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Sheila and Ali are in the bathroom being very upset at how manipulative Amanda is. - SouthernBelladonna
9:42PM 16/02/2008

Josh Hid 1 of the HOH key's in his Dresser than... - JoshIzDustinx2
9:44PM 16/02/2008

The Hgs in the kitchen talk about buying clothes. Nat says she feels guilty if she spends more than $50 on clothes. - SouthernBelladonna
9:45PM 16/02/2008

Nat and Jen talking about abortions - SouthernBelladonna
9:54PM 16/02/2008

Sheila is telling her life story to Ali in the bathroom. The rest of the HGs are hanging out in the kitchen drinking and talking. NT - SouthernBelladonna
9:59PM 16/02/2008

F3: Piggies hopping around for a minutes, now back on the kitchen group. - SouthernBelladonna
10:05PM 16/02/2008

Alex is in the sauna. Chel, Adam, Sharon, and James are in the sauna room chatting. - SouthernBelladonna
10:13PM 16/02/2008

Natalie teaches stripping moves... NT - MaddyP
10:19PM 16/02/2008

Nat offers to give everyone lap dances. Now she's showing them all some of her stripper moves. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:20PM 16/02/2008
Josh joins Natalie. NT - LM312
10:21PM 16/02/2008

kitchen antics, stripper moves and all. - beckstar
10:21PM 16/02/2008

Josh has joined Nat on the stairs for some stripper moves. - SouthernBelladonna
10:22PM 16/02/2008

Deep thoughts shared by Natalie: "Once you give a lap dance, you'll always know how to give a lap dance" NT - Taffy
10:24PM 16/02/2008

Alex is holding weight pole for Nat to play on. She's trying to show them some pole tricks. - SouthernBelladonna
10:28PM 16/02/2008

Adam telling James how everybody is now having furn and are not realizing they're there for months... - Taffy
10:36PM 16/02/2008

HG telling "your mama..." jokes NT - Jessica_Rabbitt
10:38PM 16/02/2008

Alex and Parker are exchanging "yo mama" jokes (funny). Everyone is laughing. - SouthernBelladonna
10:40PM 16/02/2008

Chelsia, Sheila and Allison continue to complain about the level of conversation in the house. NT - Snarf123
10:49PM 16/02/2008

James and Adam in the BY playing pool. - Snarf123
10:52PM 16/02/2008

Matt and Amanda decide to kiss for the camera. He grabs her and kisses her and shoves her up against the wall in the kitchen. - Snarf123
10:55PM 16/02/2008
The kiss - sparkling_beauty
11:06PM 16/02/2008

Alex joins Sheila and Amanda in the WC and begins to tell him her life story. - Snarf123
11:04PM 16/02/2008

More of Sheila's life story. - Snarf123
11:06PM 16/02/2008

Sheila asks Alex if he likes Amanda. - Snarf123
11:14PM 16/02/2008

Sheila says James is the only guy in the house who really needs the money. - Snarf123
11:24PM 16/02/2008

Meanwhile, they put bubbles in the hot tub. NT - Snarf123
11:28PM 16/02/2008

And, they are getting naked. NT - Snarf123
11:35PM 16/02/2008

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