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Yesca Ivette: I cant do things for the wrong reasons ya understand that? NT 0 6:44PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle: Maggies gonna be ya friend outside of here regardless NT 0 6:45PM 15/09/2005
Minx Janelle: You came in here to make a better life for your family NT 0 6:45PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Janelle: Just like Drew and Diane last year. He had to vote her off, he couldn't win with her. NT 0 6:46PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle: ya came in here for you family ya came in to win the money thats why were all here theres always a choice at the end NT 0 6:46PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Janelle tells ivette that it is like drew getting rid of diane because he couldnt win against her NT 0 6:46PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Janelle: If you really want to win the money, you can't have [Maggie] at the end. That's a fact. NT 0 6:47PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle: I know Maggies done alot for you in this game I really do believe if you want the money ya canmt have her at the end thats a fact NT 0 6:47PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: I cant do it I think you deserve the 500 more than us you played the game NT 0 6:49PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: I appreciate your offer but I cant do it I cant thank you enough the fact that you would make me that offer NT 1 6:50PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Ivette: Before she gets out, I truly want to thank you for the offer. But, I just can't do it. I can't just throw it. 0 6:51PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Janelle and Ivette conversation 0 6:51PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Maggie: Give me a riddle! NT 0 6:52PM 15/09/2005
Sunflake Ivette told Janie that she wants to do the "right thing" and compete tomorrow, she thanks Janie for the offer and goes on to say 0 6:52PM 15/09/2005
Yesca BB:Ivette to DR plz NT 0 6:52PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Ivette to the Diary Room. 0 6:52PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Maggie: Don't! (Janelle is picking at her zit). Your brain is gonna squeeze out! NT 0 6:53PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Maggie: I really want some candy (she's talking into her microphone)! Watermelon slices, sourpatch kids NT 0 6:54PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax BB: Maggie! Stop that! NT 0 6:55PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Janelle: I look worse and worse as time goes on NT 0 6:55PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Maggie and Janelle 0 6:56PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Janelle and Maggie Convo 0 6:56PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Getting ready to feed the fish but are waiting for Ivette. Seems to be the highlight of the night NT 0 6:58PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Maggie tells Janelle to think of Animals for charades and Jan starts making monkey sounds NT 0 6:58PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Janelle eating Maggie puttin dishes away in silence NT 0 7:00PM 15/09/2005
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