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Topic #2484662
ferretkiss - Mag: shes inside. Iv: ask her if youre safe, ask her if shell take you. 0 Replies #2484662 11:01PM 13/09/2005
Mag trying to talk ivette off. seems to be telling ivette that they had was an agreement if its down to the two of them that one would get off (i suppose not her)
ivette not getting off.

Jan is back so they stop that. (Mag keeps telling Iv "shes inside" if jan goes inside).

IV: lets take this time off and decide what to do (ring stopped for a minute)

Mag: but if you dont have confidence in yourself, i guess ill have to find some. i mean if you can do the next skill better than me (doesnt finish but she means that iv should give it to her - mag).

iv sounds close to tears from maggies manipulations.
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Topic #2484663
bakerladee - Yvette pleading with Maggie to let go because she is safe with Janelle. (Maggie) NT 0 Replies #2484663 11:01PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484699
Diana - Maggie is getting irritated. Standing on the spinning dial with one hand on her hip..LOL NT 0 Replies #2484699 11:03PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484706
bbfaninaz - Ivette really trying to get Maggie to let her win, swearing Janelle is taking Magiie, Little does she know what April said NT 0 Replies #2484706 11:03PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484745
bbfaninaz - Ivette will not stop begging Maggie to let her win it, says she doesn't care about the safe, "Janelle hates me" NT 0 Replies #2484745 11:05PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484758
Zazny - Janelle has a rule change @ 4 hours: 1 hand on the key while it moves; stopped safe can switch NT 0 Replies #2484758 11:06PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484762
bakerladee - Yvette is getting winded with all the talking going on. Maggie being stubborn. 0 Replies #2484762 11:06PM 13/09/2005
Yvette says you will win even if you and I go to the end.

M: I don't want to hear that.

Y: fine, i'll shut up then.
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Topic #2484764
Yesca - New Rule....sposed to pick one hand only unless it changes direction NT 0 Replies #2484764 11:06PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484770
Diana - It's hard to tell what's going thru Maggie's mind, but Ivette has a deathgrip on the key NT 0 Replies #2484770 11:07PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484771
BigBooty - fish NT 0 Replies #2484771 11:07PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484776
bbfaninaz - bb sent Janelle out to give new rules, only hold key with one hand until dial stops, then u can switch NT 0 Replies #2484776 11:07PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484778
ferretkiss - IVette not backing down, Maggie gets snippy: i dont want to hear it right now.... 0 Replies #2484778 11:07PM 13/09/2005
iv: ok dont hear it then i wont talk about it

iv has been explaining to mag that mag has better chance of going to the end with janelle, AND if mag is up with iv, of mag winning the money.

mag says she doesnt see it that way and wants iv to give up (which iv wont do - says if she is going out then she wants to know she gave it her all.)

NOW JANE comes out with a new rule, must use one hand while the lock is moving, but can change hands after it stops. they ask detailed questions about it and we get FISH.
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Topic #2484810
bakerladee - Janelle back outside. Both Y and M look as determined as ever. NT 0 Replies #2484810 11:08PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484822
BigBooty - They are both holding the key with thier right hands 0 Replies #2484822 11:09PM 13/09/2005
and their left hand is on their hips as they shuffle step
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Topic #2484848
BigBooty - Maggie is now turned and walking the beam not shuffling anymore NT 0 Replies #2484848 11:10PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484902
BigBooty - Maggie looking calm and focused Ivette looking a little wobbly and messing with her hair again NT 0 Replies #2484902 11:13PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484910
ktan - Ivette wins part 1 of HOH in 4 hours, 18 minutes! NT 0 Replies #2484910 11:13PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484917
Vinman - Maggie fell off, Ivette wins!! NT 0 Replies #2484917 11:13PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2484939
scoobydoo - Maggie: I fell. Ivette: You didn't fall. Janelle: Let's go see what's in the safe! NT 1 Replies #2484939 11:14PM 13/09/2005
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Suzan - Maggie wouldn't look Ivette in the face. She gave her a slight hug and congratulated her, but it was mono tone NT #2484969 11:16PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2485017
BigBooty - Ivette: you didnt fall (thinking Maggie gave it to her) 0 Replies #2485017 11:18PM 13/09/2005
Maggie doesnt respond kind of going along with the idea that she gave it to Ivette. She seems like she wants Ivette to think that she gave it to her. (She did fall when the wheel stopped I watched it over again)
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Topic #2485042
las0127 - What happened when Maggie fell was... 0 Replies #2485042 11:20PM 13/09/2005
She had been looking down at her feet and she looked up for a second and when she did that, she lost her footing but caught herself and the next second she wobbled again and fell off. Then she yelled "I'm off". That was when Ivette didn't believe her and said "you did not fall" and Maggie said "I fell"
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Topic #2485047
Zazny - Ivette's safe has message that prize is in the backyard...HG locked in as it's being moved (lol) NT 0 Replies #2485047 11:20PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2485048
In2BB - Ivette gets the safe open and it says your prize is waiting for you in the backyard NT 0 Replies #2485048 11:21PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2485055
Vinman - BB comes out say" You guys..just so you know"" Then FISH! Feeds back , they are waiting around in kitchen area! NT 0 Replies #2485055 11:21PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2485056
In2BB - All in mini lockdown in the kitchen waiting to see Ivettes prize in the yard NT 0 Replies #2485056 11:21PM 13/09/2005
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