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maggie: BURP oh my god HICCUP that was gross BURP BURP NT - bbaddict2005
6:50PM 18/09/2005

maggie sits at table, thanks ivette for washing her dishes. ivettes says no problem NT - bbaddict2005
6:50PM 18/09/2005

Ivette: I think I'm nervous about seeing my mom and Tush NT - scoobydoo
6:51PM 18/09/2005

ivette nervous about seeing her mom and tush - - no response from maggie NT - bbaddict2005
6:51PM 18/09/2005

both sitting at table. ivette asks what's up. maggie says she's just looking at memory wall (burp) NT - bbaddict2005
6:52PM 18/09/2005

ivette: whatcha doing? maggie: looking around NT - bbaddict2005
6:52PM 18/09/2005

maggie: burp - - excuse me NT - bbaddict2005
6:52PM 18/09/2005

ivette: i'm very confused - (the lights are out on memory wall?) NT - bbaddict2005
6:53PM 18/09/2005

ivette: you want to go outside? maggie: (burp) what? ivette: you want to go outside? - bbaddict2005
6:55PM 18/09/2005

m: what a beautiful sky i: um hmmmm it's mainly over there maggie: oh yeah - bbaddict2005
6:58PM 18/09/2005

Ivette & Maggie walking around backyard - scoobydoo
6:59PM 18/09/2005

i: i try not to think about them because then i don't sleep, ykwim - bbaddict2005
6:59PM 18/09/2005

i: why can't the show be tomorrow m: i know. or today. NT - bbaddict2005
7:01PM 18/09/2005

I: i just want to go home m: of course NT - bbaddict2005
7:01PM 18/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie can't wait till it's over - scoobydoo
7:02PM 18/09/2005

maggie: OMG when you went to bathroom last night, i was out here and there were 7 crows that lined the - bbaddict2005
7:03PM 18/09/2005

Maggie's uncle is battalion chief in Vallejo, CA NT - scoobydoo
7:09PM 18/09/2005

i: i'm going to be the happiest person in the world when i see my mom and tush and dad - bbaddict2005
7:11PM 18/09/2005

m: i don't mind, but we're totally speed walking - bbaddict2005
7:13PM 18/09/2005

I; do you have a financial advisor? m: no i: cappy does, right m: yes - bbaddict2005
7:21PM 18/09/2005

Transcript of Maggie's crow story - applecrisp
7:23PM 18/09/2005

Maggie saying the jury members had an hour to talk before they faced maggie & ivette - scoobydoo
7:33PM 18/09/2005

Ivette using mocking April voice - I Love my husband, I love my dog! - scoobydoo
7:34PM 18/09/2005

Maggie & Ivette talking about first moments in BB - scoobydoo
7:37PM 18/09/2005

Maggie & Ivette convo - scoobydoo
7:39PM 18/09/2005

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