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Topic #2534427
bbaddict2005 - maggie: BURP oh my god HICCUP that was gross BURP BURP NT 0 Replies #2534427 6:50PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534429
bbaddict2005 - maggie sits at table, thanks ivette for washing her dishes. ivettes says no problem NT 0 Replies #2534429 6:50PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534433
scoobydoo - Ivette: I think I'm nervous about seeing my mom and Tush NT 0 Replies #2534433 6:51PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534436
bbaddict2005 - ivette nervous about seeing her mom and tush - - no response from maggie NT 0 Replies #2534436 6:51PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534438
bbaddict2005 - both sitting at table. ivette asks what's up. maggie says she's just looking at memory wall (burp) NT 0 Replies #2534438 6:52PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534444
bbaddict2005 - ivette: whatcha doing? maggie: looking around NT 0 Replies #2534444 6:52PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534447
bbaddict2005 - maggie: burp - - excuse me NT 0 Replies #2534447 6:52PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534450
bbaddict2005 - ivette: i'm very confused - (the lights are out on memory wall?) NT 0 Replies #2534450 6:53PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534467
bbaddict2005 - ivette: you want to go outside? maggie: (burp) what? ivette: you want to go outside? 0 Replies #2534467 6:55PM 18/09/2005
m: you want to go walking
m: oh it's so pretty outside
i: it's 7 oclock
m: let's just stroll - oh there's some shoes
i: told you
shuffle, shuffle, shuffle
i: you want to go back to building th epuzzle or do you want to do it tomorrow
m: i don't care
m: don't they tear this down
i: they don't tear it down
m: i don't remember anyone else's yard this big
i: this is all new
shuffle, shuffle, shuffle
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Topic #2534483
bbaddict2005 - m: what a beautiful sky i: um hmmmm it's mainly over there maggie: oh yeah 0 Replies #2534483 6:58PM 18/09/2005
i: you think they'll fly tush in tomorrow
m: yeah - tomorrow
i: you think tuesday morning
m: they may give them a choice
i: you think that would be too risky. the flight may be at 8 and get here at 10
m: that won't give them enough time - they have to check in, get changed
m: i guess there's no point in us guessing (burp) see if they'll tell us
m: there's so much stuff that won't affect what happens and they won't tell us (burp) God
m: you're speed walking
i: sorry
m: it's ok
i: i'll slow down

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Topic #2534499
scoobydoo - Ivette & Maggie walking around backyard 0 Replies #2534499 6:59PM 18/09/2005
Maggie still talking about Janelle saying she looks shocked all the time. "I should've said you looked shocked when you were evicted."
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Topic #2534500
bbaddict2005 - i: i try not to think about them because then i don't sleep, ykwim 0 Replies #2534500 6:59PM 18/09/2005
i: i hope they're so proud of me
m: of course they are, look at what you've done
m: when janelle said don't look so shocked, i should have said, janelle don't look so shocked that you were evicted.

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Topic #2534512
bbaddict2005 - i: why can't the show be tomorrow m: i know. or today. NT 0 Replies #2534512 7:01PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534517
bbaddict2005 - I: i just want to go home m: of course NT 0 Replies #2534517 7:01PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534523
scoobydoo - Ivette and Maggie can't wait till it's over 0 Replies #2534523 7:02PM 18/09/2005
Ivette wants to go back to worrying about things like where to eat or asking her mom to wash her clothes.

Maggie: Why can't the show be tomorrow? Or today?
Ivette: I just wanna go home.
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Topic #2534532
bbaddict2005 - maggie: OMG when you went to bathroom last night, i was out here and there were 7 crows that lined the 0 Replies #2534532 7:03PM 18/09/2005
backyard. where did they come from
i: you counted them
m: yeah - it's good luck
i: representing the jury members
m: oh come one
i: i'm telling you, i see signs
m: that's ridiculous
m: they were there when eric and i were here and he got evicted
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Topic #2534573
scoobydoo - Maggie's uncle is battalion chief in Vallejo, CA NT 0 Replies #2534573 7:09PM 18/09/2005
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Topic #2534587
bbaddict2005 - i: i'm going to be the happiest person in the world when i see my mom and tush and dad 0 Replies #2534587 7:11PM 18/09/2005
m: i know, i know
i: this is ridiculous - to get cut off from the world like this. there are days that i cry for my family
m: what's today's date - i need to check the fish food
m: we're on 77 days right now
i: 77 days plus 10 from me that i got taken away from home. tomorrow will be 88. yeah seriously - 3 months. 3 birthdays and an anniversary. you missed daves birthday, your moms
m: 5 birthdays - - an aunt and uncle
i: where does your uncle live?
m: sebastapol
i: he does not
m: yeah he does
i: what does he do
m: he's a fireman
i: does sebastoapol have a fire dept
m: they're all volunteer
i: what do you mean
m: in sebastapol, they have an ambulance co that is privately owned, so the fire dept doesn't transfer pts - you dont need as many staff when ambulances go to 911 calls. it's been 10 years since i lived there so i don't know what things have changed with their dept, but they have a core staff and i don't know how many that is and then they have volunteers after that
m: look how quick the sky went
m: my uncle is a batallion chief
i: he is
M; yea
i: is he the highest
m: no chief is - he's going to refuse to do it
i: why
m: it's administration - he likes to be with the guys. he was acting chief for a while, but he is a great guy. i called him before i came.
i: so how much do you think it'll be to fly out.
m: Palo Alto is a smaller airport to fly out of.
i: did you fly into burbank
M yea - one time, the other time i flew into LAX
i: so you think it'll be better if we flew from San Jose to Las Vegas.
m; if you drive to san jose, go onto cheapfares.com and you can get last minute flights for like $50 one way. it's going to happen - you're going to have money to burn
i: no
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Topic #2534603
bbaddict2005 - m: i don't mind, but we're totally speed walking 0 Replies #2534603 7:13PM 18/09/2005
i: we can slow down, it's the way i walk usually
i: so tell me more about the fertility places in boston
m: i don't know anything i haven't been to them
m: an actual fertility nurse or dr is who you need to talk to
i: and you being in the field, you don't know any body
m: my field is emergency medicine, i don't care about fertility
i: gotcha
m: it's like asking a podiatrist to work on your heart. they went to school to learn the basics, but then you specialize in your field
m: what do your parents think, are they ready for you to have a child
i: they've always worried about finances, that's what they tell me
m: yeah - it sounds like you guys are in a rut
i: that's what she say - with the problems that we have, she says wait until they get clear and then do that, ykwim?
m: exactly
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Topic #2534650
bbaddict2005 - I; do you have a financial advisor? m: no i: cappy does, right m: yes 0 Replies #2534650 7:21PM 18/09/2005
i: i need to see one of those people
m: huh?
i: i need to find a finacial advisor
m: if you're going to keep a simple portfolio, you don't need a financial advisor
i: i just want someone to tell me how to put away each week
m: it's all individual - i've sat down with one because i've sat with one - work provides it for free. like i have a mortgage - they go through and see how much $ has to be spent on bills, and then see how much comes in and then figures out how much can be put away. they find an area for you that you can settle comfortably and yet plan for your future. you need to find a job that will match you and will care about your future
i: you like the company you work for
m: yeah i do - i won't be with them forever because they don't offer PTO. it all depends what happens. if dave and i get married, i'll have insurance through him and i may not even need pto. right now with an agency, i make so much more than if i were working directly for a hospital

(ed. - i'm signing for the night - can't take any more of maggie's slipper shuffling - - g'night all)
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Topic #2534668
applecrisp - Transcript of Maggie's crow story 0 Replies #2534668 7:23PM 18/09/2005
Mag: Oh my god, when you went to the bathroom last night. I could've died, I was out here walking. Seven huge black crows lined the border of the yard & were looking down at me. I was like, *gasps* "Where the hell did you guys come from?"

Iv: Seven?

Mag: Seven. And I was like...

Iv: You counted them?

Mag: Yeah. I was like, "that's good luck."

Iv: Is it?

Mag: Yeah...

Iv: Really?

Mag: But it was weird!

Iv: That's good for you then. I didn't know that crows were good luck.

Mag: No, it's just seven crows. It's not like, for me specifically.

Iv: Representing the seven jury members.

Mag: Oh shut up!

Iv: I'm telling you, I see signs!

Mag: That's ridiculous.

Iv: Crows... I didn't know that crows were good luck.

Mag: I don't even know if they're... I know that they were there the week that Eric and I were evicted. Remember that huge storm?

Iv: Mhmm

Mag: Er, Eric and I were up on the chopping block. Er, not "storm"--"swarm".

Iv: Mhmm

Mag: That was nuts. Look at that pink sky.

(ed note: lol, crows are most definitely considered bad luck. it is said that if they caw, it's a sign of death.)
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Topic #2534754
scoobydoo - Maggie saying the jury members had an hour to talk before they faced maggie & ivette 0 Replies #2534754 7:33PM 18/09/2005
Maggie: Janelle had to explain why she was there
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Topic #2534758
scoobydoo - Ivette using mocking April voice - I Love my husband, I love my dog! 0 Replies #2534758 7:34PM 18/09/2005
Maggie: She's adorable
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Topic #2534782
scoobydoo - Maggie & Ivette talking about first moments in BB 0 Replies #2534782 7:37PM 18/09/2005
Ivette talking about Eric laughing and wondering who this guy was. Maggie heard the laugh but couldn't laugh with him.
Maggie: April was the first person I liked. Jen was f*cking with me. She was lifting my skirt with her Big Brother bag.
Ivette: Not on purpose?
Maggie: Yes! We were laughing about it (later).
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Topic #2534791
scoobydoo - Maggie & Ivette convo 0 Replies #2534791 7:39PM 18/09/2005
Ivette: Did you pick up on the couples?
maggie: Yeah. James and Sarah and Howie and Rachel - I could tell by their actions the first night.
Maggie: As soon as Julie announced it, I was like motherf*ckers, they put seven pairs in the house.
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