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Topic #2541938
CougarSpy - Ivette finally goes to the bedroom, takes off her mike and crawls in bed. It appears Maggie is fast asleep. NT 0 Replies #2541938 12:15AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2542336
smashedskittles - Ivette up at table drinking OJ then staring at the fish awhile, now back in bed. NT 0 Replies #2542336 5:49AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2542601
smashedskittles - F1, 3, & 4 on the sleepers... F2 is dark and it kinda looks like rain. NT 1 Replies #2542601 6:33AM 20/09/2005
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smashedskittles - Now F2 is on a puddle with raindrops hitting it. NT #2542610 6:35AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2543223
pooh5983 - looks like we are going to have rain for the last show. Everyone is still sleeping NT 0 Replies #2543223 8:32AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2543742
SoftTail - Both are awake and are feeding fish for the last time. NT 0 Replies #2543742 10:04AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2543743
John_DK_ - F2 awake, feeding the fish. Last day :) NT 0 Replies #2543743 10:04AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2543829
bbfaninaz - Maggie and Ivette went into the Diary Room to ask BB some questions NT 0 Replies #2543829 10:20AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2543905
John_DK_ - Both out from the DR. Also, Mag said it had stopped raining. NT 0 Replies #2543905 10:27AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544333
amynyc - Mag and Ivette playing cards at kitchen counter. Ivette wants to see what everyone has to say tonight. Maggie says that she doesn't want to hear what 0 Replies #2544333 11:19AM 20/09/2005
they have to say, how sh*tty of a person she is.

Maggie: It would be awesome to SIT down with a producer and see them, not just hear them.

(Camera zoomed out to show that the money table is now uncovered - BB made them take off the cover for tonight's show).

Maggie: bigggg burp - AGAIN (ed. what the hell is wrong with her?)

Ivette: It took me a while but I caught onto this game (she won card game)
Maggie: Yeah, it was a lot more fun when I could beat you.
Iv: Maggie!
Mag: Just kidding!

(GROSS>>>) Mag whispers to Ivette: I think I can sh*t now - gonna go try - gonna give it a good college effort....be right back, save me a spot

Mag goes to BR, Iv shuffling cards at kitchen counter

Mag comes out of BR, yells to Ivette (still in kitchen): I keep forgetting to try your wipes.

Maggie ties her sweat shirt around her waist (looking in mirror in BR), then looks in mirror, quickly adjusts tank top straps, rubs shoulders, smooths hands over her forehead, tucks pieces of hair behind ears. and THEN washes hands.

Ivette still LOUDLY shuffling cards at counter.

Mag goes to check laundry in BY.
IV: My stomach is sooo torn up.

Laundry not ready yet, Mag back in house. Says "Sorry BB... what?...ha ha" (Ed. Not sure what happended - did not hear BB on the feeds)

Both back at kitchen counter with cards.

Mag: I think I am going to eat breakfast, but then that's it. I want to eat something, I don't want to faint when I see Dave.

They focus on playing cards again.

Mag: I think the sun may be trying to come out

They talk about when to polish nails, eat, vacuum, shower and get ready.

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Topic #2544449
John_DK_ - Fish for a short time. Back, and F2 goes into the HoH, seems 2 be a lockdown. NT 0 Replies #2544449 11:33AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544572
caroljean - Maggie saying emphatically that Ivette's decision was the only 0 Replies #2544572 11:48AM 20/09/2005
one she could have made about not taking Janelles offer. Ivette having doubt again and Maggie repeating how the others wouldn't vote for her, "everyone in our group would say she did what?" Ivette than says "she couldn't get me to do what she wanted me to do, people might think I'm dumb but . . ." maggie says it's the only move you could have made - it protected all of us
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Topic #2544634
caroljean - They're still playing cards - Maggie says uh oh I'm going to ***** 0 Replies #2544634 11:55AM 20/09/2005
Once you beat me at this hand I'm going to go *****
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Topic #2544640
BBBoobies - Who is the male voice you can hear? NT 0 Replies #2544640 11:56AM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544675
caroljean - Ivette asking Maggie if April said she'd vote for her, Maggie says 0 Replies #2544675 12:00PM 20/09/2005
no - Ivette asks if Jen said she's vote for her Maggie says no. Maggie says it's even - two huge burps from Maggie
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Topic #2544704
caroljean - Maggie is puking - I'm more nervous than I thought she says from the bathroom with puking noises NT 0 Replies #2544704 12:03PM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544712
amynyc - 11:20- 12Still playing cards. Ivette: this is crazy. Mag: 5 &1 /2 more hours. Ivette: I think I am going to be so nervous, I'm already getting nervous 0 Replies #2544712 12:04PM 20/09/2005
Mag: Yeah, me too
Iv: it's really nerve-racking
Mag: yeah, I could puke
Iv: Huh?
Mag: I could puke, if I needed to
Mag: and sh*t probably again...Yeah, I must be nervous if I am thinking about sh*tting

Ivette deals out cards
Maggie: Sniff.. Umm, I think I smell ripe, that's nice, it's a good smell

(ED. this is the grossest woman I have ever seen in my life!)

Back to playing cards... trying to figure out what cards the other is trying to collect.

I think Ivette won the round again (not sure what they are playing).

Maggie starts to shuffle cards loudly now, Ivette goes to BY.
Talk about weather, cold...Maggie says Vegas gets CA weather in 2 or 3 days, so that means it's gonna rain in Vegas in 2 or 3 days

Ivette comes back in
Mag: You look really skinny
Iv: Yeah? You sure?
Mag: Yeah, I'm sure
Iv: Thanks

Back to card game

Iv: I am gonna miss you so much, Maggie
Mag: I know, you too
Iv: I really am
Mag: I've had really a lot of fun with you
Iv: I know I don't beat you up and do all the things that everyone else does...
Mag: that's quite alright (laughing a lot)
Iv: But, I've Had a great time with you
Mag: You too...ha, ha, beat me up - isn't that so funny that you see that as..
Iv: well, I know that sometimes you miss them b/c you play around with them

(Ed>.. Mag seems happier and more giggly than ever while Ivette seems more subdued than usual -- is this b/c they both think Mag will win tonight?)

Mag: (sing-song) I just need one card, I just need one card..I just need one card
Iv: good for you
Mag: (sing song) I bet ya you have it, I bet ya you have it
Iv: Apparently not

>>>> FISH

Back after a mniute - card game over
IV: (yelling to BB) We're gonna miss you guys!
Mag: (to BB) can you give us some music in the HOH room?

>>>> Seems like a LOCK DOWN in HOH room -- they head up there to play cards

Mag talks about all the things in house she memorized for nothing (titles of books in HOH room)

Cards again in HOH room

>>>Can hear BB guy talking on feeds - seems like 2 guys talking, can't make it out

Mag talks again about things like number of pillows in hoh room (16)

Mag: they told me you're gonna look back and think of this as a good time and I'm like NO, I'm not!
Iv: who told you that?
Mag: the DR. I'm like everyone hates me, I hate this house.. (mock crying)
Iv: when did you say that?
Mag: in the beginning, I had a really rough time in the begining
Iv: why was it so...Oh, b/c you couldn't be yourself?
Mag: I just felt so...
Iv: Over shadowed?
Mag: Yeah
Iv: I had a hard time not being able to talk about Maggie (Tush, her gf)in thebeginning
Mag: I think you should have just come in here talking about it. I don't see any reason not to. I know you think it would have tied you and Beau together, but no it wouldn't - noone was gonna....and by that time you guys were hanging out more than anyone was. You guys had an instant comfort level with eachother that Eric got like ...he said that Ivette and Beau are too comfortable together

Iv: I saw more people being more comfortable with eachother, like April and Sara sleeping together that same night.. like I wouldn't have done ***** like that. Howie was up here hanging too much with Rachel, I thought that was strange
Mag: Yeah, especially since she didn't like him, on the surfboard she was like eehh.

Iv: you had a fierce face that first night on the surfboard
Mag: I was f*cking serious, my coconuts were going in
Iv: You took a big risk and knocked that thing b/c they could have very well put Eric up, ykwis
Mag: But I heard them talking. I heard Rachel on that first night say I really like that guy Eric - I heard her say that so I knew we were safe.
Iv: did you tell Eric that?
Mag: Yes, I told him they like you already

>>> LOTS of noise and talking coming from LR? Can hear a lot of talking on the feeds.
Ivette asks Mag about it and she says they are setting up

(I guess the rain is forcing tonight's show inside? Ha!)

They get quiet for a minute playing cards and you can really hear all the talking (guys) going on while they set up for the show...sounds like they are figuring what HG will sit where... I heard something about HOH room and 4:30

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Topic #2544727
caroljean - Maggie and David use condoms "I don't want any sperm gettin up there" NT 0 Replies #2544727 12:05PM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544752
caroljean - Maggie lets out a loud burp and says I just spit on myself then says 0 Replies #2544752 12:08PM 20/09/2005
that's some good ***** there, big sigh
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Topic #2544762
caroljean - Ivette says she's excited about seeing her family and Maggie 0 Replies #2544762 12:09PM 20/09/2005
says they are just as excited to see us
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Topic #2544769
caroljean - Maggie yelling at Ivette to grow some balls - wanting her to break rule and 0 Replies #2544769 12:10PM 20/09/2005
look through the glass to the camera -
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Topic #2544792
caroljean - Maggie yells out Oh my god Tush I can't wait to talk to you you poor thing 0 Replies #2544792 12:13PM 20/09/2005
Ivette says, why poor thing Maggie says I don't know Ivette says ***** Dave I can't wait to talk to you poor thing - Maggie changes the subject
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Topic #2544813
caroljean - card shuffling card shuffling Maggie says Oh great I have a big white zit on my face NT 0 Replies #2544813 12:15PM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544847
caroljean - Maggies grandma used to drink peaches and milk, olive and cream 0 Replies #2544847 12:18PM 20/09/2005
cheese sandwiches using rye bread - they were awesome Maggie says - also orange marmalade jam. Her grandma in Palo Alto - Ivette says I want to visit Palo Alto
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Topic #2544875
caroljean - Ivette playing solitare Maggie says good job and loud burp NT 0 Replies #2544875 12:21PM 20/09/2005
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Topic #2544885
caroljean - Maggie asks do you think they purposely lie to us about time 0 Replies #2544885 12:22PM 20/09/2005
estimates? (they're locked down in HOH room) Ivette says it takes longer than the think
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