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Topic #2506096
bbaddict2005 - maggie being very subdued, answering bubbly ivette with as little convo as possible NT 0 Replies #2506096 7:47PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506110
bbaddict2005 - they also got a deck of cards - janie wants to play a drinking game NT 0 Replies #2506110 7:47PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506116
bbaddict2005 - they're planning on playing rummy NT 0 Replies #2506116 7:48PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506128
bbaddict2005 - janie wants to play cards at the table, but maggie whining that the table sucks - it leans NT 0 Replies #2506128 7:48PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506135
Pig32 - Iv: "And they gave us a brand new deck of cards" Janie drinking red wine, "Let's play a drinking game" ... NT 0 Replies #2506135 7:49PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506137
bbaddict2005 - ivette: "maggie - everywhere I go, I find little folded bandaids - i picked up 4 today" NT 0 Replies #2506137 7:49PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506151
bbaddict2005 - ivette not drinking - says she doesn't drink much NT 0 Replies #2506151 7:50PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506164
bbaddict2005 - janelle replaying the animal charades from the other night - ivette v. relaxed and happy NT 0 Replies #2506164 7:51PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506168
Pig32 - Girls playing cards at the "money table" -- Happy talk, Joking and laughing ... NT 0 Replies #2506168 7:51PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506190
bbaddict2005 - moving into living room with wine and cards - are playing around the "coasters" table NT 0 Replies #2506190 7:52PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506197
bbaddict2005 - ivette: we'll make the f'ing ratings go down, giving us cards & liquor NT 0 Replies #2506197 7:52PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506201
zezzie420 - Ivette and Maggie in Kitchen 0 Replies #2506201 7:53PM 15/09/2005
M: Have you talked to her at all about anything?
I: Yes and No
M:What did she say?
M:Anything I should know about?
I:She's just f'n around. Like say.. she pretty much said to me that you know Ivette when tomorrow when I take you that I don't have a chance...
M: she said that what?
I:If I (Ivette) win tomorrow and I take you (Maggie) I don't get the money.
M: She said that to you?
I: She said she knows she is playing for second place. Right?
I:She told me that...like that I'm not winning the money and I told her I'd rather play to where...
M: She told you that you weren't gonna win the money?
M: I thought you meant that she said that she said she wasn't gonna win the money.
I:she says she knows she's going for second place.
M:That she is going for second place?
M:what else?
I:She said that she is going for second place. She said that, ya know, that she knows that I have to beat you. She knows that. She said that, you know, that I will win the money. And I told her that's fine.
M:What is she trying to do?
I: I don't think anything, I think she's just trying to make conversation.
M: She doens't bring that up with me!
I:Because you have nothing to offer her right now, do you know what I mean?
M:Neither do you!
I:I don't but she I guess assumes...

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Topic #2506206
Pig32 - Maggie, superstitious about the money table, makes them go to the LR to play on the coasters table .... NT 0 Replies #2506206 7:53PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506214
bbaddict2005 - maggie having a bagle, ivette dealing cards NT 0 Replies #2506214 7:53PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506330
zezzie420 - J tops her glass off, m says"that's not very sharing!" J goes "I only had a half a glass." Does anyone remeber M wanting to hide J's Bengay!!! NT 0 Replies #2506330 8:00PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506357
zezzie420 - Janelle trying to explain SPADES to the girls. They don;t get it. Note: I have never played 3 man spades, this should be interesting... NT 0 Replies #2506357 8:02PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506367
bbaddict2005 - janie trying to explain (and not very well LOL) spades to ivette & maggie - - ivette trying to understand - maggie 0 Replies #2506367 8:03PM 15/09/2005
just watching, arms folded on the table
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Topic #2506384
zezzie420 - J "It's really fun b/c once you get used to you it you get to use your brain". NT 0 Replies #2506384 8:05PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506451
bbaddict2005 - IRONY: maggie & janelle teaching ivette spades. maggie says "you have a really great hand - you can totally dominate this game if you want to" NT 0 Replies #2506451 8:09PM 15/09/2005
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Topic #2506466
zezzie420 - Looks like they have figuresdout how they will play SPADES. Funny, there are a few new rules i have never heard of...but whatever works... 0 Replies #2506466 8:11PM 15/09/2005
IMO Maggie's spades strategy sucks!
"I will play a diamond b.c I want to get rid of them" does she realize her good diamonds will get trumped when someone else runs out of diamonds. Just a thought I had...
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Topic #2506570
KittyKitty - LOL Ivette who isn't drinking keeps refilling the other's wine glasses. Now says, BB you accidently gave us an empty bottle. 0 Replies #2506570 8:22PM 15/09/2005
I think she is being dumb like a fox. She probably knows exactly how to play Spades. LOL
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Topic #2506601
Taffy - Janelle and Ivette's conversation in barracks (incomplete :( )... 1 Replies #2506601 8:25PM 15/09/2005
They're playing chess and Ivette beats Jan. They're about to start another game.Maggie has been called to DR...as both Jan and Ivette reset the chess pieces...Jan makes her move...
Janelle: Have you thought about tomorrow?
Ivette: Have I thought about tomorrow?...I try not to think about tomorrow...
J: Why don't you want to think about it?
I: Because
J: Why?
I: Because...I get too worked up and too caught up in it....you know what I mean?
J: right
I: (not exact words but right meaning)It gets me too emotional so I try not to...honestly.
J: Are you even thinking about winning the game at all?
I: That was my ultimate goal, I'd love to win the game (weak chuckle)you know what I mean?
J: Yeah...do you...do you know who you can win against?...me obviously (smiles)...
I: (chuckles)
J: Right?...
I: (weak) Yeah...
J: Do you think you can beat Maggie?...
I: I don't know if I can beat Maggie, but I don't think I can, I told you that before...
J: Yeah...(looking at the board, with her hand on her chin and shaking her head as if worried)...I don't think you can either...
I: I don't think I can, to be honest with you...I'm in such a bind...I really am...I really am...I don't think, outside of this house, you see, but I don't think how much, like how people know...truly what I'm here for...you know what I mean? It's not even about saying "Oh I won the game" (says this in a normal tone as she puts her hands up in the air)...You know?
J: Yeah...But if you came here for your family, you should definitely put that first...
I: (weak) Yeah...
J: Above everything else...(silence)...I've been going for second place for a while now...I only want second place...
I: I wish I could have played the game like you, to be honest...
J: (chuckling) What do you mean?...
I: Because...the way you played the game...The way you played the game should have guaranteed you the money, you know what I mean?...just the way you've been able to get out of...binds, and do everything that you've been able to do that's enough to say "f*ck*ng (chuckles)...she's been able to f*ck*ng save her a$$ since week 2 so, give her the dam* money...you know what I mean?...
J: (smiling) Yeah...It's not about that though...it's about the votes in the jury house and I mean, I don't have my friends in the jury house, I only have two votes, you'd have the rest of them...cuz I know James will vote for you, he already told me he would, the sanababeech (both laugh)...the last night that he left...(Ivette is laughing, she seems happy to hear this about James)...
Jan continues: So I said well, what if it's Ivette that I..have to take at the end...cuz I...you know?
I: uhuh...
J: He was like, "Well I wouldn't do that if I were you, but I would have to vote Ivette"...and I said...alright (puts both hands under her chin, looks at Iv and smiles, Iv chuckles again)...
I: I told you...I really...I...I'm telling you, aside from all the sh!t that we have been in this house, and as much as we've trashed each other, and done everything else we've done, I've said "Janelle has played the most...I think you've played even better than James, to be honest...I think you're by faaar a better competitor than James...You got over within seconds to a guy that everybody has been scared of in this house, you know what I'm saying?...
J: Yeah...
I: Like Howie would sh!t his pants about James, you came in 4 seconds, 17 seconds close to him, you know?...I think you played one f*ck*ng he!! of a game, but that's why I told you that day, I was like, did you?...like you know what? had you just like, just like, probably been nice just for the sake of this?...you know? and I'm not saying that you are not nice.I'm saying that you wanna be nice to...
J: Yeah (as in "I see what you are saying")...
I: but, you know what I mean? you would have had this game in your f*ck*ng pocket...
J: Yeah, but...I mean...
I: You know what I'm saying?...
J: Well, I've pretty much been playing for...for, like, second place...It's not about winning the money, it's about making it to the end...
I: (faint) Yeah...
J: I...you know, I have goals too that I wanted the money for, but...umm, I'm, I'm fine with second place....I'd be happy with it...more than happy...
I: Absolutely...
J: You know?
I: Absolutely, that's what I said too...even if...you know what I'm saying?...I said any little bit helps...
J: But the thing is, I have really no choice...about the money...I can't say that if I didn't pick one, or the other, that I would win...cuz I wouldn't...
I: uhumm...
J: I'm getting second place...you have a choice...for what you want...
I:(very weak) Yeah...(silence)...see, the way I look at it is...you've...you've played and I honestly look at you and I think...Yeah you've had people, but you've pretty more carried your weight thru this game by yourself, ykwIm?
J: OH I've had help, I mean , from my friends...
I: Yeah, you have, and like I said, people have been casualties, YkwIm?
J: Mmh...
I: But I truly feel that a lot of times, you know...the dorks, like, our side, we have helped each other out, truthfully we have, YkwIm?... and... we are not supposed to talk about it but ah...in there (DR?) I get struggled so much, and I hate, hate it, and some days they see me like, completely, like, stressed out, I'm just like (fixing her hair in a pony tail)... ugh!...YkwIm?
J: (understanding tone) Yeah...
I: Like, WTF do you do sometimes?...I came into this thing way too personal, way too emotional...and...
J: Yeah...
I: I really, really did...that...that is my only regret, coming into this house, to be honest, not being able to...and so you're right, you sit there and you're like WTF, you know? You do...
J: Yeah...
I: WTF do you do? Cuz, at least...YkwIs?...at least you know, you know what I mean?...You...you...you're like me...you're realistic, you're realistic, I mean, you know, why even sit there and f*ck*ng pretend? YkwIs?...I know...I know I don't have Rachel's vote, I probably won't have
Howie's vote...
J: That's not what everyone else says...
I: No, what I'm saying is...like if I went against Maggie...I know I wouldn't have a lot of votes, YkwIm?...
J: I know...You'd lose...That's the facts of it, because everyone on your side would vote for Maggie, except for Beau (they say his name together)...and James...and Rachel would vote for Maggie, and Howie would vote for Maggie...
I: Yeah, probably...probably...
J: And I know that tomorrow, if you win, you're probably gonna have to pick her...
I: To be honest (silence)...and this is the truth, and I'm just, you know...uhh...You and I never had a serious conversation...the reason why I would, to be honest, is just because I made, like, you know, a promise to her to protect her, YkwIs?...
J: Right...
I: Does that put my family in second place...probably, YkwIm?...But...the...the truth is this...is, I know...and this is such a bind, Janelle...I know if I say I pick Janelle, they'll give you the money (shrugs shoulders sadly)...
J: I said you can't do that...
I: YkwIm?...it's like
J: Yeah, I know...
I: It's like a lose, lose situation...does that make any sense to you? I...I can of...have...always... when I was at the round table and I told you and Howie that..."I know I'm playing for second?"...
J: But...you're not...cuz I'm here...


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ibejustme - Ivette and Janelle's convo #2506846 8:51PM 15/09/2005
Ivette and Janelle talking and playing chess -

mid convo

talk about how others have been casualties along the way
Iv- I truly feel like sometimes- you know like our side- we have truly helped each other - truthfully - we have - you know what I mean?
J- yeah
Iv- and I know we are not suppose to talk about it- you know in "there" ( DR) I am always like- I get juggled soooooo much -and I hate it and that is why like someday when you see me like completely stressed out I am just like- agrrrhhh - you know what I mean?
J- yeah
Iv- - like what the F*** do you do sometimes - I came into this thing like way to personal- way to emotional - I really did
J - yeah
Iv- I really really did - that is my only regret coming into this house- to be honest not being able to ... and you know you are right -you sit there and think what the F*** do you do -
J- yeah
Iv- what the F*** - you know? because at least - you know - I mean you are like me- when you are realists -you are realist -
J- yeah
Iv- I mean you know why even sit there and F***ing pretend- you know what I am saying? - I know I don't have Rachel's vote and I know I probably won't have Howie's vote
J- but you got everyone else's - she laughs
Iv- no what I am saying is- like if I went up against Maggie- I know I wouldn't have a lot of vote- you know what I mean?
J- I know you would lose- that is the facts of it-
Iv- ( kinda) giggles -
J-because -everyone on your side would vote for Maggie
Iv- except for Beau
J- except for Beau and James
Iv- ( kinda ) laughs
J- and Rachel would vote for Maggie -
Iv- and Howie
J- Howoie would vote for Maggie
Iv- probably probably

J- and I know that tomorrow if you win you will probably have to pick her
Iv--to be honest - pause---- and this is the truth and I am just- you know you and I have never had a serious conversation - the reason why I would to be honest -is just because I made -like you know- like I promised her to protect her -
J- right
Iv- do you know what I am saying?
J- yeah
Iv- does that put my family in second place- probably- you know what I mean? but......
pause------ the truth is- I know- and this is such a bind Janelle- I know if I say I pick Janelle- they will give you the money
J- yeah I know- you can't do that
Iv- do you understand what I am saying?
J- yeah I know
Iv- it's like a lose/lose situation - does that any sense to you- like I have always kinda - when I sat there at the round table and I told you and Howie that I know I am playing for second-
J- but you're not because I am here
Iv- right
J- if I pick you --you win the money Ivette - you get a half a million dollars- guaranteed

J- If I pick your tomorrow and I am going to - if I win-
Iv- thanks - if you truly thought about that
J- I did and I thought about it and I want to pick you -

pause-- -

J- because I think that you have carried your weight a bit more in the game than Maggie- and it's kinda like- just looking at you as a player - I feel that you deserve to be at the end -

Iv- to be honest I have had all these friends-
April wasn't the nicest to me when she left - you don't even want to know all the things that she told me- you know - as much as you have been the one that everyone has looked at on your side - I have been the one that everyone has looked at - you know what I mean - and even like the one that my team has pushed out - you know what I mean?
J- yeah
Iv- I had to do a lot of sh%t for myself- you know ? It' just like - it's F***ing horrible-
J- yeah
Iv- it really is- it really is
J- well you know if you are in the end with me - that you have the votes- it' s guaranteed- none of my friends except for 2 are in the sequester house-
Iv- I wonder if James would give it to you just cause he knows- you know what I mean?
J- it wouldn't matter if he did-
Iv- exactly - so it didn't matter if he did you know what I mean?
J- yeah
Iv - so why not?
J- yeah it doesn't matter- I mean he could-
Iv- you know what I am saying?
J- yeah but he told me straight up that he would not be able to do it-
Iv- James and I ( did something) lies- you know?
J- yeah
Iv- we made it through all that craziness-
J- yeah
Iv - all that craziness- that is why I told you ..
J- he wanted us to make it to the end
Iv- yeah that is why I sat there and I said- that is why I told you that - that day
Iv- did he get frustrated with me as a player - absolutely- as a player he probably wanted to play the game with you
J- yeah
Iv- you know what I mean? he would get so irrated with me and I would be like- - it's crazy -it is crazy and I think it's funny how you and I have just been head to head this entire game-
Iv- people are probably - said sometimes this is not a BB game- this is a game between Janelle and Ivette- she laughs
J-laughs says I know
Iv- - fight it out all the way to the end
J- yeah like from the 2nd week it's been like that I think
Iv- I have always said- mother F***er I am going to keep playing with this girl - like all the way until the end of this- -

pause --

Iv- between you and me and I haven't told any of them because it would obviously hurt their feelings- really bad and I would never want to do that to Maggie- because Maggie has done so much for me in this game too she goes on to say - Janelle if I F***ing won that money - I am telling you - Big Brother would have to F***ing watch out- because my mother would probably break down
J- OMG - I can't even imagine
Iv- and start saying how - god this and shine down and seriously - she would break down into tears and have god knows what - have god knows what- that is why I have not even been trying to think about it
J-but you need to think about her - because coming up it's a big decision tomorrow-

pause - ---

J- I know I mean I know what I am making- I am making my decision and I am picking you -I promise you I will do that - but if you do win tomorrow I know that you are going to have to pick Maggie and that is second place probably - not first --

pause - - - -

Iv- sighs

J- I really do want you to win the money though - that would be cool-
Iv- all hell would break loose seriously- all hell would F***ing break loose-

pause - -- long pause- -

Iv- you know you could beat me out there you know I get way to F***ing worked up -

J- it doesn't matter I am still going to pickyou

Iv- but you know that - you know I get way too worked up - you and I would have been head to head on a bunch of times if I had not of gotten so worked up and gotten desperate at times- you know what I am saying? and frustrated with myself

J- well tomorrow you really don't have to do anything- -

pause -- - long pause

Iv- I hate doing- I can't - my problem is I can't do things the wrong way - does that make any sense to you ?
Iv - does that make any sense to you?
Iv- to sit there and say that I would throw it- and it would probably be wonderful for my family- you know what I mean?
J- uh huh
Iv- it would give them everything that they want - at the same time- the way I see it and it may sound horrible to like get it that way or to do that to somebody - does that make any sense to you or no?
J- kinda - but I mean at this point in the game - it comes to where you have to chose do you want the money or do you want a friend ? you know what I mean? and Maggie is going to be your friend outside of this- they will all be your friends and they will all vote for you after tomorrow-


Iv- how about if they don't?
J- what?
Iv-how about if they dont' if it's me- can you imagine if they ...
J- first of all they are not going to know - second of all there is no way in hell they are going to give me the money over you because they hate me
Iv- what about the people watching this- this is F***ing horrible- -how about people watching this and her ( Maggie) boyfriend telling her and Eric telling her- do you know how crushed I would get? that is the way I've seen it sometimes - I've seen it as..
J- but it's not about them - it's about you and your family - I mean you came in here to make a better life for your family- not to - I mean - Not to be looking down on them or anything- yeah they going to be your friends and it's a game- you are ere to eventually win the money -that is what everyone was here for- there always comes a time at the end when you have to make a choice like this- just like last year when Drew had to get rid of Diane - they still dated afterwards- he couldn't win with her -

pause - - -

Ivette makes a chess move-
Janelle makes one-
Ivette another - -
and so on....

J- I know Maggie has done a lot for you in this game-
Iv- yeah

pause -- -

J- but I really do believe if you want to win the money you can't have her at the end -that is a fact -
Iv- I know

pause -- long long quiet pause- -- -

Iv- Janelle
J- yeah
Iv- before she ( Maggie) comes out -I truly want to thank you for the offer -
J- uh huh
Iv- you're making - for makng my chances closer to it - but I would just rather leave it in the hands and see what happens - because I can't do it- I just cant' throw it-
J- I dont' want you to throw it-
Iv- I think you totally deserve it- the 50- I think you totally deserve the $500,000 over me and Maggie - to be honest
J-I dont think so
Iv- Janelle, you have played the BB game -
we have just made a bond and just - you know what I am saying? The five of us have just made a bond and helped each other- - you have played the game-
J- uh huh
Iv- and the game is - the person who played the game is suppose to get rewarded
J- yeah but
Iv - do you know what I mean? I truly- truly- like am grateful - but

pause - - -

Iv- I can't... I can't see myself- - I don't know if even my family would - be happy if I did it like that - you know? when I brother went down my mother was so disappointed- because she said - there was no way that she would have wanted for him to do that for the family-
J- yeah
Iv- you know something wrong to make money - -should have never wanted it- so I don't know if........... do you know what I mean?
J- uh huh
Iv- if she would feel the same way if - and the last thing I would want to do is disappoint her - at this point
Iv - the $500,000 would make anybody not be disappointed- but my brother - was making- would have made a sh%t load too- does that make any sense to you ?'
J- yeah
Iv- I can't thank you enough for making - I mean truly aside from all of the horrible things that we have had- - the fact that you would do that- I thank you a thousand times- but...
J- you are more than welcome..
Iv- but...

pause ----

Maggie out of the DR now
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Topic #2506795
bbaddict2005 - still playing spades around the table - have finished the wine, asking for another bottle 0 Replies #2506795 8:45PM 15/09/2005
lots of analagies going on in card game - maggie telling ivette "janelle & I are trying to make you not get this" - ivette asking maggie "you don't have a heart" funny, funny stuff - - bb couldn't have done better giving them the cards tonight!
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Topic #2507088
Whatever - Maggie says she's so tired of playing with cheaters and she keeps saying it. 0 Replies #2507088 9:25PM 15/09/2005
She's playing Speed with Janie and is calling Janie a cheater for leaving her hand down on the card too long and she is very serious when she says she "hates playing with cheaters" and she's "tired of playing with cheaters."
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Topic #2507089
Yesca - Janelle and Maggie alonme at coaster table....Janelle asks didnt ya want it Maggie says, not after the deal 1 Replies #2507089 9:25PM 15/09/2005
(ed. noone gettin this?)
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Curlingbaby - It was about the 1st HOH competition. maggie did not want it after everyone made the deal since she was not a target. NT #2507110 9:27PM 15/09/2005
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