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Topic #7862282
scandalous - We had flames & Parker is now in the kitchen and Sharon is mia (possibly called to DR for talking about what happened while she was gone) NT 0 Replies #7862282 2:40AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862293
scandalous - Cam comes back to Occupied sign on WC and as Parker approaches you hear heavy breathing in the bathroom... 0 Replies #7862293 2:42AM 14/02/2008
We hear jen says "did you already?" or something to that effect as Parker cracks up says "too bad I can't piss"

Ryan and Jen laugh and say give us 15 seconds (lmao)
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Topic #7862312
scandalous - Parker lays on loveseat in wc and we hear Jen say something about a tampon.... 0 Replies #7862312 2:47AM 14/02/2008
Parker laughs as Jen & Ryan come out of the wc. Jen says "don't tell anyone" and "they won't show that on the internet will they (since we don't usually have the audio in the bathroom)?"

Now they're joking about the cameras zooming in on the occupied sign (which they did). Jen says her mother asked her to just not have sex while in the house.

Parker saying he heard their sound effects & tells Jen to take a shower. She replies that she washed her hands!

They (Ryan and Jen) said one of us is leaving, so what the he*l.

Ed. Too funny
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Topic #7862317
scandalous - Jen is joking how online will be going crazy with that clip...Jen says "Day 6 and someone already had sex", they clink their glasses in cheers NT 0 Replies #7862317 2:48AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862320
scandalous - Adam had gotten up to go to the bathroom and is the 1st to use it after Jen and Ryan (unbeknownst to him) NT 0 Replies #7862320 2:49AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7862330
scandalous - Jen in bed on her back, shaking her right foot, Parker next to her on his side facing away. Cam 3 seems to be zooming in on her head.... 0 Replies #7862330 2:54AM 14/02/2008
perhaps wondering how Parker feels about being next to someone who just had sex & didn't shower.

Cam 4 shows Ali sleeping next to Ryan, he also didn't shower.

Adam on Cams 1 & 2 went outside for a cig, pinched his pot belly while looking in the mirror, then turned towards the pool and stuck his hands in his shorts to scratch *down there*

Adam comes back in, grabs something to drink from the fridge (without washing beforementioned hand) and goes back to bed.
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Topic #7862348
scandalous - All the hamsters in bed. Jen just picked her nose & rolled on to her side. Off to bed here, too. NT 0 Replies #7862348 3:05AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863202
BigBrother9 - Sheila is up and in the kitchen; appears to be making coffee. NT 0 Replies #7863202 8:28AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863212
BigBrother9 - James just walked through kitchen and went back to bed; apparently had been on a bathroom break. NT 0 Replies #7863212 8:29AM 14/02/2008
didn't stay in bed long; he is back in the kitchen now with Sheila.
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Topic #7863215
sodapopp - James is up and in kitchen with Shelia. NT 0 Replies #7863215 8:30AM 14/02/2008
James is up and in kitchen with Shelia. NT
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Topic #7863221
sodapopp - James is getting a frying pan out to cook. NT 0 Replies #7863221 8:32AM 14/02/2008
James is getting a frying pan out to cook. NT
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Topic #7863224
sodapopp - Sheila is having a shower. NT 0 Replies #7863224 8:33AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863227
BigBrother9 - Sheila brushes teeth then takes a shower NT 0 Replies #7863227 8:34AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863269
BigBrother9 - Sheila is out of the shower and James is working on breakfast NT 0 Replies #7863269 8:42AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863288
KennyN - James is making breakfast for Chelsia. Sheila is making french toast for Adam. Neither know... it's a surprise. (more) 0 Replies #7863288 8:44AM 14/02/2008
Sheila says she's been so horrible to him and she needs to do something nice.
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Topic #7863293
BigBrother9 - Sheila returns to kitchen; she and james talk and say they are each preparing breakfast for their partners for Valentine's Day! NT 0 Replies #7863293 8:45AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863340
BigBrother9 - James asks Sheila how she feels now that nominations are over; Sheila says she was just so happy when she didn't get nominated; James was relieved too 0 Replies #7863340 8:50AM 14/02/2008
also mention the situation with Neil leaving and Sharon returning to the game. Sheila saying that she and Adam have had to deal with threats of eviction from all the pairs because of how things went the first night (Adam and Sheila not getting along).
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Topic #7863382
KennyN - Sheila says that she feels sorry for the way she judged Adam from the start. NT 0 Replies #7863382 8:55AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863402
cat8mysn - Sheila has apparently bonded with Adam, says that they won't see her and Adam fighting anymore. NT 0 Replies #7863402 8:58AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863403
BigBrother9 - Sheila talking about game play in general terms; how everyone has their own idea of how to play the game; 0 Replies #7863403 8:58AM 14/02/2008
Sheila says she has learned not to trust first impressions again.
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Topic #7863411
cat8mysn - James is making sunny side up eggs for Chelsia, reminds James that Chelsia hates coffee NT 0 Replies #7863411 8:59AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863425
KennyN - James telling Sheila how BB is like a cake-walk for him compared to biking around the world with no money/no food. NT 0 Replies #7863425 9:00AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863434
cat8mysn - James has had no money since last July and said they get 750 a week while he is there NT 0 Replies #7863434 9:01AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863443
cat8mysn - Oh, apparently they are both planning breakfast in BED for their partners! NT 0 Replies #7863443 9:03AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7863470
cat8mysn - Sheila made some very nice comments about Chelsia now both are silently working on their breakfasts' NT 0 Replies #7863470 9:06AM 14/02/2008
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