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Yesca Ivette talkin food now... NT 0 7:18PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: maggie how horrible is it...we got all this food and we cant find anything to eat NT 0 7:19PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette found hotdogs expired Aug 31st NT 0 7:20PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Ivette very busy, Cleaning and taking out expired food. No game talk. Ivette not sitting still long enough for Maggie to start. / NT 0 7:20PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette too quiet..but Maggie clapped happily NT 1 7:20PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette: what should I eat I need to get pumped up Maggie: Tuna NT 0 7:21PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Ivette avoiding all game talk. Quotes movie, "So you think I have a chance!" -- starts to sing and ... Cue fish / NT 0 7:23PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Back from fish... Ivette, "I'm telling you the girl can cook !" (ed: yeah she can) / NT 0 7:24PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Both quiet. Ivette starts to drum on the counter then points like a gun at Maggie and goes "Tshh !" two or three times (like a cymbal) / NT 0 7:26PM 15/09/2005
Yesca Ivette telling Maggie...Maggie says, "Wow what is she tryin to do?" NT 0 7:28PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Ivette lies to Maggie.....Maggie asked if Janelle said who she would take. And Ivette said No NT 0 7:29PM 15/09/2005
Cali2Jax Ivette spilled the beans ... Told Maggie about Janelle's and her's discussion but not about throwing the comps... she left that part out. NT 2 7:30PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Ivette thinks that by Janelle talking to her it means she is nervous and Ivette says she is not so thats good. That God is keeping her calm NT 0 7:30PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Janelle out of DR. Ivette: Janelle, I had some of your tuna fish. / NT 0 7:31PM 15/09/2005
In2BB Maggie freaking a bit because Janelle never talks game to her.....The sheeps reassure each other that they want Janelle to take the other. NT 0 7:31PM 15/09/2005
In2BB They all gather chairs and get set to watch the excitement of the fish eating. NT 0 7:32PM 15/09/2005
serac hg watching fish (lots of fish watching) NT 0 7:35PM 15/09/2005
serac ivette say the fish jenny (the fish) is finally warming up now as they are going to be leaving. NT 0 7:36PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Maggie, Wow, I keep sneezing. Ivette: You getting allergies? Maggie: I don't know. (Maggie nervous?) / NT 0 7:37PM 15/09/2005
Curlingbaby My perspective on the conversation between Ivette and Maggie: Ivette appeared to have decided that she did not want to share 0 7:39PM 15/09/2005
Janie4BB6winner NH unwilling to admit that Janie has played a good game. NT 1 7:41PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 Ivette did not disclose Janelle's offer. She did tell M that J said Iv could not win the grand prize against M but could beat J due to FS votes .. NT 0 7:43PM 15/09/2005
Pig32 BB: "Houseguests, please check the store room". Janelle very excited !! ((((Wooooo Guys))))) ..fish .. NT 0 7:45PM 15/09/2005
bbaddict2005 the girls have wine tonight NT 0 7:46PM 15/09/2005
bbaddict2005 and swiss cheese for janie NT 0 7:46PM 15/09/2005
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