2005 TRANSCRIPT 0 Replies #2432263 4:38PM 09/09/2005
NOTE TO READER FROM TRANSCRIPTIONIST: Please note that my transcripts are USUALLY from the previous day's conversations. Sometimes you'll notice a morning conversation transcript posted the same day, but in the evening. However, you will also notice transcripts from conversations held two or three days prior to the present time. It just depends on what my professional schedule entails each day. Also, most transcripts will be posted in the mornings when most, if not all, of the houseguests are still sleeping. It gives you, the fans of BB and Jokers Updates, something to read while nothing is going on in the house. I am a court reporter so I work during the day quite often, but I record the feeds and transcribe some of the conversations to give you a very in-depth and real feel for what's occurring in the house. I am a certified machine shorthand reporter. I certify that the transcripts I produce are true, correct and verbatim to the best of my professional ability. Thank you.
APRIL: I had thought about it. You know, like, you think about, "Oh, God. Where would I be this week, next week," all of that. But I never even thought about -- you know what I'm saying? -- until it was brought up again, which I've said over and over, I don't like it being brought up. If you think it, think it about -- you know, think it to yourself. It's not -- unless you friggin' -- unless Janelle comes up to us and saying, "Hey, guys, by the way, I'm bringing April to the end, we don't know it's true.
MAGGIE: Right. Like we have. Right in front of her, we've said it. Like my speech during the veto: "I love you three," that was very clear what I was doing. So, unfortunately, she's a wild card, because she -- we know she would pick Howie. Given.
APRIL: Uh-huh.
MAGGIE: Now she's (burps) -- excuse me -- now we have no idea, but for doubt purposes, I never think it would be me. You know what I mean?
APRIL: As much as y'all keep saying it would be me, I don't even think it would be me. I think it would possibly be -- I think it would be Ivette because she would think she could win the money over her. MAGGIE: Probably -- you know, maybe.
APRIL: Do you know what I'm saying? So I don't think that -- I'm thinking like what I would be thinking if I were doing anything differently --
MAGGIE: If you were playing the game like --
APRIL: Strategically, I would bring Janelle with me, because I know that I would win the money over her.
MAGGIE: I wouldn't give a sh*t about her bringing home $50,000.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: I wouldn't care.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: But I'm not thinking strategically.
MAGGIE: There are ways to --
APRIL: No. Strategically, out of you and Ivette, I should bring Ivette, most likely. Just like strategically, you should probably bring Ivette.
MAGGIE: Okay. [Says this with a questionable sarcastic tone.]
APRIL: I mean, it's like -- well --
MAGGIE: I don't think so.
APRIL: No, because James is -- James would be the tie-breaker. Oh, sh*t. I didn't -- see, I haven't even thought that far.
MAGGIE: I didn't either until you just said that, and I went "one, two, three, uh-oh."
APRIL: Oh, sh*t. James is the tie-breaker right there.
MAGGIE: But for me, strategically, someone may want to bring me because I don't have a vote. I don't have a partner.
APRIL: Oh, never thought of that. It's just going to be --
MAGGIE: You do and Ivette does, so for me it would be harder to win over you or Ivette.
APRIL: Well, Ivette automatically has two votes in that house.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: Ivette automatically has two votes on the jury.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: Automatically, hands down.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: Unless it is her and Janelle at the end.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: And that's the only way that things would change that vote, because James -- and I still --
MAGGIE: James would be a wild card.
APRIL: Yeah, but I know James would vote for Ivette. He has that relationship with her. Bottom line.
APRIL: Bottom line.
MAGGIE: He would vote for Ivette. Does Janelle know that?
APRIL: I guarantee she does. I mean, it -- they thought that they really had a freaking alliance. They still think that [James and Ivette].
MAGGIE: We'll never know. Doesn't matter who is gone.
APRIL: I don't think it was like a bad alliance. It was just like, "Hey, we get along. I wouldn't put you up because I like you." That's not necessarily an alliance. I don't know. I hate this. I don't like thinking about this sh*t. It stresses me out. It consumes my day. I don't know.
(Long pause.)
APRIL: What does it say on your toe, nothing, or is it just --
MAGGIE: No, it doesn't say anything. It's just an Irish band.
APRIL: Yeah. I want sleeping pills. Sleeping pills. No, I think a good person will come out of this winning it, but the sad thing is Janelle might be sitting next to that person. That's the only thing. You or I, we have to win HOH, bottom frigging line. If there's -- there are no ifs, ands, buts about it. Either way sucks, because if one of us wins, great.
MAGGIE: Then the other has to win the veto.
APRIL: The other has to win the veto because if the other one doesn't win the veto, let's say you win, Janelle will be deciding if me or Ivette goes home, and vice versa.
MAGGIE: Yeah. Well, that's the thing, though, is that if you or I win HOH, then you still have three people playing for the veto against one, because any of us three can change that whole thing.
APRIL: Uh, yeah, but do you not remember this week?
MAGGIE: Yeah, we won.
MAGGIE: All three of us knocked Janelle out.
APRIL: You're talking HOH? I'm talking Power of Veto. I'm saying --
MAGGIE: Okay. Well, that comp is done. She's been studying for that comp all f*cking season and it's now gone. So sorry. Not every comp has been geared towards her. That one, she just studied for it.
APRIL: She's staring again. She's f*cking staring again. I -- hald the time she stares at us -- well, she stares at you quite a bit, because you won't look back at her, I think, I think she's like casting friggin' voodoo sh*t on us. Remember, we were talking voodoo and she was staring at you and you were just looking down like this, I'm like -- I felt like weird, like, between us. I'm like awwwwh.
MAGGIE: She doesn't scare me, though.
MAGGIE: Like, I think she's trying to. Whatever. "You're a weirdo." [Janelle.]
APRIL: I try not to make that much eye contact with her. What are you about to do?
MAGGIE: Go inside. Will you come with me?
APRIL: Where are you going to go?
MAGGIE: Do you want to go up to the HOH room?
APRIL: That's a new place in the house.
MAGGIE: We can test each other about things in the house.
APRIL: I think it's going to be -- oh, for HOH?
MAGGIE: I mean, there's no harm in us combining data right now. We're not going to fight against each other so -- you know, two brains are always better than one.
APRIL: Oh, yeah. No, no. That never crossed my mind.
MAGGIE: Let's play a little --
APRIL: I'm happy I didn't get HOH this week actually. It was a good thing.
MAGGIE: Yeah, but I don't know if Ivette is better than I am at certain things. Like, memorization. It probably would have been better for the team if I got HOH, because she's better than I am at that stuff.
APRIL: What about me? I know things around the house. I think I would do well with that, but nothing else.
MAGGIE: Okay. Let's play that game. You want to test each other?
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: All right.
(Practicing for game. Boring. End of transcription. Begins again when something interesting happens.)
APRIL: That was a little awkward. Everyone got up the minute I -- we just walked in. Uh, yep.
MAGGIE: Uh, yep.
APRIL: They shut up and got up.
MAGGIE: Yep. Welcome to my world.
APRIL: What do you -- I'm itching from shaving. Let me just get some water and --
MAGGIE: What do I what?
IVETTE: Nothing.
(April goes inside to get water.)
(Ivette walks outside where she finds Maggie alone.)
IVETTE: They're trying to get me to get Howie to stay.
IVETTE: They're trying to get me to get Howie to stay.
MAGGIE: That's awesome. Is it working?
IVETTE: Yeah. Hysterical.
MAGGIE: [Sarcastic tone with a smirk] I totally think you should change your mind. F*ck the friendship because it's not what got you to this point. Okay? Yeah, turn your back on it, everything that -- that's a good idea. And f*ck all those votes that would be gone.
IVETTE: Wait a second.
MAGGIE: [Sarcastic tone with a smirk] That's a really good -- you should -- you know what. F*ck coming to me and April for advice. You know what. Go to them. That's a really good idea.
IVETTE: Listen to this part -- I don't want April to hear. I really don't.
IVETTE: Because they can brainwash April, probably. They can't brainwash me.
IVETTE: We've seen it happen before. They were trying to tell me that April was voting me out so why not vote her out.
MAGGIE: Right.
IVETTE: Wait. Listen to this.
MAGGIE: Don't you think she would have come to me with that?
IVETTE: Wait. Listen to my favorite part. Oh, they were just like feeling kind of stupid. I was like, yeah, I go down to the final three with you and Janelle, boy, two against one. That's -- [Imitating Janelle and Howie] "Oh, but you gotta fair shot, Ivette. You could totally -- you -- you almost beat Janelle the other day and you could totally beat me. I'm one of the weakest players in the house." How crazy is that? My hand is asleep.
MAGGIE: You're not going to tell her [April]? It's pretty f*cking funny.
IVETTE: Maybe some, but not all.
MAGGIE: It's up to you.
IVETTE: Maybe some but not all.
MAGGIE: It's totally up to you.
IVETTE: You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: Yeah. It's really enjoyable though.
IVETTE: And that April is totally picking you. You know what I'm saying?
MAGGIE: Right. And...
IVETTE: Just all kinds of crazy, bizarre things. I mean, he's trying to say, he's like, "Don't you think that Rachel would vote for" --
MAGGIE: That's exactly what he's trying to say, too.
IVETTE: Everything that they've told me, he's repeated to me.
MAGGIE: Isn't that funny how they're playing the game with us?
IVETTE: They can play it however they want to play. I just pretty much shut them up.
MAGGIE: Right. That's why I was pretty depressed today. Because all of the things that were brought to my attention earlier with my discussions with Janelle [Code for the Diary Room] were about how bad I was doing, so you sit there and you go...
MALE INTERCOM VOICE: Ivette, Maggie, Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests.
MAGGIE: [Interrupting the Announcement] Here, Listen. Let's just not talk to for the rest of the time we're in here. Okay?
[April joins the conversation.]
APRIL: [Laughing.]
IVETTE: I want to f*cking know -- my f*cking hand just fell asleep.
APRIL: God. What?
IVETTE: My hand just fell asleep sitting on that chair.
[Ivette goes inside and April and Maggie walking towards the HOH room. Ivette is having a brief, pleasant conversation with Howie and Janelle.]
MAGGIE: Oh, I'm supposed to pass on that we're the f*cking *ssholes, not them, because we keep doing it.
APRIL: Talking about it?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Because we always say, "F*ck you" or "You're an *sshole." But apparently we are the *ssholes, because if we didn't do it, they wouldn't have to tell us not to.
APRIL: I know.
(Whispering very softly. Missing some of this conversation.)
APRIL: They are kissing her *ss.
MAGGIE: I have bags under my eyes again.
APRIL: Should we go upstairs. What else do we do?
APRIL: Are you going to go upstairs?
MAGGIE: I'll go with you.
APRIL: I'm bored.
MAGGIE: I wish there was a game we could play.
APRIL: Yeah, right.
MAGGIE: Oh, there is.
APRIL: Jinga?
MAGGIE: I'm full. Where's Ivetta?
APRIL: [Uncaring voice] I don't know.
MAGGIE: [Speaking from upstairs to Ivette who is downstairs] Ivetta!?!
IVETTE: Yeah!?!
MAGGIE: I'm going upstairs!
IVETTE: Are you?
MAGGIE: Yeah. You want to come?
IVETTE: Yeah, I'm going to go up there. How long ago did we eat?
MAGGIE: Five minutes.
[April and Maggie just closed the door to the HOH room, and they are alone.]
MAGGIE: Where are you c*ck and balls?
APRIL: Here.
MAGGIE: There is a game we can play, silly f*ck [practicing for competitions.].
APRIL: Oh, yeah.
MAGGIE: We need to.
APRIL: No, I know.
MAGGIE: Okay. Come here. You want me to start?
APRIL: What?
MAGGIE: Close your eyes. APRIL: Tell me why they're kissing her *ss. I thought you were going to give me some fun stuff.
MAGGIE: Oh, I just -- no, I don't have anything fun for you. It's like they're totally kissing her *ss.
APRIL: What was ivette saying?
MAGGIE: Ivette was talking about how they were talking at the -- at the table. Well, first of all -- she think -- I think she thinks that Janelle thinks that she practices voodoo.
MALE INTERCOM VOICE: Ivette, please put on your microphone.
APRIL: Oh. She'll come up and tell.
MAGGIE: No. It was just about Howie and Janelle and how great they are.
APRIL: Just being stupid?
MAGGIE: No. It was what they always f*cking -- well, yeah, I guess so, if you want --
APRIL: Oh, they were -- they were questioning her again?
MAGGIE: No, I don't think they were questioning.
MAGGIE: She hasn't told me they were questioning her. I think Janelle thinks that Ivette practices voodoo.
APRIL: Oh, so they were just asking her stupid questions about it?
MAGGIE: I don't know what they were specifically asking her, but she said she thinks that Janelle thinks that she was practicing voodoo.
APRIL: She should ask --
MAGGIE: And I think that's f*cking hilarious.
APRIL: She should ask Janelle --
MAGGIE: And then I started talking about the Diary Room. (Giggles.)
APRIL: So who is kissing her *ss? Howie and Janelle or --
MAGGIE: I think so. You don't think so?
APRIL: Huh-uh.
MAGGIE: I'll ask her.
APRIL: I don't think they are.
MAGGIE: Are you ready?
[Ivette enters the HOH room.].
MAGGIE: Close your eyes.
IVETTE: I need to cook that chicken that I have in the kitchen. Now it's put in the fridge.
APRIL: Did you set some out?
IVETTE: Yeah, because I was going --
MAGGIE: So do you think Janelle really thinks that you practice voodoo?
IVETTE: [Puzzled by this question because this is not what she said at all, so she pauses.] I don't know if she thinks I practice voodoo.
MAGGIE: I think that's what she was implying. I thought that's what you thought she was implying.
IVETTE: No. She was just trying to talk about it.
MAGGIE: Oh. I thought that's what you were saying. I want to start doing HOH games.
IVETTE: okay.
MAGGIE: Like, mental.
IVETTE: They're trying to work every angle they can.
APRIL: What were they saying?
IVETTE: Trying to see if I would take Howie --
MAGGIE: Well, they said -- you said they were kind of like kissing your *ss. What did -- can you give us more than that?
IVETTE: I was telling you that.
APRIL: I knew something was weird, because the minute I walked in, like, everyone like flew and split.
MAGGIE: I thought we knew that they were -- I didn't think they would go as far as kissing her *ss, though.
IVETTE: Not really kissing my *ss but telling me that if I went to the end with you guys -- remember, earlier, I told them that I know my chances of winning the money with you guys are very slim. You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: That's what they want us to think.
APRIL: Uh-huh.
IVETTE: Well, I pretty much know that.
APRIL: Nothing is ever known.
MAGGIE: No, you don't.
IVETTE: You would have Rachel's vote. You would have Rachel's vote.
MAGGIE: Do we have a better -- but I think that's what -- everyone is trying to make us feel like we will not make it anywhere unless we take Janelle, because I've now heard it from you, too.
IVETTE: Well, anyways, the point is that they were -- not "they" [DR] because God forbid you guys think it's you. Howie and Janelle were trying to tell me that if I save him that I would be out of their radar next week and that I'll make it down to the final three guaranteed with them and then I try to beat them.
APRIL: I knew it. I told you that.
IVETTE: I told you [Maggie] that, though.
[This is where Maggie gets busted by April. Ivette just said to Maggie, "I told you that." Maggie told April that Ivette didn't tell her anything during their conversation. April just figured out that Maggie lied to her.]
MAGGIE: How f*cking ballsey do people need to be. I can't wait until they come to me with that.
IVETTE: "But if you're their real friends" -- this is what Howie said to me, "But if they're your real friends," Howie said, "they would still vote for you." And Janelle goes, "You really think that Jennifer would vote for me to win the money, and April, just because you took out April?" I was like, "Yes."
APRIL: Just because you took out -- oh, wait. They're saying --
MAGGIE: If I choose Janelle over April, the friendship is done. That's what the friendship has provided for us is the guarantee that that won't occur.
APRIL: I mean, I don't mean to be rude, but if y'all -- if y'all voted me out this week, I -- it would be done in my eyes.
IVETTE: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
MAGGIE: Of course. That's what I'm saying. That's what the friendship has done, is secured --
IVETTE: That's what I was telling them.
MAGGIE: -- if you don't turn your back on them.
IVETTE: That's what I was telling Howie and Janelle. I was like --
MAGGIE: They don't get it because they've never had that in the Sovereign 6.
IVETTE: No, because they --
MAGGIE: They self-destructed. Their own people put up their own people, so they don't understand what we have. That's why they're going for this angle, is because if you don't have it, you don't understand what someone else has.
APRIL: Huh-uh.
IVETTE: I said to them, "If I backstab" -- I said to Howie and Janelle -- because God forbid these motherf*ckers think I'm talking about them. I said to Howie and Janelle -- because I had to specify --
MAGGIE: Now, are we not having the same conversations with each other that we're f*cking having --
IVETTE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyways -- anyways --
MAGGIE: So it is getting to the point where they are saying, well --
IVETTE: I said to Howie and Janelle, I said, "If I backstab April" --
APRIL: Which you don't even vote. Maggie's voting. You know what I'm saying? I don't know why that they think --
IVETTE: Yeah, but --
APRIL: I guess since you're HOH --
MAGGIE: You're breaking the tie. She's breaking the tie, so she is voting.
IVETTE: I said to Howie and Janelle, "If I backstab April to get closer to the money, that means that I'm stepping over people to get to the top. I'm not going to get rewarded."
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: That's right.
IVETTE: Because if you take them, you're going to make 500. I said, "At some point, I have to be content, so I'll settle with the 50. At some point, I have to be content."
MAGGIE: That's exactly right. IVETTE: They would just look at me --
MAGGIE: That's exactly what I said. I think that makes --
IVETTE: Howie and Janelle can't understand me --
MAGGIE: That makes people very, very mad.
IVETTE: Howie and Janelle can't understand me when I tell them that I would be content. You know what I mean?
APRIL: I would be okay without winning anything. You know what I'm saying? You have to be prepared for all options. How did it even come up?
MAGGIE: They wait until I leave, right?
IVETTE: She might approach you. Why wouldn't she approach you?
MAGGIE: I guess so if they approach you. No. It's Howie that feels comfortable with you [Ivette]. It's Janelle that can talk to her [April]. That's how they can twist that so that they both get their point across. But neither of them have an ability -- I don't have a report with either of them, so I don't think i'll be approached.
APRIL: Did Howie not talk to you about anything last night when you were giving him a massage.
MAGGIE: He talked about sequester and how fun it's going to be to be with Jen and Beau.
APRIL: Uh-huh. They're idiots.
IVETTE: And you [April] tried to vote me off Week 5, so why not...
APRIL: (Laughs.) I told you.
MAGGIE: Wait. What? Say it one more time.
APRIL: Exactly what I told her last night.
IVETTE: I told you that. I told you that.
MAGGIE: I can't hear you. I couldn't hear you.
IVETTE: Outside I told you that they told me, "She tried to vote you out Week 5."
MAGGIE: We knew they were going to bullsh*t everything.
IVETTE: I knew that.
APRIL: I knew that. [It just dawned on April that Ivette and Maggie did talk about Ivette's conversation and Maggie lied saying she did not talk about it with Ivette.]
IVETTE: I knew that, though. I know that. They don't understand me. They look at me with faces like, "Oh, my God. This girl is serious." That's how they look at me sometimes.
APRIL: And what's so f*cked up is last night --
IVETTE: Oh, and I said -- I said, "If I wanted to really play dirty," I said, "don't you think I would have kept James." And he goes, "We were nowhere on James's radar." And then Janelle goes, "Do you really think that James is going to pick you over me?"
[Maggie is in complete shock regarding what Ivette said Janelle told her.]
MAGGIE: Awwwwwh! Shut up.
IVETTE: I go, "Maybe not," I go, "because I'm not winning to play as dirty as you. He never liked the way I played the game." And she just stayed quiet.
MAGGIE: I wish I was --
APRIL: I want to go home.
MAGGIE: -- there for that mental f*ck.
APRIL: Maybe I'll leave y'all the f*ck here with them. I am so over them.
MAGGIE: That was a brilliant banter that occurred.
MAGGIE: You and her.
APRIL: Who was talking a lot? Who was talking more?
IVETTE: Both of them -- well, Howie the most.
APRIL: Yeah, because Janelle is staying.
IVETTE: They don't understand that I am very realistic. I don't think they comprehend how realistic I am, how content I am even with the smallest things, that --
APRIL: I would rather walk out of here with friends than even the money.
IVETTE: Listen to this. And then they were like, "Your way of playing the game is very strange because" -- what did he tell me? I said, "Don't you think that I know that I'm not playing the best game?" I said that to him, because he said something about the game. I looked at Janelle, I said, "Janelle, you've come in here with no ties; you've wanted no ties." I said, "Are you playing an awesome game? Absolutely." I said -- she would just stay quiet. She, like, couldn't believe some of the things that I said.
MAGGIE: I can't believe she didn't try to get in an argument with you.
IVETTE: Huh-uh. I'm way too realistic for her. They were like, "Yeah, but you can" -- they were like, "Yeah, but you can be" -- Howie tried to sell me that you [April] were the strongest player in the game.
APRIL: What?
IVETTE: He goes, "She beat me at hockey." And I go, "Yeah, but I would have beat her. Just my time got stopped because Janelle had 1:45." He goes -- he stays quiet.
APRIL: Oh, Howie is trying to say I'm stronger than him to take me out. I am stronger than him. I believe I am. I think I'm stronger than him.
IVETTE: I think any of us are stronger than him.
MAGGIE: We all think we're stronger than him.
IVETTE: He said that, "I'm the weakest player in the game."
APRIL: He said that you were?
IVETTE: He said that he was the weakest player in the game.
MAGGIE: This is hilarious that they're even attempting this right now. I'm so sorry that you're up on the chopping block for this. I'm laughing because I know it's not a chance.
APRIL: I knew it was going to happen. I don't even give a sh*t. You know what I'm saying?
MAGGIE: It's my vote -- I mean, it's Ivette's vote. You have nothing to f*cking worry about.
IVETTE: I would never. It wouldn't make sense.
APRIL: Everything would be gone in my eyes.
IVETTE: It would absolutely make no sense to me.
MAGGIE: It would defeat the entire purpose.
IVETTE: They just couldn't understand how I kept coming back with stuff. You know what I mean?
APRIL: So they were pretty much wanting you to take me out first, then Maggie. And then you would be playing with them in the final 3. And may the best win.
MAGGIE: Awwwh, that's cute. Isn't that exactly what we're doing?
APRIL: I mean, do they not understand that you would have had to win HOH to even make it to the final 2 then. Do you see what I'm saying? I hope you can understand where I'm coming from. That's why anytime that y'all bring up, "April, Janelle wants you. I know she would pick you in the final 2," throw that sh*t out the window because --
IVETTE: I said that to Janelle. I said, "Don't you think I know I'm the first one that you want out of this house?
APRIL: What did she say?
IVETTE: She's like, "Why?" I said, "Don't you think that I know I'm the first one on your list to get out of this house?" Janelle aid, "Yeah, but i'm promising you."
MAGGIE: Shut up.
APRIL: That b*tch.
MAGGIE: That's awesome.
IVETTE: Because April saved them, she bought herself a week and she [April] put the target on Beau and I. And I go to her --
MAGGIE: Oh, how nice of her.
IVETTE: I go -- I go to her -- I go to her --
MAGGIE: It took me a minute.
IVETTE: I go to her --
APRIL: Yeah, I'm still trying to figure it out, but I know it's something stupid.
MAGGIE: Give her a second because once she figures it out, she'll be like, "oh."
APRIL: I mean, I'm seeing what --
IVETTE: Yeah, because you saved them --
MAGGIE: It's clever.
IVETTE: You saved them --
MAGGIE: It's clever.
APRIL: I would have never thought that. I mean, I just don't even think that much into sh*t.
IVETTE: You saved them so you put a target on Beau and I because they're not going to take you out.
APRIL: Yeah. Last night they told me the best thing that I did in this game was taking out James because James was -- whatever. You know what I'm saying?
IVETTE: Coming after you. Wait a minute. Listen to this. I said to her, "That's kind of dumb." I said to her, "It didn't even matter if April didn't take out James." I said, "The next strategic move was to take out Beau and I because we're a pair. That only makes sense."
APRIL: We wouldn't have done that.
IVETTE: I said, "Nobody wants us to make a million dollars." Not you guys. But I was telling them like, "April didn't put a target on us. We had a target on ourselves because we were a pair," and they [Howie and Janelle] stood quiet again. They couldn't understand how I kept like --
MAGGIE: I can't believe -- I really wish I was there for that conversation.
APRIL: I wish I would have been there. Number one, they would have never --
MAGGIE: That sounds like a brilliant mind f*ck.
IVETTE: Yeah, but they really didn't get me. They were like, "She's seriously not budging."
APRIL: So they never promised you final two. They just said, "We'll get you to the final three."
IVETTE: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
MAGGIE: Did they say that to you [April]?
APRIL: No. That's why -- everyone kept saying that sh*t. They've never said that to me.
IVETTE: Janelle said, "Do you really think that James is going to pick you over?"
IVETTE: "Yeah, because you're willing to play dirtier than me." I said, "James never agreed with the way I played the game, never."
MAGGIE: But he would still pick you over her without a doubt.
IVETTE: You think so?
APRIL: I think he would pick you in a heart -- f*ck yeah. To be honest with you, if it were you and Janelle and him at the end, I think that he would pick Janelle because he knows that he would win the money over her, but since he's on the other side looking in, I know he would vote for you at the end. I know that.
IVETTE: I said, "And obviously, Janelle, I knew I couldn't trust James that much since he's gone, so you don't need to tell me that." I just like the way they stay dumbstruck with me. Janelle was like, This girl is for real. That's how she looks at me sometimes. They said if you guys were really my friends, you'd understand why I would have to pick Howie.
MAGGIE: [Sarcastic tone.] Awwwh. I would totally understand.
IVETTE: If you guys were really my friends, you would have to understand.
MAGGIE: Yeah, sure. Pick Howie to stay.
APRIL: What?
IVETTE: You [April] don't get it, do you? They were trying to tell me that if you were really my friend and Maggie was my friend, really my friends, you would understand why I would have to pick Howie to make my chances better. I didn't want to give them scenarios that I had in my head, but I gave them a little bit of feedback to some stuff. I said, "Do I need the money? Can I use the money? Absolutely. Would it make a world of difference in my family? A hundred percent. But if I don't get it, it's okay." You know what I mean? I would love to move my brother Frankie and be able to visit him on the weekend.
APRIL: The deal is, is every single person that came in this house deserves the money.
MAGGIE: Can use the money, yeah.
IVETTE: Yeah, absolutely.
APRIL: You know what I'm saying? No one deserves it more than one --
IVETTE: Absolutely. Did some people look for the money to begin with? Yeah. Like, you and Maggie didn't even think about coming on the show. You got brought into the show. You know what I mean? I went searching for the show because I'm always trying to find answers to my family's problems. So, you know, I would absolutely love to win it. I decided maybe this is the answer to my family's prayers. You know what I mean? But if I don't get it, it's okay. I tried. Can't say I didn't try for my family, you know?
APRIL: How stupid -- hold on. Let me scratch nose. I know I have, like, a little -- it's just stupid. That's why I said, if they ever approach me with final three sh*t, I'm like -- they've never -- they've never -- now, James said they talked about it. They never approached me with it. Never. And you asked me if they -- if they approached me, why would they approach me while I'm on the block?
MAGGIE: Not approach you. No, the question that they had asked her sounded so f*cking ballsey that I asked you the same thing. Like, if they're ballsey enough to come to Ivette with it, I would assume --
APRIL: I'm on the block, though.
MAGGIE: I know. I forgot about that.
APRIL: So it wouldn't matter.
MAGGIE: I forgot that anyone is on the block but Howie.
APRIL: They wouldn't ask me because they're to get -- that's why I said, I mean, I don't -- I totally trust that y'all will not evict me, trust me, but I knew that they were going to do this, and that's why I said that.
IVETTE: Because right now Janelle is playing, and if she stays here with us, she has no chance at the 500, yet if she -- yet if I backstabbed you guys, it gives her more of a chance of getting it. If I keep Howie, it gives her more of a chance of getting. Right now, once Howie is out of this house, she has zero chance of getting it. Does that make sense to you?
APRIL: I'm just thinking of things she's said in the past. That's why I'm telling you, she does not like you; she does not like you, and she does not like me. You can sit here and say that y'all think she likes me. She doesn't. She does not like any of us. She will sit here and tell you that she would vote me off in a heartbeat, same thing with her. Last night she started -- whenever they had said that little tidbit about, you know, "Who would Maggie" -- trying to find out information about Maggie. I said, "I don't know." She said, "There's only one person in this house I hate." I didn't even ask her who it was, because I was assuming -- you know what I'm saying? And then she had gone into next week and was like, "Well, yeah" --
IVETTE: I know I'm the only one that she hates. I know that.
APRIL: If she had to -- if two people were up on the block and one of them was you, she was like, "I'd vote that b*tch out in a heartbeat." See, that's what I'm saying. But, Ivette, she's going to tell me what -- everything except for me being a bad person; she's going to tell you the opposite and she's going to tell you the opposite.
IVETTE: The good thing is that I told her to her face, "Janelle, don't think for one second, I know I'm the first one you want out of this house.
APRIL: But just because she says that to me or Maggie or whoever doesn't mean that's what she means.
IVETTE: I know. She would vote me out in a second. If the vote was on her, she would vote me out before Maggie. I know that for a fact.
APRIL: She doesn't like any of us.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: I think it's a tossup between all three of us, guys. I think it would be -- as much as y'all would like to think that she likes me or Maggie or you, she doesn't like any of us. She would prefer none of us be here. Unfortunately, in her eyes, she feels like she has the f*cking scraps and she's got to pick from the scraps. That's what she's thinking. [NOTE: April has supernatural powers?]
MAGGIE: We've knocked out everybody she's been hiding behind. Oops.
IVETTE: They tried to say, Ivette, "you've been trying to play this game with integrity, but you really messed up the week of Kaysar, because I found out through sources that you were the soul reason why Kaysar's gone." I said, "You know what, those sources that you" --
MAGGIE: I missed that.
IVETTE: I said, "This source that you've been speaking to, if they want to put all the blame on me, they can right ahead and do so. Did I suggest? Absolutely. Would I have done it had I been HOH? Absolutely. The same way that all it took was for you to hear that James swore to me on the Bible that he would get you out, and that's why you put him up, that was enough reason for me -- knowing that you guys were willing to go back on your word was enough reason for me to want to get him out, whether or not he was here that week or not."
APRIL: What p*sses me off now -- and this is -- that's what I'm saying. They've asked me several times, "Who's the one who initially came up with Kaysar leaving?" I said, "It was a group decision." "No, no, no. We know that someone had to -- it didn't come up as a group." And I was like, "It was a group decision." And they start trying to name names and sh*t. And what do they do? They take that and they go, and then they want to pin -- that's like the day that Janelle walked outside that one day.
MAGGIE: Same thing as Howie and Janelle blaming me for Sarah being gone. Okay? It's the same rationale. You try to put the blame on someone else, it takes it off of yourself.
APRIL: I feel like just going up to them and say, "Guys, I know you're trying to play a game here. We're not here to play it, so just" --
IVETTE: Don't say that, April, because then I won't come back and tell you anything. Don't say that, because I know that you will go and you will change your story. I know you'll go, and in some way you'll want to tell them that, but --
APRIL: I was just making comment. It didn't mean that I was even going to do it.
IVETTE: They can try to -- they've tried it already with you. They tried to play that game already against me when I was up there.
APRIL: And did you not go to them and say something about them wanting to get you out?
IVETTE: After --
APRIL: I'm not going to say anything, but that's what I'm trying to say, is that --
IVETTE: Afterwards -- after the fact. After the fact. Not before. Not before.
APRIL: I was just making a comment on that, what I felt like saying. I never said I was going to go and say it. Just like what you -- you would comment on the same thing if they were making comments about you. And when they made comments about you, you did address them with the comments. Do you see what I'm saying? I'm not going to address them with it, because I know that I'm not going home, but I'm just saying the minute you heard -- and I gave you the information about --
IVETTE: Everything I heard I waited until the votes were over and when they tried to tell me --
APRIL: I know. But I didn't tell you -- yeah, I told you after the votes were over. I didn't tell you until after the votes were over because I --
IVETTE: No, you didn't. You told me while everybody was still voting.
APRIL: Well, it was the day of voting, but it was --
IVETTE: Yeah, but I had already told them that the day before -- two days before. I told Maggie what was going on and I said I'm almost sure. And Maggie said, "Ivette, calm down."
MAGGIE: I told you you had chopping block jitters. I was wrong.
IVETTE: I said, "Maggie, do you ever have a gut, gut instinct?" I said, "I can't say my instinct is wrong."
MAGGIE: You were saying that before that chess piece ever -- before that discussion ever occurred, you called that.
IVETTE: Absolutely.
MAGGIE: It hadn't even occurred yet, and you were feeling like it was.
IVETTE: Because I knew it was going to happen. They freaked out about what they did. They though James was going to come back after them, and they wanted to get rid of me. They can try whatever they want to try right now. There's nothing they could ever tell me. I know Janelle would never keep me. For Janelle to lose that money to me would kill her. She wouldn't mind handing it over to you. She'd never give it to me.
APRIL: I don't trust anything she says. If she calls you a b*tch, Maggie a b*tch, she's going to go to Maggie and call me a b*tch, you a b*tch. She's going to go you and try to sell me out and call me a b*tch. I don't think she hates one of us more than the other. I think she's just trying to get us against each other. And when I said, "I would like to go," it means I would like to. I would not do that.
MAGGIE: Can I have the chapstick, please? Thank you.
IVETTE: You're welcome.
MAGGIE: I had a hard time that they were even going to try I knew they were.
APRIL: I knew they would bring that whole voting week again. You know what I'm saying? Like, if I'm not mistaken, last week -- what was it? Whenever it was that I was HOH, I think they had even mentioned -- they didn't ask me to, but I think it was even questioned, like, "Would you ever put up Ivette and Beau?" And I said, "Absolutely not." "Well, they're the last pair." I was like, "It doesn't matter." I said, "I just want you to know, like I will never put them up and I would never put up Maggie" -- oh, no, no, no. What they were wanting me to do was put up Howie, put up Ivette as a pawn -- a pawn and -- why was that? So that no one would be tempted to vote Janelle off, then pull off Howie and put James up by Ivette to -- and it was something so f*cked up. Like, I was telling them, "Hey, you guys. You pretty much have a free week. My goal is to backdoor James. That's what we've decided. Just sit up there and look pretty." I said, "If you win the veto, oh, well, take yourself off. If I win, I'm going to take one of y'all off." And that still wasn't good enough for Janelle. She sat there and said, "I just don't feel comfortable with it. Something is giving me a weird feeling about this." I was like, "I'm coming to you and telling you what I'm f*cking doing." I was like, "So just -- this is what I need to do." And she was like, "Well, I just don't feel comfortable. Fine. Put Howie up there, but put Ivette up there as a pawn." I was like, "I can't. I'm not going to do it." It was so stupid and concocted that I didn't even bother telling anyone.
MAGGIE: It sounds stupid because then you would have Howie and Janelle voting.
IVETTE: We needed to get rid of Janelle so long ago.
APRIL: What I'm going to do from here on out, if they try to come talking to me, I'm going to go, "Look. There's no need to talk to me. You don't even need to open your mouth." Like, all this stuff does is get us worked up, sit there and listen to them. That's all that this does.
IVETTE: Uh-huh.
MAGGIE: Where are you going?
APRIL: Check my nose. It hurts.
[The following is after April leaves to go to the Diary Room because she's upset about Maggie lying to her. Now Maggie and Ivette are talking. They are whispering at an extremely low level, but I am able to get most of it with my audio equipment.]
MAGGIE: She must have gone in the diary room. What did we say that upset her so bad? I don't even know.
IVETTE: It's all about her, always.
MAGGIE: When I make someone mad, I would much rather them tell me what I did, always. Does that make sense?
[They are downstairs getting food and looking for April. About five minutes later, they go back up to the HOH bedroom, and the transcription begins again once a good conversation begins.]
IVETTE: We've been through a lot in this game. April likes to pretend like she knows what it feels like and she's a target. She's never been a f*cking target. She doesn't know what it feels like.
MAGGIE: She's never been a target.
IVETTE: She doesn't know what it feels like to be wanted every week, to be hated.
MAGGIE: I know. I know.
IVETTE: I'm serious.
MAGGIE: I -- I know it.
IVETTE: And still play the game the way we've been playing it. You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: Um-hmm.
IVETTE: This is the first time I've ever heard -- have to -- I've ever heard what the other side has to say. She has listened in on many conversations --
MAGGIE: Yeah, that's true.
IVETTE: -- and many offers. You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: That's true.
IVETTE: You know what p*sses me off even more? The way she still doesn't get that she is not their priority.
MAGGIE: You're not going to get that across.
IVETTE: She still wants to pretend that she's on equal playing fields with us. You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: I know that. I mean, Ivette, my advice would be to let it go.
IVETTE: It just irritates me. It's like, I accept reality. I know Janelle would want me out before you just because it's a personal thing, too. You know what I mean? I know that she wants me out before April. I know that she wants you out before April. That's just reality. You know what I mean? And I sit here and I accept the fact that I know that April would pick you, and it's okay, but I totally accept reality; whereas, her, she wants to still make up this fairy tale and it's like, "No, April." You know what I mean?
MAGGIE: Yeah, but I can see how since they don't -- a lot of what they're doing is not personal, so we'd never know what twist and turn they're seeing. I mean, you can assume.
IVETTE: She's still trying to say that she was a target because Jennifer got put up.
MAGGIE: No, no. She was never a target.
IVETTE: She's trying tell you that you were safe so as long as partners were in the house. No, you weren't.
MAGGIE: No, I know that.
IVETTE: The fact that she doesn't -- or she pretends not to know, it irritates me. You've never been in the clear. I've never been in the clear. The second they got control, they didn't just put up --
MAGGIE: I've been told that since --
IVETTE: But you understand what I'm saying?
MAGGIE: -- the third f*cking week.
IVETTE: I've been the f*cking target in Janelle's eyes since the first f*cking day, and it just got worse from there. Imagine being the target since the first f*cking week. You know what it feels like. To say that as long as partners were here, you were going to be safe, the second they got a chance --
MAGGIE: That's not true, or Kaysar wouldn't have gone.
MAGGIE: Kaysar's partner was gone the second week, so if partners were always the target, then he would not have been gone next. Do you know what I mean?
[Ivette goes to the bathroom and picks at her face and pops a pimple and transcription ends because the conversation becomes gross and boring. About five or ten minutes later, Maggie tells Ivette she's going downstairs to get something. Maggie finds April sitting outside alone practicing for the next competition.]
MAGGIE: Do you still need to be alone?
MAGGIE: Do you still need to be alone?
APRIL: I went to the DR.
APRIL: I'm studying.
MAGGIE: Are you okay? Having a hard time?
APRIL: About what?
MAGGIE: Being here.
APRIL: I've been over it for a while. Just have to play. That's all you have left to do. Can't walk out.
MAGGIE: Did I do anything wrong?
APRIL: [No response, then very quietly says: "No."]
MAGGIE: Was Janelle out here?
APRIL: Huh-uh. I've been in the DR this whole time. I came out here, went to the DR. I just got out of the DR.
MAGGIE: Did they call you in the DR?
APRIL: No. I just went in there to talk, vent.
MAGGIE: I don't trust them like you do.
MAGGIE: I don't trust them like you do.
APRIL: The DR? Oh, no. I just -- I didn't -- they didn't ask me any questions. I just said "I want to talk," so I just talked.
MALE INTERCOM VOICE: April, Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other houseguests.
APRIL: I didn't say anything! Awwwwh! I'm f*cking so over them.
MALE INTERCOM VOICE: April, thank you.
APRIL: Thank you. God. It's like sh*t. Where have you and Ivette been.
MAGGIE: Laying up there.
APRIL: I know you feel like you're in the middle of us.
MAGGIE: It's not a good position.
APRIL: I know. I could tell -- I mean, I knew that -- I knew -- whenever I asked you what Ivette was talking about outside, I knew you were lying.
MAGGIE: It's very uncomfortable because I won't tell her what you say.
APRIL: No, I know.
MAGGIE: Even if it's not about you, it doesn't matter. It's the integrity of it.
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: And it wasn't about you. It's just very uncomfortable and I am glad you said something because I was going to come out here and tell you, I have two choices: I can start telling each other what each other is saying, and I haven't done that yet, so it puts me in a -- I said to Ivette, I said, "You come outside, you tell me something, and you say 'Don't tell anyone,'" I said, "you need to be very specific. Don't tell me 'Don't say anything to anyone' because the only person I have to talk to is April. So do you want me to say these things or do you not, because I'm going to respect what you ask of me." But it -- I don't like the feeling that I get from it. And it didn't just start until very recently, that -- I mean, you tell me things and you don't tell me not to tell her. I just don't because it's disrespectful to do that. [NOTE: Didn't Maggie say she doesn't lie? Ivette told Maggie specifically not to tell April.]
APRIL: I mean, certain things I would say --
MAGGIE: There's certain things you guys talk about when I'm not there.
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: I know that. That doesn't bother me. I trust that my interests are in mind, just like I trust you guys will protect each other. You know what I mean? So -- but it puts me in a position that I don't like at all because I do not ever want to lie.
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: And I don't --
APRIL: Before she even came up, I knew you were lying. Like, I knew that.
MAGGIE: Well, we laughing about a couple things. But it was never about you, and yet I can't say to her when I don't -- because she doesn't say, "Don't tell April this." She says, "Don't repeat this." And you do the same thing sometimes, too.
APRIL: Yeah, yeah.
MAGGIE: So when you say, "Don't repeat this," I don't repeat it. And unfortunately that includes here.
APRIL: Yeah. No, I know.
MAGGIE: I hope you both understand it's horrible for me because I want to be able to tell everything you tell me, her -- everything, I tell her -- but I haven't done that yet in the game, which is --
APRIL: The majority of it, I would -- you know what I'm saying?
MAGGIE: But I don't know what is okay and what's not. Like the stuff she told me, it was two sentences, two sentences. And it was about Howie, and she said, "Don't repeat this, I'm going to tell you this." So I don't know who she's saying don't repeat to; you or them.
APRIL: I just -- the only -- the -- I -- I just have to step out of this situation sometimes, just because like I can say one thing and I -- it doesn't mean I was going to go say something to Howie and Janelle. I just said, "Oh, my God, I just wish I could tell them, like, 'Hey, guys. Wake up. Everything you're telling all of us, we're not listening, we don't believe.'" Then she jumps on me, and I'm like -- I never said I was going to go, but yet she sat there in the room with me in front of Howie and blabbed about everything I told her and asked her not to f*cking tell him. But it's not okay for me, if I wanted to say something, to say something? I'm just -- like, I just can't -- it's just like you said. I mean, she yells instead of talks. I can't deal with it. I -- I hate -- my dad has a very loud voice, and I love my dad to death, love him to death, be he was raised yelling instead of talking.
MAGGIE: See, I have family like that, too.
APRIL: And it is like -- I -- he doesn't do it to me --
[Back from fish. April is talking about her conversation with Howie and Janelle where she told Janelle that Janelle wouldn't win the $500,000. April says she had this conversation with Janelle because Ivette wanted her to do it. Now April regrets doing what Ivette asked.]
APRIL: I wish I wouldn't have listened. I should not -- you know, Ivette was like, "Go down there. Go down there. Say this to her, say this to her." And I didn't even want to do it because I didn't want to start all this sh*t. You see, because I did what she told me to do, which is just my fault because I didn't have to do it, is what started now the discussion today with probably them -- or, well, the minute I went on the block, I knew something would start going, you know? But --
MAGGIE: I wanted to address that situation though. I want you guys to know -- I mean, you -- it's the same thing outside of the house. When there are two friends that are sharing information, and it's not about each other, but they're both showing information, you don't ever want to cross that.
APRIL: Yeah, but did you see the minute that I said, "Oh, my God. I just wish I could go up to him and just, Guys" -- Ivette was like, "I should have never told you."
MAGGIE: I know.
APRIL: Guys, I mean, f*cking grow the f*ck up. It didn't mean I was going to run out the door and f*cking say something to them.
MAGGIE: I heard you say --
APRIL: I mean, it's like --
MAGGIE: -- "that makes me want to."
APRIL: That makes me want to.
MAGGIE: I know that, but me and you have a very easy way of communicating, and you and her have a little bit more difficulty.
APRIL: The only reason I am paranoid about her knowing certain things is because I know for a fact that she right in front of my face, the things I've asked her not to say, she did it in front of me, and I called her out on it. So, yes, there are some certain things, and I -- I --
MAGGIE: Which is fine. You're allowed to -- I mean, I appreciate knowing that I won't say anything.
APRIL: No, I understand. I mean, hopefully I won't have to -- hopefully they won't come to me again -- you know what I'm saying? -- and say certain things. But I just feel like it's a double standard with her [Ivette]. Like she can do it, but I can't.
MAGGIE: I know.
APRIL: And it's just like, damn, I just don't get it sometimes.
MAGGIE: I just hope you don't see it as a bad thing. I understand what you're saying. I'm just saying I hope it's not misconstrued if information isn't passed both ways.
APRIL: No. I knew --
MAGGIE: Because I hope you know that I'm not telling her things that you tell me.
APRIL: No, I know that.
MAGGIE: Because I know you have a game, not that you're playing, because I know you have the same -- we share the same views on this game.
APRIL: Yeah, and I'm not --
MAGGIE: But I don't feel that it's any right of anyone to ever say anything that they don't want spreaded, but I don't like that. That's not how I live my life. Patients tell me things all the time. I can't even tell other nurses what patients say, so I have -- my whole life is geared around never repeating what people tell me.
APRIL: Whenever I came out here, you know, and I know y'all were both laughing or whatever, and I came out here, and I was like, "Hey, what's up," and "Oh, nothing." And then --
MAGGIE: Yeah, I didn't like that at all.
APRIL: It's like, I felt very uncomfortable and so I had to walk back in.
MAGGIE: I wasn't sure if that was done intentionally. Regardless of what it was, it wasn't good. I didn't like it either.
APRIL: Oh, I know. I know.
[They start talking about boring things. End of transcription.]
I will post again soon. Very busy weekend, but as soon as I have time, I will post another transcript. I'm thinking about starting to post shorter conversations. That way I can post more often, but you won't get as much of the detail. Let me know what you think. Long, sporadic and in-depth transcripts or short, more frequent, less detail transcripts? Let me know what you-all think, and I'll try to do it the way the majority suggests. Thank you.
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Topic #2432289
amynyc - The BITTER trio sit in LV... Ivette recounts every horrible thing she claims Janelle said, while seemingly forgetting the endless nights of 0 Replies #2432289 4:39PM 09/09/2005
Janie bashing in HOH room, where they said terrible things about Janelle,

They CANNOT figure out how Janie wins AC.

They think BB edits shows to make them look bad.
Iv -"Dumbstuck" How can we not be favorites? April from small town in Texas, Maggie a nurse who had a firefighter as a partner, etc.

April - I never said I hated anyone in this house.

BB favors Janelle, etc.
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Topic #2432302
Zazny - I: She was a bitch to every girl in this house; A: Not that America saw. 1 Replies #2432302 4:39PM 09/09/2005
I: She had no morals and not a bit of a soul in this house and I'm not worried. [You have to make friends with the jury]. You're living with people.

M says the DR will give them a lecture.

I: Are we eating this ***** without her?

I: I hope they are not portraying me in a nasty way because my poor mom. that's all I'm worried about.
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Pig32 - Ivette actually said, "Are we eating this DIP without her?", while retrieving a bowl from the refrigerator. Maggie replied, "yeah", - NT #2432627 4:51PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432307
amynyc - Ivette: Janelle has no morals, and no soul in this house. Yeah, I hate her NT 0 Replies #2432307 4:40PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432321
ferretkiss - IV: did i say i F*ckin hate her, absolutely. do i think she deserves the money, absolutely not........ 0 Replies #2432321 4:40PM 09/09/2005
iv: (Caught in mid-tirade) her partner that she came into the house with , she trashed on her saying she cant believe she models. she trashed beau for being black. a married woman she called [ed: she goes on with insults, i couldnt get them all].
ive: i obviously have some explaining to do
ive:honestly i dont, a girl from texas, a girl from west texas, a married woman from texas.

apr: shes a cocktail waitress.....
iv: from miami who has talked about the only way she would go out with a guy is if he makes two hundred thousand dollars.

apr: one of us will win. i wouldnt put anythig past big brother, thats what im saying. (insinuating BB will fix the game for janelle to win)
ive: if they want to f*ck around with the game and adjust it so its in janelles favor...
mag: we are going to get a lecture on this...
iv: i dont care, they hear every word we are saying.

apr: number one ive never said i hated anyone in this house.
iv: ive said i hated her (tirade about how she has to clean up after janelle) ivette has now STOOD UP to continue this.

CONTINUES........... (Sorry i missed a lot, got a phone call)
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Topic #2432339
nickinoodles - Ivette says that Janelle doesn't deserve to win this game and... 0 Replies #2432339 4:41PM 09/09/2005
get the money....

(ed. there goes her vote for Janelle.....)
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