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joannie Ivette takes a huge bag full of garbage into the SR. 0 2:45PM 17/09/2005
joannie Ivette is counting in the BY, Maggie is hiding, NT 0 2:47PM 17/09/2005
joannie Ivette finds Maggie hiding in the GR. 0 2:50PM 17/09/2005
joannie Hide-and-seek game continues NT 0 2:55PM 17/09/2005
CougarSpy Hiding places - Maggie hid in gold room behind chair. Ivette found her after looking in bathroom first. Ivette then hid behind what looked like a 1 3:14PM 17/09/2005
CougarSpy Maggie and Ivette open up one of the orange futon couches so it is flat. Maggie is lying down & Ivette sitting down while they play a poker game. NT 0 3:23PM 17/09/2005
CougarSpy Maggie and Ivette decide to go outside and walk. Maggie said they should do it for an hour. Ivette says this will be their last weekend in the house 0 3:46PM 17/09/2005
Denise Ivette and Maggie walking around the yard, Ivette talking about 0 3:56PM 17/09/2005
In2BB Maggie and Ivette Discuss what the questions will be from the jury and how to answer 0 3:56PM 17/09/2005
In2BB Random backyard convo 0 3:58PM 17/09/2005
Denise Ivette telling Maggie she'll miss her 0 4:03PM 17/09/2005
notchbaby Maggie said remember when Beau stood outside the hot house 0 4:04PM 17/09/2005
Denise Ivette said it hurt her feelings when April called her out on not wanting 0 4:12PM 17/09/2005
Denise FISH because Ivette was talking about how BB found her in a cafeteria (I guess she didn't apply for the show). NT 1 4:16PM 17/09/2005
Panda4 Ivette has been off the feeds for approx. 15 minutes. (ed. note: not sure but she may be in DR). Maggie has been 0 4:43PM 17/09/2005
CougarSpy Ivette just came out of DR. She is in bathroom talking with Maggie. FISH NT 1 5:05PM 17/09/2005
missellie Maggie getting ready for jury doing hair Ivette out of DR told Maggie it might be a few more hours..Fish. NT 0 5:05PM 17/09/2005
missellie Ivette just asked Maggie if she 0 5:13PM 17/09/2005
missellie Ivette fixing pillows and such moving around a lot I think she is a bit nervous over jury questioning. NT 0 5:18PM 17/09/2005
missellie Two empty room feeds Maggie may be in DR ivette now playing cards by herslf .. NT 0 5:33PM 17/09/2005
missellie Nothing has changed in last 15 minutes.. NT 0 5:49PM 17/09/2005
missellie Card playing has stopped Ivette picked up a little in kitchen and then went and looked at 0 5:57PM 17/09/2005
missellie My feeds are a little slow but I think Ivette was actually running laps around backyard.. NT 1 6:02PM 17/09/2005
KinkyLilBlackDress Recapped to this point! 0 6:08PM 17/09/2005
missellie Ivette in kitchen making something to eat and playing with cards Maggie still in DR. NT 0 6:28PM 17/09/2005
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