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Topic #7864096
kcs32787 - adam just found a newspaper article that landed in the backyard... 0 Replies #7864096 10:26AM 14/02/2008
then adam says "we have current events... we got mens basketball standings..." cut to GP...
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Topic #7864103
cat8mysn - Parker is being really nasty to Jen (in my opinion)... 0 Replies #7864103 10:28AM 14/02/2008
going back to her being a liar in the beginning, kind of attacking her in a very round about way. No raised voices but when the rubber hits the road he sounds like he has given up and is kind of blaming Jen because he was deceived at the beginning. (paraphrasing here) Parker is being very low key, but as the conversation has continued it has gone from Jen pep-talking Parker to Jen on the defensive.

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Topic #7864113
cat8mysn - All of the Parker/Jen conversation happened in the boat room, now he is making nice with Amanda in the very same room NT 0 Replies #7864113 10:30AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864122
cat8mysn - Parker has now told Amanda twice that he has told Jen that he hates her in this game NT 0 Replies #7864122 10:31AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864138
kcs32787 - everyone getting dressed for outside now after guinea pigs for a couple mins NT 0 Replies #7864138 10:35AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864158
KennyN - HG's are on lockdown. All have to go outside. NT 0 Replies #7864158 10:39AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864239
Melonie - Alex running laps in the back yard, Sheila and Allison in a lounger while on lockdown 0 Replies #7864239 10:49AM 14/02/2008
Sheila tells Allison these people make her sick. She says how dare they how dare they think me and Adam are nothing and that were weak. Sheila tells Allison that most the guys in the house are lame. She tells Allison about the conversation she had with James telling him about how everyone was telling her they did her a big favor keeping her in the game.

Sheila asks Allison do you honestly believe people wanna sit around and watch people get along.

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Topic #7864285
Melonie - Sheila and Allison talking 0 Replies #7864285 10:54AM 14/02/2008
Sheila tells Allison if you can't be with the one you love love the one your with.

Alex joins the conversation and they start talking about his dad. And the world trade centers. Sheila telling a story about her gf and girlfriends mom that were there. Sheila tells Alex that she knew alot of people that worked there.

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Topic #7864287
WieKacie - Ryan, James, and Adam playing pool. NT 0 Replies #7864287 10:54AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864304
Melonie - Hands in the hamster cage hamsters being cleaned. *edit* I mean guniea pigs NT 0 Replies #7864304 10:56AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864362
KennyN - Amanda talking to Jen in the BY. She says she had a dream a few months ago, and she was 'seriously in it.' Jen hates deja-vu. NT 0 Replies #7864362 11:01AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864374
Melonie - Allison and Sheila alone again 0 Replies #7864374 11:02AM 14/02/2008
Discussing how Alex is set up with the wrong women in this game.

Allison tells Sheila about taking the cereal and it was Alex's cereal and she got yelled at. Whispers to low to hear.

Sheila tells Allison about Parkers suicide talk.

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Topic #7864383
Melonie - Sheila tells Allison she thinks Jen pushes Ryan around that it seems like she wears the pants in the relationship. NT 0 Replies #7864383 11:04AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864407
Melonie - Sheila says oh please she will not be bullied. Shes is not gonna go for scare tactics. 0 Replies #7864407 11:06AM 14/02/2008
She said her and Adam are not gonna go for the Power of Veto. They want Ryan and Allison to win it. Allison said she is confident they are gonna win it.

She said if on a fluke they do win it they will of course save them.

Allison said she is not sure who to trust or if she trusts James.
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Topic #7864421
Melonie - Sheila said it is stupid of them to try and push them around . She said the house would be boring without them there. She said they are the 0 Replies #7864421 11:08AM 14/02/2008
entertainment the excitement. (lol)
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Topic #7864441
Melonie - Sheila tells Allison that Parker and Jen are masters of manipulation. It makes them sick that Jen threw her own bf under the bus. 0 Replies #7864441 11:11AM 14/02/2008
Allison thinks at some point towards the end she doesn't think there will be couples.

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Topic #7864454
Melonie - Sheila tells Allison if she leaves shes going to get close to Sharon 0 Replies #7864454 11:13AM 14/02/2008
Alot of repeat gossip going on between these two. What other people said etc.
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Topic #7864472
Melonie - Houseguests still on lockdown Sharon and Josh in the hammock 0 Replies #7864472 11:16AM 14/02/2008
Having a discussion. Sharon tells Josh they need to show everyone that they are worth keeping around. Josh said every day is like another crazy situation. Josh tells Sharon that when there is Drama every one gets into it and stirs it up.

Sharon said the dumbest thing is when people put thier foot in thier mouth. You sit back lay low and watch the drama happen.

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Topic #7864476
Melonie - Sharon said she thinks Jen is on a power trip because they had power couple NT 0 Replies #7864476 11:18AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864498
Melonie - Sharon says its just so funny how people get so scared and start opening thier mouths. 0 Replies #7864498 11:21AM 14/02/2008
Sharon wonders to Josh why the pictures are seperate and not couples. FOTH

Sharon says its going to be a long three months.

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Topic #7864545
Melonie - Indoor lockdown NT 0 Replies #7864545 11:30AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864567
Melonie - Houseguests go back inside looking at the pictures on the memory wall. Sharons picture is now on the wall. NT 0 Replies #7864567 11:32AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864590
Melonie - Sharon laughs and said nobody cried over their picture. (May have gotten new pictures of everyone on the wall?) NT 0 Replies #7864590 11:35AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864619
Melonie - Jen and Allison washing dishes hg's mulling around the kitchen and the dining room. NT 0 Replies #7864619 11:39AM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7864645
Melonie - Amanda and James in the storage room 0 Replies #7864645 11:42AM 14/02/2008
Amanda telling James people are saying they will evict Ryan and Allison. James is 50/50 on everything. Amanda says she wants Ryan and Allison to go home. But they really just want one of them to go home because its not fair they have a double chance.
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