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Topic #7852136
bbshannon - They are all telling Alison to calm down and slow down 0 Replies #7852136 12:01AM 13/02/2008
They all want to know whats going on with Parker and Jen and Ryan.

Alison can barely talk, or tell the story. She keeps saying Ryan and Jen, making kissing noises. She says to the circle if the power reverses, she will ***** them all so hard. She doesnt want to play this game every week, she wants to enjoy eachother.

They think Showtime is over.
Alison says if Parker/Jen and Ryan/Ali go up, they have to chose who will go....she keeps laughing and being an idiot.
They think Alison should go to sleep, she says Im gonna go to bed, she screams LOVE YA!!
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Topic #7852143
bbshannon - Ryan comes out and says him and Parker are fine NT 0 Replies #7852143 12:03AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852148
bbshannon - They have a few days until nominations, they think they'll kill eachother before then 0 Replies #7852148 12:05AM 13/02/2008
Hide the tweezers and the plastic knife Natalie says.
-same people still out by the hottub plus Ryan
-Ryan thinks the alcohol didnt have anything to do with what happened tonight, he had 2 beer and doesnt feel anything.
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Topic #7852153
bbshannon - Amanda changing clothes on feeds 3 and 4, Parker and Jen talking on feed 1 and 2 NT 1 Replies #7852153 12:06AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - Amanda and Alex are having a bubblebath #7852257 12:22AM 13/02/2008
Amanda has bubbles under her nose and it looks like a mustache.
Alex: We'll be alright..them two will go up
They argue about if you can use the veto or not
Amanda: Can you agree with me in public sometimes? You never agree with me!
Alex: in regards to what?
Amanda: youll explain one couple, ill explain the other.
Alex: we're putting you up cuz you have an advantage over all of us (so Im guessing Ryan/Ali and Jen/Parker

Alison, Houseguests! You are not allowed to talk about your DRS.
Amanda: So it was Alison.
Amanda wants to go over every situation and Alex doesnt want to. They are laughing and goofing around..she keeps blowing bubbles and he tells her to stop!
Alex: You make stupid comments at the dinner table. You roll your eyes when Alison talks. People dont like you. You have your ass hanging out, shake your ass in front of it I like looking at it, but youre in the game. Youre the little hoochie who wont play.
Amanda states she is playing the game.
Adam is called to the DR..
Amanda: I wonder if hes Americas Player
Alex calls her a goon, there is no AP!
Amanda: *****!
Alex: you have a fat ass!
Amanda: good!
They talk about Alex's dad. What floor he was on..
Amanda: that's so crazy
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Topic #7852178
bbshannon - Alison can't get into the room where Jen and Parker are 1 Replies #7852178 12:11AM 13/02/2008
They laugh at her cuz she's so drunk, she turns the handle several times, and can't open it. They wished they could talk for 5 minutes.

Alison would vote the boys out if she had to..she said yes, yes, yes.
Jen: that would show Amanda that youre a good person, she could think that she could trust you.
Ali: This sucks for me and Parker..what are you thinking at this point?
Jen: I think we're both going up
Ali: I would do the same thing if I was in her position. It's pathetically sucking..Im gonna have a good time..shes totally slurring and not making sense. I will give you my word 100%..I will align with people who are going to take me to the finale. Im not here to laddy dawdy. I love the boys, but they wont make it the whole way. I know we're not supposed to talk about this (covers her mic) but if we're 1 and 2, we should just split the money, cuz this sucks for me and Parker!

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bbshannon - Ali wanted to align with Matt, Parker and Sheila, that was her strategy and now its messed up. #7852191 12:13AM 13/02/2008
Ali: Im having a great time, when the tables turn, we have to remember positions we've been put in. We're forced to work with this..will you be true to your partner? But who makes the decisions...
Parker and I are *****, no one wants to see you guys (jen and ryan) win
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Topic #7852200
bbshannon - Matt talking to Chelsia at the kitchen table 0 Replies #7852200 12:14AM 13/02/2008
Matt says he jokingly tried to kiss Natalie and she held that against him later on.
Chelsia: She's throwing herself at you
Matt: I hope they show that. I will hook up with you before the show ends..I would like to.
Chelsia: Youre a funny my bra hangs out
Natalie: what are you doing?
Matt: flirting with other women
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Topic #7852241
croatian - Alex and Amanda in HOH taking a bath together.. 2 Replies #7852241 12:19AM 13/02/2008

Amanda- I don't know what we are going to do. We have to make sure we have Adam. Is Sheila gonna vote against Allison?

Alex- I don't know. It doesn't matter one of them has to go (Ryan or Jen).

Amanda- That's true. Here's a good thing..if it comes to a tie obviously it will stay Parker and Jen but by us putting them on the block, it looks like we no longer have an alliance with them (Jen and Parker).

Alex- Right.

Bubbles in the tub evaporate rather quickly and they complain about the lack of longevity of the bubbles.

Amanda- This is the worst buble bath ever.

Alex- Seriously, there's not that many bubbles.

Amanda- The only person I'm wordered about are Chelsia and James.

Alex - Why are you wordered about them?(harshly)

Amanda- Yea that's true.

Alex- If they put us up we have to fight for the veto. What are you worrying about?

Amanda- Yea that's true.

Alex- Every week, babe. Every week there is something.

Time elapses silently.

Alex- If Parker and them wins it (veto) will they use it?

Amanda- They say no but Jen swears(Amanda makes a slight eyeroll with that word) that the boys(Neil & Joshuah) will sue it to save Ryan and Allison. I don't think they would because they don't want targets on their backs. Because if they go ups its Chelsia and James.

Amanda blows hair out of her face.

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bbshannon - Amanda is worried that none of the girls like her #7852275 12:24AM 13/02/2008
Alex: Alison hates you, Sheila hates you cuz I'm with you. Natalie is clueless.
They play the role that they like you, nobody in this house likes us. You make your alliances and thats how it goes.
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bbshannon - Alex asks Amanda if she wants to get into the shower with him #7852288 12:25AM 13/02/2008
She says yeah but hes taking off his bathing suit. She gets him a towel and brushes her teeth. They talk about respecting their mics, but who cares cuz CBS has lots of money.

Alex sings rubber ducky.
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Topic #7852289
Hippiebitch - Alex to Am - people dont like you... we put our ass in front of mirrors... you can do that all ya want I enjoy lookin at it like the rest of America 0 Replies #7852289 12:25AM 13/02/2008
but youre in the game
Am - Right
Al - thats what youre portraying tho, youre that girl, the little hoochie that dont play the game
Am - I am playin the game
Al - on your heart or your chest?
Am -I am playing the game
Alex - Well dont f ck up
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Topic #7852304
bbshannon - BB tells Alex to stop singing! He was singing "rubadubdub" He says "are you serious!? sorry dude" 0 Replies #7852304 12:28AM 13/02/2008
He says there is no such thing as hot 3 times.
Amanda walks around the HOH room while Alex is in the shower. She has the spy screen on.

He asks her if he should shave tonight or tomorrow..she says wait till tomorrow. They are totally acting like a couple.
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Topic #7852313
KennyN - Alex asks Amanda if they can spoon tonight. He says spooning leads to forking. "You can go fork yourself." NT 0 Replies #7852313 12:30AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852331
bbshannon - Alex asks Amanda what spooning leads to? 0 Replies #7852331 12:33AM 13/02/2008
She says nothing.
Alex: forking. He had the shirt but they wouldnt let him wear it.
She tells him he's weird, they keep calling eachother pricks. She wants him to keep the water running so she can have a shower
Alex: I know you dont like me but Im trying to be nice. Just being that guy.
Alex keeps singing and dancing..making voices. He says in a little baby voice "she took her panties off" He has her head in his hands shaking her around, asks her if shes gonna wash her hair tonight.
Amanda stands naked against the glass and asks if he can see her. Alex says of course, the whole world can see your fat nipples and your fat ass!
Calls her a tease. They peck over the glass.
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Topic #7852339
bbshannon - Alex says if Amanda doesn't kiss him tonight, shes gonna have a dangerous sleep 0 Replies #7852339 12:35AM 13/02/2008
Amanda: Youre acting up
Alex: up your butt
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Topic #7852350
bbshannon - Alex would not have sex with Sheila, says there would be mothballs everywhere 2 Replies #7852350 12:38AM 13/02/2008
Amanda: who would u have sex with? natalie?
Alex: Makes gagging noises..Chelsia for ***** and giggles.
very pretty face, jen has a nice butt but no one is having sex with her but ryan.
Amanda: Alison?
Alex: Not my type, from the waist down she's okay..they all cant be blessed with your fat ass.
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bbshannon - She's already popping his ingrown hairs. Alex: this is good tv NT #7852356 12:38AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - Amanda tells him to stop shaving with a razor, she's going to town on his face NT #7852383 12:42AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852411
bbshannon - Alex gets into bed in his blue boxer briefs, Amanda leans over the railing and says goodnight to everyone 2 Replies #7852411 12:47AM 13/02/2008
BB: Alison please treat your mic with respect. Ali goes to bed
Amanda to Alex: the boys will never hook up, josh has been with too many people, more than 200. (!!) He told everyone, Neil said that was too many.
Amanda in her little white spandex outfit, Alex has the HOH headphones on in bed.
Alex: Why are you wearing so much clothes? laughs.

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bbshannon - Amanda and Alex lipsynching and dancing to his music in bed. NT #7852417 12:48AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - BB: Alex and Amanda, youre gonna have to turn the music down and stop singing along NT #7852422 12:49AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852432
EvelDickthebest - Its only 1 am and most hg's are sleeping NT 1 Replies #7852432 12:51AM 13/02/2008
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bbshannon - Lights in the HOH are off but Alex and Amanda are still awake..all 4 feeds on them #7852445 12:55AM 13/02/2008
You can hear his music through the headphones..I think he's listening to "Always"
Amanda flops onto the bed and they chat with the lights off
Amanda: Im upset about how everything played out..its crazy. Do you trust him right now (Parker)
Alex: It wasn't an act but its different now for him.
Amanda: When Sharon came clean about Jacob being her ex, Jen should've too. Im so happy we have it this week. You're not?
Alex: Nope
He isnt very responsive.
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Topic #7852450
bbshannon - Amanda: I can't sleep Alex: Then go walk around Amanda: I dont like anyone 0 Replies #7852450 12:56AM 13/02/2008
She likes Jen and Parker...

Alex complaining about how hot the HOH room is, can you turn the air on PLEASE!!
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Topic #7852453
KennyN - Alex says "it's like 4,000 degrees. Can you lower the air, please?!" NT 0 Replies #7852453 12:56AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852476
bbshannon - Parker and Chelsia chatting in boat room 1 Replies #7852476 1:01AM 13/02/2008
Chelsia: we have to be on the same page, both of us have said that right now it doesnt mean *****, we have to wait for the pov. It could change. Im just waiting to see who goes up..then I have to decide after POV..this ***** sucks..cuz you got screwed. I like you..
Parker: Its like Sharon and Jacob, she got screwed.
Chelsia: Why couldnt Jen and Ryan be together as a team? It would be so much easier..youre put in this position and it ***** sucks. Ryan told me he came on this show cuz Jen wanted it so bad, I did it for her. Now he wants this. If she really wants this, let her have it, put yourself up.
Someone is snoring in the background.
Parker: Just be grateful youre not in this situation.
Chelsia: I could be going up this week, I dont know. Amanda keeps saying we're still together cuz Im not feelin that.
Ali comes in to say goodnight. They are whispering, can't hear them.
Chelsia: It makes for great television
Parker: assholes
Ali is whispering...BB says "ALISON! Please dont hold the microphone in your hand" Ali :JESUS!
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bbshannon - They say that even if Ryan and Ali leave, no one will want to see Jen win so Parker is still screwed NT #7852496 1:06AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852479
KingMac - Chelsia telling Praker you are screwed 0 Replies #7852479 1:01AM 13/02/2008
Chelsia tells parker it would be so much easier if ryan and jen were paierd together.
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Topic #7852485
KingMac - Allison says her and parker need another twist bad! NT 0 Replies #7852485 1:03AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852502
bbshannon - All 4 feeds back on HOH, Alex and Amanda chatting with lights off in bed 0 Replies #7852502 1:09AM 13/02/2008
Alex: Its starting to get cooler..thank you! You guys are good
Amanda: Im trying to play peacemaker, and I should let people fight their own battles
Alex: I need to talk to everybody, get them to like me
Amanda: Im gonna play dumb all day tomorrow
Alex: Not dumb..but if you wanna talk strategy come find me and we'll come up here and talk about it first
Alex plays with his mic and is surprised he isn't getting yelled at.
Immediately get fireplace.
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Topic #7852505
KennyN - Alex tells Amanda that if she talks to Jen, make it only about their personal lives, not game/strategy. (more) 0 Replies #7852505 1:11AM 13/02/2008
He doesn't think they should talk to Jen about strategy. She agrees.

She says that she will let him and Matt deal with that.

Amanda says she's playing dumb. Alex says that if she wants to talk strategy, she should come and talk to him privately, then they can decide together how to go forward with whatever plan may arise.
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Topic #7852514
bbshannon - Alex keeps calling Amanda a fat ass and making fun of her voice 0 Replies #7852514 1:14AM 13/02/2008
Amanda said her doctor told her everyone in the office liked her ass..umm ok.
Alex: You get around with doctors? You get around the office? You play good secretary girl?
Amanda talks more about her work.
BB: Amanda, Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your diary sessions with other houseguests.
Alex: What did we say?
Amanda: I was talking about my work
Alex: I think they like add to this make people think we were talking about stuff..its retarded.
Amanda: you can see through that right now in the bathroom and see the camera and the people back there. See the people back there?
Both of them have night vision creepy green eyes right now.
They are freaked out seeing the people...
Amanda: you know whats going on but if you really think about it, its so awkward.
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Topic #7852588
PeachesInMich - Ryan and Jen were chatting and then FOTH NT 0 Replies #7852588 1:45AM 13/02/2008
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Topic #7852592
PeachesInMich - Feeds switched to Alex and Amanda laying in bed chatting NT 0 Replies #7852592 1:47AM 13/02/2008
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