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mommy2kaitlyn Maggie just said everyone was not nice except for Beau to you(meaning Ivette) NT 0 11:17PM 17/09/2005
mommy2kaitlyn No specific questions and answers. Rachel hates Ivette. Ivette was called the stronger player. NT 0 11:18PM 17/09/2005
missellie feeds back Rachel asked 0 11:19PM 17/09/2005
mommy2kaitlyn Maggie said so much for me getting hugs at the end of this. Ivette said yeah you will NT 0 11:19PM 17/09/2005
cags Maggie: who shocked you the most Ivette: April did a little bit by asking if I threw comps NT 0 11:25PM 17/09/2005
cags Maggie: Is that not one of the most biggest disasters that you've ever been through NT 0 11:26PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette: I'm in shock. Ivette mad that Janelle said Why didn't you take my deal for your family NT 0 11:27PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette: My speech at the end sounded like I was begging NT 0 11:27PM 17/09/2005
cags Maggie: Did someone just screw me in the ass and forget to use lube, I feel like they said what a shitty person I am NT 0 11:28PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette: Their all playing monday morning quarterback because we here and they aren't NT 0 11:29PM 17/09/2005
cags Maggie: Who said what defining moment kept you in the game. she can't remember who asked her and neither can ive NT 0 11:29PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette: I'm at a loss for words right now, but she keeps on talking NT 0 11:30PM 17/09/2005
missellie Ivette seems very mad now going on about 0 11:30PM 17/09/2005
cags Howie asked Ivette When did she start playing with integrity NT 0 11:31PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette POed going off about people thinking shes a liar NT 0 11:31PM 17/09/2005
cags M: Howies question was brutal NT 0 11:32PM 17/09/2005
cags M: Do you think they are always that brutal. I: I don't know M: They don't get how difficult that was NT 0 11:33PM 17/09/2005
cags Ivette mad that Janie asked why didn't you want to benefit your family and take the deal NT 0 11:34PM 17/09/2005
cags I: I truly believe that people had their time here. You had her on that padlock if you didn't misinterpret the question NT 0 11:35PM 17/09/2005
cags M: Why is Janie considered a better player than me NT 0 11:36PM 17/09/2005
cags Ive: I felt bad when you said Jen was the only person you could turn to in this game NT 0 11:37PM 17/09/2005
cags I: Beaus questions weren't really that bad NT 0 11:38PM 17/09/2005
missellie Howie said something about 0 11:39PM 17/09/2005
cags I: Beau seems to me like the least angry person. M:Why do they hate us so much? NT 0 11:40PM 17/09/2005
Zazny I: I'm getting all the blame for the Kaysar thing NT 0 11:41PM 17/09/2005
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