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We had flames & Parker is now in the kitchen and Sharon is mia (possibly called to DR for talking about what happened while she was gone) NT - scandalous
2:40AM 14/02/2008

Cam comes back to Occupied sign on WC and as Parker approaches you hear heavy breathing in the bathroom... - scandalous
2:42AM 14/02/2008

Parker lays on loveseat in wc and we hear Jen say something about a tampon.... - scandalous
2:47AM 14/02/2008

Jen is joking how online will be going crazy with that clip...Jen says "Day 6 and someone already had sex", they clink their glasses in cheers NT - scandalous
2:48AM 14/02/2008

Adam had gotten up to go to the bathroom and is the 1st to use it after Jen and Ryan (unbeknownst to him) NT - scandalous
2:49AM 14/02/2008

Jen in bed on her back, shaking her right foot, Parker next to her on his side facing away. Cam 3 seems to be zooming in on her head.... - scandalous
2:54AM 14/02/2008

All the hamsters in bed. Jen just picked her nose & rolled on to her side. Off to bed here, too. NT - scandalous
3:05AM 14/02/2008

Sheila is up and in the kitchen; appears to be making coffee. NT - BigBrother9
8:28AM 14/02/2008

James just walked through kitchen and went back to bed; apparently had been on a bathroom break. NT - BigBrother9
8:29AM 14/02/2008

James is up and in kitchen with Shelia. NT - sodapopp
8:30AM 14/02/2008

James is getting a frying pan out to cook. NT - sodapopp
8:32AM 14/02/2008

Sheila is having a shower. NT - sodapopp
8:33AM 14/02/2008

Sheila brushes teeth then takes a shower NT - BigBrother9
8:34AM 14/02/2008

Sheila is out of the shower and James is working on breakfast NT - BigBrother9
8:42AM 14/02/2008

James is making breakfast for Chelsia. Sheila is making french toast for Adam. Neither know... it's a surprise. (more) - KennyN
8:44AM 14/02/2008

Sheila returns to kitchen; she and james talk and say they are each preparing breakfast for their partners for Valentine's Day! NT - BigBrother9
8:45AM 14/02/2008

James asks Sheila how she feels now that nominations are over; Sheila says she was just so happy when she didn't get nominated; James was relieved too - BigBrother9
8:50AM 14/02/2008

Sheila says that she feels sorry for the way she judged Adam from the start. NT - KennyN
8:55AM 14/02/2008

Sheila has apparently bonded with Adam, says that they won't see her and Adam fighting anymore. NT - cat8mysn
8:58AM 14/02/2008

Sheila talking about game play in general terms; how everyone has their own idea of how to play the game; - BigBrother9
8:58AM 14/02/2008

James is making sunny side up eggs for Chelsia, reminds James that Chelsia hates coffee NT - cat8mysn
8:59AM 14/02/2008

James telling Sheila how BB is like a cake-walk for him compared to biking around the world with no money/no food. NT - KennyN
9:00AM 14/02/2008

James has had no money since last July and said they get 750 a week while he is there NT - cat8mysn
9:01AM 14/02/2008

Oh, apparently they are both planning breakfast in BED for their partners! NT - cat8mysn
9:03AM 14/02/2008

Sheila made some very nice comments about Chelsia now both are silently working on their breakfasts' NT - cat8mysn
9:06AM 14/02/2008

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