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Topic #2433256
Zazny - I: Maybe America gave it to her because they know she won't win the $500000 NT 0 Replies #2433256 5:25PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433267
bbaddict2005 - I: maybe america is giving it to her because they know she won't win the $500K so they're giving her everything else 0 Replies #2433267 5:26PM 09/09/2005
A: I'm sure she's in there saying...
B: Did Beau say how she was the worse room mate on live tv
I: Ohhh - she's being picked on again
M: She's saying everyone is jealous of me
A: She's in the DR saying everyone's picking on me
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Topic #2433275
bbaddict2005 - A: omg i want this over NT 0 Replies #2433275 5:26PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433288
bbaddict2005 - all 3 eating janies 6 layer dip - april said she'd eat a little bit more and save some for janie NT 0 Replies #2433288 5:27PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433297
bbaddict2005 - maggie makes her 6 layer dip with hot beans and warm cheese Ivette: mmmmmm NT 0 Replies #2433297 5:28PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433310
bbaddict2005 - Ivette: so what do you girls want to do other than hate ourselves for coming into this mess 0 Replies #2433310 5:29PM 09/09/2005
M: hang out like we always do
I: do i regret not getting rid of the btch before - absolfinglutely
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Topic #2433322
BHnoah - Ivette, Maggie and April eating the nachos Janelle made and Ivette says "I guess we should leave her some since she made it" 0 Replies #2433322 5:29PM 09/09/2005
then ivette said she's dieing to see how she is being portrayed as
Maggie I don't even want to know now

then maggie saying people in the hospital will give her sh-t, and adds at least Eric will be there to defend me

April "she knew, she knew something was coming up"
"who cares if she doesn't win the $500,000 she's gonna walk with that in prizes"

Ivette "maybe they gave it to her cause they know she isn't gonna win the money-- but how can they support someone so hateful" (LOL, my god Ivette get real)

then Maggie and April say she is in the DRs saying how jealous we are

Ivette do I regret not getting rid of that bi-ch b4 absof--kinglutly
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Topic #2433341
thatgirI - I: At least she likes you (April) a little bit, you got to pull your key out of the box. NT 0 Replies #2433341 5:30PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433364
bbaddict2005 - Ivette - at least she likes you a little bit - she pulled your key out of the box 0 Replies #2433364 5:32PM 09/09/2005
A: she has some hidden agenda - i've already been asked
I: they're not even going to call us in to DR we've already expressed our opinions
M; They will
A: Hello - they've got to have footage for the jealous btches
I: God forbid
A Wow
I: you're still in shock huh
A The reason she's been portrayed that way is because they can't air all the stuff she says
I: they can air that she slept with 12 guys
A: yea the internet people can see it but how many people really watch the internet (LOL
M: how can her mom be proud of her? i'm sure her mom watches the internet
M; her mom is a f'ing nurse
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Topic #2433365
Suzan - April talking about the things Janelle says can't be aired on tv., well I guess there's the internet but how many people watch that, I don't know- NT 0 Replies #2433365 5:32PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433406
bbaddict2005 - M: I'm sure Dave told my parents how to do it and they're watching 0 Replies #2433406 5:34PM 09/09/2005
I: I'm not even sad about me. America always likes the sweet people from small towns
A: she is from a small town
I: but she's not sweet
I: I really truely don't get it. Most people don't like cubans anyway. I stay shocked about you guys
M: it's alright
I: i can just see it on thursday "i love you america"
A: yeah - she'll get the question Fans want to know
A: There's no more A/C - she won 'em all - even Kaysar. he owes her for coming back in
I: if we had sent her out of this house, she'd come right back in
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Topic #2433405
Zazny - A: She won them all. She even won the Kaysar one NT 1 Replies #2433405 5:34PM 09/09/2005
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Suzan - And April added that Kaysar owes her (Janelle), he owes her for him coming back NT #2433467 5:37PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433441
bbaddict2005 - A: She's not going to care about this veto. She knows one of us is going 0 Replies #2433441 5:36PM 09/09/2005
M: she wants to win it so she can say f u
I: she wants the control, she got HOH, put up me and maggie and kept us as is
A: we dont know thats what im saying - hidden agendas. as much as you think she likes me, i think she wants to keep me to final 3 because she thinks she can beat me
I: maybe she figures people can see you don't deserve it as much as she does
I; do you understand what i'm saying
A: i've won more than you - you know what i'm saying
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Topic #2433457
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: she's hoping to create a situation where we all get mad at each other and she gets 0 Replies #2433457 5:37PM 09/09/2005
the one vote - she can't have it - she's f*ed
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Topic #2433474
bbaddict2005 - maggie goes to hammock, april & ivette taking food in 0 Replies #2433474 5:38PM 09/09/2005
I: how long has she been gone
A: 30 minutes
I: no we haven't been talking sh* for 36 minutes
A: i don't know and i don't care
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Topic #2433502
bbaddict2005 - april & maggie lying on hammock - no one talking NT 0 Replies #2433502 5:39PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433510
bbaddict2005 - M: I'm cold - hurry up and get your legs on me NT 0 Replies #2433510 5:39PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433522
bbaddict2005 - a: i don't even know why they wake us up in the morning, we're not even part of the show NT 0 Replies #2433522 5:40PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433529
bbaddict2005 - M: how do they keep people from telling her things tonight NT 0 Replies #2433529 5:41PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433537
bbaddict2005 - A: she's eating filet mignon and the high end red wine. she'll come back toasted 1 Replies #2433537 5:41PM 09/09/2005
Ivette: Mother of God
Maggie: hahahahaha
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Liann - April pronounciation- filay minyaaaaawn. NT #2433714 5:51PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433549
bbaddict2005 - A: i don't think i'm going to the wrap party. no wait - my bad - those might be the only people that like me NT 0 Replies #2433549 5:42PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433579
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: houseguests - we would never mess with the integrity of the game 0 Replies #2433579 5:43PM 09/09/2005
A: flips everyone off
I: blah blah blah - the evil people are the one that get rewarded
A: you get paid off later on in life
M: yeah i get rewarded at work
A: i'm sure me flipping everyone off makes tv - i'll lose my job -
M: maybe someone like janelle will bring you snapps or fake money
I: those mofos have not called us into DR
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Topic #2433606
memyselfandi - April and Maggie swaying in hammock and Ivette comes out to BY too 0 Replies #2433606 5:45PM 09/09/2005
Maggie: I'm cold, hurry up. Get your legs on me (to Ivette).

*swaying and complaining*

April: I don't even know why they wake us up in the morning we're not a part of this show!

Maggie laughs.

Maggie: How do they keep people from whispering things to her? (talking about during her time out of the house)


Maggie hiccups.

APril: I don't think I'm going to the wrap party.

Then April says maybe she should go because everybody else in America will hate her.

Ivette says she's going to start breaking rules, forgetting to wear her mike and wearing white shirts all the time.

Maggie: Apparently that's how you get rewarded.

Maggie says she gets rewarded for being nice at work. Ivette doesn't. She says that the good people who work hard and go to work on time get crapped on.

April says she'll have to win the money now because she'll lose her job or wind up a bum on the street.

Maggie: Maybe someone like Janelle will bring you fake money.
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Topic #2433674
bbaddict2005 - I: when we go shopping, know that your rack is going to be kmart and she'll have neiman marcus NT 0 Replies #2433674 5:49PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2433697
bbaddict2005 - A: if she wins the 500k she'll be the biggest winner in BB history NT 0 Replies #2433697 5:50PM 09/09/2005
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