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cags M: The mistake was not keeping a promise not evicting Kaysar NT 0 11:41PM 17/09/2005
Zazny M: The regret was not keeping a promise, not evicting Kaysar; I: It sounded like you were regretting that whole week -- the vote's going to you NT 0 11:42PM 17/09/2005
cags I: We shouldn't break our heads over this. M: Do you want to not ever talk about it again, I'm fine with that NT 0 11:43PM 17/09/2005
Zazny M: I feel like they would all take the fifth [abstain from voting] if they could NT 0 11:43PM 17/09/2005
missellie Beau is the least mad of all 0 11:44PM 17/09/2005
cags Maggie extremely offended that Janelle doesn't think she played the game well NT 0 11:45PM 17/09/2005
cags M: Not one person said I was a good player NT 0 11:45PM 17/09/2005
Zazny Ivette makes fun of Janelle saying "Maggie you looked shocked...as usual"; M: Do I always look like a deer caught in headlights? 0 11:46PM 17/09/2005
cags Ive: I think their all being asses, sore losers in some kind of way NT 0 11:46PM 17/09/2005
Zazny M: Those are our friends asking us questions like that! 0 11:47PM 17/09/2005
Zazny M: Thanks! Thanks for making us feel like we didn't do a good job in this game! Either of us! NT 0 11:47PM 17/09/2005
Zazny I: They keep throwing my family in my face. Should I never have said anything about my family? NT 0 11:48PM 17/09/2005
missellie Iv thinks Maggie is amazing Maggie is very upset about 0 11:50PM 17/09/2005
Zazny Maggie sounds like she's tearing up 0 11:50PM 17/09/2005
cags M: Should I open the doors and walk home NT 0 11:50PM 17/09/2005
cags James said to Maggie did you evict your own alliance to get where you are today NT 0 11:52PM 17/09/2005
cags M: I was wondering if you could make me feel like more of a shitty person NT 0 11:53PM 17/09/2005
cags James said did you intentionally set up your own alliance to Maggie NT 0 11:54PM 17/09/2005
Zazny M: What kind of person says 'you evicted your own alliance to win?' 0 11:54PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette: Howie thinks Janelle is the greatest player. Ive: Is more important to me that I beat her. M: We all beat her NT 0 11:55PM 17/09/2005
Zazny I: Howie thinks Jan is the greatest player; M: We "all" beat her; I: But competitvely wise... NT 0 11:55PM 17/09/2005
cags M: I think you just won. I: No way Maggie NT 0 11:56PM 17/09/2005
missellie Iv said Jen does not like her 0 11:56PM 17/09/2005
Zazny I: I would have left sooo differently. I wouldn't have called people out. They're playing the Blame Game now NT 0 11:56PM 17/09/2005
Zazny I: I told you Jen asks questions that put you on the spot that you don't know what she's getting at NT 0 11:57PM 17/09/2005
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