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adam just found a newspaper article that landed in the backyard... - kcs32787
10:26AM 14/02/2008

Parker is being really nasty to Jen (in my opinion)... - cat8mysn
10:28AM 14/02/2008

All of the Parker/Jen conversation happened in the boat room, now he is making nice with Amanda in the very same room NT - cat8mysn
10:30AM 14/02/2008

Parker has now told Amanda twice that he has told Jen that he hates her in this game NT - cat8mysn
10:31AM 14/02/2008

everyone getting dressed for outside now after guinea pigs for a couple mins NT - kcs32787
10:35AM 14/02/2008

HG's are on lockdown. All have to go outside. NT - KennyN
10:39AM 14/02/2008

Alex running laps in the back yard, Sheila and Allison in a lounger while on lockdown - Melonie
10:49AM 14/02/2008

Sheila and Allison talking - Melonie
10:54AM 14/02/2008

Ryan, James, and Adam playing pool. NT - WieKacie
10:54AM 14/02/2008

Hands in the hamster cage hamsters being cleaned. *edit* I mean guniea pigs NT - Melonie
10:56AM 14/02/2008

Amanda talking to Jen in the BY. She says she had a dream a few months ago, and she was 'seriously in it.' Jen hates deja-vu. NT - KennyN
11:01AM 14/02/2008

Allison and Sheila alone again - Melonie
11:02AM 14/02/2008

Sheila tells Allison she thinks Jen pushes Ryan around that it seems like she wears the pants in the relationship. NT - Melonie
11:04AM 14/02/2008

Sheila says oh please she will not be bullied. Shes is not gonna go for scare tactics. - Melonie
11:06AM 14/02/2008

Sheila said it is stupid of them to try and push them around . She said the house would be boring without them there. She said they are the - Melonie
11:08AM 14/02/2008

Sheila tells Allison that Parker and Jen are masters of manipulation. It makes them sick that Jen threw her own bf under the bus. - Melonie
11:11AM 14/02/2008

Sheila tells Allison if she leaves shes going to get close to Sharon - Melonie
11:13AM 14/02/2008

Houseguests still on lockdown Sharon and Josh in the hammock - Melonie
11:16AM 14/02/2008

Sharon said she thinks Jen is on a power trip because they had power couple NT - Melonie
11:18AM 14/02/2008

Sharon says its just so funny how people get so scared and start opening thier mouths. - Melonie
11:21AM 14/02/2008

Indoor lockdown NT - Melonie
11:30AM 14/02/2008

Houseguests go back inside looking at the pictures on the memory wall. Sharons picture is now on the wall. NT - Melonie
11:32AM 14/02/2008

Sharon laughs and said nobody cried over their picture. (May have gotten new pictures of everyone on the wall?) NT - Melonie
11:35AM 14/02/2008

Jen and Allison washing dishes hg's mulling around the kitchen and the dining room. NT - Melonie
11:39AM 14/02/2008

Amanda and James in the storage room - Melonie
11:42AM 14/02/2008

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