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Topic #2429293
bbfaninaz - Now April is asking Janelle what she thinks the pov compitition will be NT 0 Replies #2429293 1:17PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429302
bbfaninaz - Janelle is telling her she does not know what the next comp. will be NT 0 Replies #2429302 1:17PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429303
BHnoah - April up in HOH room with Janelle-- She is saying she doesn't want to go home 0 Replies #2429303 1:17PM 09/09/2005
April: I need to win POV, it's the only way for me to stay
Janelle: you really think so, you think Maggie would keep Ivette over you

April says yes and says how Janelle or her need to win POV and that because she is friends with her (J) that they'd want her to go

Janelle said she wnats Ivette out

Janelle asks if she (J) wasn't in the final three who wouls she pick to go with her to Final2

Janelle asks who April thinks she'd win the money over
April said she'd think of that after POV

April "I'm stressed" cause we are all up cause if one of us win it the other goes up

April said I wish you could vote, maybe she could put her two cents in

Janelle wonders if Maggie & Ivette have a deal or something because of Eric
--- April not sure cause Ivette and Maggie didn't get along b4 the reveal of pairs, but said she (I) will pick Maggie over her (A) not matter what

then April asks what does she think the POV comp. might be
Janelle "I don't know"
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Topic #2429308
bbfaninaz - Now April is saying she is not sure if she should go to Maggie and stike a deal NT 0 Replies #2429308 1:18PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429319
bbfaninaz - April says that Maggie is pretty much guarenteed to stay this week NT 0 Replies #2429319 1:19PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429322
BHnoah - April to Janelle-- "I think it's between Ivette and I on who's going home" NT 0 Replies #2429322 1:19PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429323
Vartanlvr - April is trying to pick her brain as to next hoh comp 0 Replies #2429323 1:19PM 09/09/2005
April is trying to get info out of Jani about next comp...like stuff thats gone on in the house. (because the NH thinks Jani sits and studies this crap. LOL)

All Jani keeps sayin is I don't know.

April said she knows its either her or Ivette going home this week.
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Topic #2429332
bbfaninaz - Janelle said, so you don't think there is any point in talking until after pov, April well yea, yea NT 0 Replies #2429332 1:19PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429338
bbfaninaz - Janelle, would you even consider voting out Maggie? April says no way NT 0 Replies #2429338 1:20PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429342
bbfaninaz - April says she knows for sure that Ivette will keep Maggie as well NT 0 Replies #2429342 1:21PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429347
Zazny - J: I wonder if they had a deal, with that whole Eric thing 0 Replies #2429347 1:21PM 09/09/2005
A: I know for sure Ivette will pick Maggie to stay. I know that for a fact. Do you think it [Veto] will be something strenuous? Put something in order?
J: It will probably be a combination of everything
A: Do you think something will come up with order of HOH's Power of Vetos?
J: We already sort of done that. Before and After was kinda like that. I dunno. It could be something strenuous. I dunno.
A: I'm gonna. I dunno. I really think. I dunno what they're gonna do. It all depends on POV. I want to tell Maggie that you and I...if you let me win it, I'll keep you safe. But I dunno if that is appropriate to ask. I'll feel guilty saying it.
J: I really have no idea. I really don't.
A: Ivette's like. I think Maggie is safe this week, that's the dill. Ivette or I are going home. Whether or not I'm nominated I need to win. I need to step up. I am pissed I didn't win yesterday. When Julie told me I need to step now I felt I was so screwed.
J: So you think decision should be made after POV?
A: Yeah. The dill is the 3 of us, to put 2 people up, I don't like going on odds, because odds never prevail. You look at odds and you might win because you [have won the most]. I have won one, Maggie has one won, but Ivette was close on Morphomatic.
J: Would you even consider putting up Maggie?
A: Nuh-uh. I really wouldn't. I respect her because she's a nice person
J: So you would consider putting up Ivette?
A: I will. We knew it was coming to this. It's better we do it now than in the final 3. I think Ivette would vote me out. She might say she doesn't know, but she will because she likes Eric, which is understandable.

A: You're like Superwoman. Please fight for it and keep me here!
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Topic #2429350
bbfaninaz - April is begging Janelle to win pov, and keep her NT 0 Replies #2429350 1:21PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429356
bbfaninaz - April is telling Janelle that if they throw in a prize like the safe, do NOT go for it save me!! NT 0 Replies #2429356 1:22PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429362
Zazny - A: They'll throw in that 3rd safe to see who would go for it 0 Replies #2429362 1:22PM 09/09/2005
Jan says we're all strong and we can all win.

April says the veto will have distraction of the 3rd safe.

J: [I want it if it's money] It's so difficult for me
A: Please go for the veto. You have a chance for the final 2 because you're a strong player. Please go for the veto.
J: I'd rather Maggie or Ivette leave this week. I think Ivette is a strong player.
A: Ivette knows a lot, but she buckles under the pressure.
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Topic #2429366
bbfaninaz - Janelle says that she wants either Maggie or Ivette gone over April NT 0 Replies #2429366 1:23PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429371
bbfaninaz - April says it is 50/50 if Maggie wins pov, on who she would save/ vote for NT 0 Replies #2429371 1:23PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429378
bbfaninaz - Janelle asking if Ivette is mad at Maggie for not using pov on Beau, April says no I don't think so NT 0 Replies #2429378 1:24PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429391
bbfaninaz - April is again saying she knows for sure they will be throwing in the safe NT 0 Replies #2429391 1:25PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429393
Zazny - A: I think Ivette really wants to win this; J: The whole thing? Don't you? 0 Replies #2429393 1:25PM 09/09/2005
A: Yeah!

A says she thinks I will try real hard to win it for her family.

A: It only makes sense to see who will go for what
J: Really? The best thing for me is for you to win it.
A: Could be $10,000. Maybe 20 max.
J: Really!?
A: If it's you and I, let me win it. I won't change it. But if it's me, you, Ivette, please, you gotta fight for me!
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Topic #2429398
bbfaninaz - April is saying that if it is her and Janelle going for pov, to give it to her NT 1 Replies #2429398 1:25PM 09/09/2005
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JerseyJames - What a weasel! NT #2429428 1:27PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429411
bbfaninaz - Janelle said, so it doesn't matter who I nominate? April pauses, uh no NT 0 Replies #2429411 1:26PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429421
bbfaninaz - Janelle asked would you be mad if I nom. you? April , uh no not at all NT 0 Replies #2429421 1:27PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429425
nickinoodles - Janie: (april might not have caught this) It's better for me if you win it (POV). NT 0 Replies #2429425 1:27PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429443
bbfaninaz - April says, well I would lke to be safe, but, Janelle says that she doesn't want them to think they have a bond NT 0 Replies #2429443 1:28PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2429450
bbfaninaz - April, what if pov can not be won? Janelle, oh no it will be NT 0 Replies #2429450 1:29PM 09/09/2005
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