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Topic #2476143
voy_your - Janie just announced she got her period NT 1 Replies #2476143 11:02AM 13/09/2005

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ostra - more period talk #2476198 11:07AM 13/09/2005
MAggie and April advice Janie to go on a pill to get regulated, Janie is not gonna do that, she's done it and it made her a bitch, April laughs

Janie says her period lasts 4-5 days, M/A announce she's lucky (ed. she'll be done with her period before she hooks up with Michael) they call her Lady Luck again and laugh, Janie laughing as well
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Topic #2476147
dabbaby - janie came down to the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2476147 11:03AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476165
neysa54 - All HG sitting at dining table . NT 0 Replies #2476165 11:04AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476182
neysa54 - Talking about Janie gettin off her period in 5 days..janie said that was lucky. lol NT 1 Replies #2476182 11:06AM 13/09/2005
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Diana - This was in reference to the show being over in six days. Everyone says: Good Timing! J: ' i guess you could call me a lucky lady!' #2476210 11:09AM 13/09/2005
even Ivette laughed..LOL
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Topic #2476196
neysa54 - Sounds like Janie said BB woke her up..they said its 11 o'clock time to get up. NT 0 Replies #2476196 11:07AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476294
ostra - short exchange regarding pain medications (Midol, Advil, Aspirin) 0 Replies #2476294 11:18AM 13/09/2005
Maggie can't believe Rachel thought Aspirin was good for headaches, she says it's a big no no, they mention blood thinning, Ivette says her mom loves Bayer, Maggie says her mom is of age when she (ed. can benefit from it, but Maggie never finished her sentence)

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Topic #2476350
Taffy - Janelle: Good morning ladies, I just got my period!!!... 0 Replies #2476350 11:21AM 13/09/2005
Says Jan very enthusiastically as she comes downstairs to meet her fellow HGs. April (ed. note: who now finds everything Janelle says hillarious, lately) asks Jan if she's happy (yes) and then laughs some more (?)... Female voice says I'll vacuum, and then M/I/A offer to do it, Janelle just laughs at them, April (laughing) calls her a dork. Jan sits with them and jokes around (missed it) April tells her (laughing, of course) "you're so vulgar!"...

...Some time after that Maggie complains (jokingly) that her crotch hurts from April grabbing it so hard last night (ed. note: ewww!...uh...not vulgar?)

Before Jan came downstairs M/I/A had been (whispering)speculating what would be the HOH comp. Ivette had a bad dream and she's afraid that if they have to be be in some sort of confinement comp, she won't be able to stand it. April thinks it may involve an endurance feat, how much can you last...Maggie says she can do it for 11hrs. April asks her if that's how long she lasted in the pressure cooker and she says yes, but only because her fingers were about to amputate themselves from her hand, she had shooting pain. Maggie thinks they may have a comp where the HGs need to figure out past HGs by touch...
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Topic #2476361
ostra - All 4 sitting at the kitchen table over coffee chit chatting about manicures, nail polishes , nail salons etc. NT 0 Replies #2476361 11:22AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476474
ostra - More talk about houses, remodeling, blinds 0 Replies #2476474 11:36AM 13/09/2005
Maggie says she and Dave went to a free class at Home Depot about hardwood floors, they were gonna do floors in their house themselves, but they had to postpone the work cause Dave had some accident (or knee surgery? ) and he couldn't bend his knees

Maggie doesn't think the house she has with Dave now will be her permanent house, though it is a house good enough to raise the kids in
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Topic #2476516
ostra - kitchen session seems to be over, Ivette leaves to barracks to pack her suitcase and BB bag (?) Janelle goes up to HoH room NT 0 Replies #2476516 11:39AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476623
neysa54 - Maggie and April hugging in kitchen.. NT 0 Replies #2476623 11:51AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476631
ostra - Ivette still in barracks, making the bed, folding the sleeping bag, lot of sniffling (crying or just has a cold?) she just said Stop! out loud NT 0 Replies #2476631 11:52AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476640
ostra - Maggie and April in kitchen making eggs, MAggie requesting a song for April, she wants to hear "Let's get it on" NT 0 Replies #2476640 11:54AM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476675
ostra - Ivette vacuming in barracks, A/M sitting at the kitchen table eating their BF 0 Replies #2476675 11:58AM 13/09/2005
Janelle brought a basket of clothes from HoH room, folding them in GR, then joining the kitchen duo at the table
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Topic #2476747
neysa54 - April, Maggie talking to Janie about her boobs...I think April just told her she ordered a douche for her. NT 0 Replies #2476747 12:08PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476774
ostra - M/A/J in kitchen talking (ed. I joined mid conversation ) 0 Replies #2476774 12:12PM 13/09/2005
M: see what I mean? there's never anger, I'm sad because he was the one who applied for the game, like if Ashlea was here you know?... you want that for the person. like with Jennifer
A: mmmhmm
M: so I mean... but to have so much... to spend so much time focusing on hating someone else is just really weird to me.
J: oh well
A: she's awkward

Ivette making a lot of noise with the vacuum but the convo shifts to James now, April saying how when Jennifer left James came up to her to console her and offer her his sympathy etc.

M: everybody came to me and said James f... ing hates you, so you know when you hear that ...
J: he was like egging us on
J: I heard that all the time I heard that thing about Eric and Ivette, like Iv and Eric wants you out of the house I heard that like severals times a day for the first 2 weeks
M: really? I never knew that

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Topic #2476818
calgal - Janelle just said her nipples hurt bad !!! NT 0 Replies #2476818 12:18PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476829
voy_your - HG cleaning NT 0 Replies #2476829 12:20PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2476917
ostra - A and M in BR, April sweeping the floor, Maggie sitting in a chair, they discussing Ivette 0 Replies #2476917 12:31PM 13/09/2005
April complaining how Ivette was talking to James all the time, but when she talked to Howie or Janelle she (Ive) would get mad

Ivette comes in to use WC so they start whispering, then start talking about cleaning, Ivette comes out, looks like Ivette bashing will have to wait because Ivette is not leaving
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Topic #2477026
Suzan - 15 min lockdown in HOH coming NT 1 Replies #2477026 12:47PM 13/09/2005
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Suzan - After that they won't be allowed up for the rest of tody. Also something about when "Rich" gets there he'll come FISH - they are slowing moving up NT #2477030 12:47PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2477054
Suzan - Maggie and Ivette in HOH room- 0 Replies #2477054 12:50PM 13/09/2005
Maggie says, before she gets up here we should look around, then she says it really doesn't matter how much you know its if you know it at that second. General talk starts

Then we go to fish
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Topic #2477349
cjb - Shower Time - small talk NT 0 Replies #2477349 1:25PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2477406
Rzy2 - Maggie and april showering..saying they will use the quarters they were keeping. NT 0 Replies #2477406 1:31PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2477454
Rzy2 - Janelle is making food in the kitchen..Maggie and April now out of shower..Ivette not on feeds NT 1 Replies #2477454 1:38PM 13/09/2005
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cjb - Ivette is in BR with M and A NT #2477499 1:41PM 13/09/2005
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Topic #2477530
Taffy - All feeds: downstairs bathroom, A/M just out of the shower..... 0 Replies #2477530 1:43PM 13/09/2005
April yells to Janelle that she'll have to wait to take her shower cuz the water is cold...Jan says "okay"...Maggie leaves bathroom, Ivette comes in, April tells her about the water. Now all three friendship girls in bathroom. Ivette sitting (ed. note: still doing her walking wounded routine cuz it's working so well for her so far *sigh*), Maggie plucking her eyebrows, and April washing something on her face over the sink...
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