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Yesca Ivette: Id do anything to win that 50 NT 1 10:39AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie's mom is teaching right now Tush should be on her way to her Dads house right now NT 0 10:41AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette wants to host TLC Trading Spaces...Maggie thinks she'd do well 0 10:44AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette trippin she's gonna be 26 NT 1 10:45AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie talkin bout how her dogs gonna react to her when she gets home...talking baby talk to her girl who will give her a kiss and walk away to punish 2 10:48AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette's gonna keep her nails as screwed up as they are NT 0 10:53AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Eric's house is more expensive than Maggie's NT 0 10:54AM 15/09/2005
Yesca 8 min drive for Maggie to work and the firestation is only 1 mile from there...explaining the Spaghetti Bowl NT 1 10:56AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie describing Erics BY NT 0 10:58AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie smells bengay and starts singing NT 0 10:59AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette went inside...Maggie outside rubbing calves NT 0 11:02AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie HOBBLIN inside she is movin like an old man NT 1 11:04AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie: wheres the volleyball net... Ivette found it and its deflated or broken...Maggie wanted to take it for Eric's pool NT 0 11:07AM 15/09/2005
Yesca doing laps Ivette: I have a feeling Im going home and Im ok with that ...Maggie: I dont agree NT 0 11:08AM 15/09/2005
billw84 "I don't want you to get mad, but have a feeling im going home" - Ivette 0 11:08AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie fell in love w/ Jen doin laps discussing who are one on one people...Maggie knows she gets lost in a crowd NT 0 11:09AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie: as long as you dont overthink things...Ivette: if they ask me who is Beau's type Id say Janelle 0 11:10AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie: this feels so good <shufflin her feet super loud> NT 0 11:11AM 15/09/2005
Yesca drilling misc questions Maggie feels like the tin man, maybe she'll do the treadmill today NT 0 11:12AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie: who wanted her picture taken with the shower goin ? who said she wanted to be Betty Crocker?...Rachel NT 0 11:13AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie : Im running through all the stuff I thought of...Im not playing anymore NT 0 11:16AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie counted 90 shells in the hoh alone... NT 0 11:17AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: min. 230 in the gumball machine right? Maggie: OWWWW...racked her leg, still walkin 0 11:19AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: I cant believe its gonna be her and I NT 0 11:20AM 15/09/2005
Yesca Maggie April said Howie wanted me out and Janelle wantwd Eric out NT 0 11:21AM 15/09/2005
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