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Nat showed James her battle wounds (I think from the POV comp); Chels puts a shirt on b/c she's self-conscious; thinks she's been eating too much NT - scandalous
1:57AM 16/02/2008

Nat leaves to let them go to sleep and gets into bed alone while cam switches and Alli has gotten into bed with Matt NT - scandalous
1:58AM 16/02/2008

Matt gets up to go to bed w/ Nat, b/c "she'll probably get mad" NT - scandalous
2:00AM 16/02/2008

Matt climbs into bed w/ Nat and gives her a quick kiss, mentions something about being sick while Nat rests her head on his shoulder NT - scandalous
2:02AM 16/02/2008

Meanwhile....Jen & Park in bathroom. Jen says, "Mattie will convince Nat to use it (the veto) on them"... - scandalous
2:07AM 16/02/2008

James & Chels are whispering really lightly (ala Dani) but Chels cracking her knuckles is extremely loud NT - scandalous
2:11AM 16/02/2008

Adam has the new nick "8-ball" b/c he used to do cocaine. James said he looks like a chipmunk on crack NT - scandalous
2:13AM 16/02/2008

Chels & James' bed is broken and they want to switch with Jen & Park NT - scandalous
2:15AM 16/02/2008

Chels says her feet smell bad compared to vinegar, Park comes in and turned on the light and pissed everyone off in both bedrooms NT - scandalous
2:18AM 16/02/2008

They're all laughing at Sheila b/c she said "for heaven's sake, I'm trying to sleep"; now all want some of the lipsh*t that Parker turned the... - scandalous
2:26AM 16/02/2008

There's a lot of very amusing banter going on between the 2 bedrooms NT - scandalous
2:30AM 16/02/2008

Cam switched to Alex & Amanda who are trying to sleep, but Amanda is complaining that she's all stuffy NT - scandalous
2:30AM 16/02/2008

Alex is telling Amanda that if they don't get physical or gain feelings for one another, don't let that f-up their game... - scandalous
2:36AM 16/02/2008

Amanda gets up & leaves the room, saying she's frustrated. Alex says, "what you're mad at me?"... - scandalous
2:39AM 16/02/2008

Amanda is confiding in Chels that she woke up to Alex touching her, when she woke she says he ..... - scandalous
2:43AM 16/02/2008
For the record, she has clarified that he was touching her genital area while she was "sleeping" NT - scandalous
3:19AM 16/02/2008

Meanwhile Alex is in the HOH Room, watching the spy screen (looking really creepy) NT - scandalous
2:48AM 16/02/2008

Chels is cleaning the kitchen while they're chatting, Parker just showed up too, he asked if Alex is watching... - scandalous
2:51AM 16/02/2008

Alex has his glasses on, with the sheets pulled up under his chin and is watching the spy screen NT - scandalous
2:52AM 16/02/2008

Chels said if you don't have feelings for him, that's just the way it is (Amanda doesn't say that she does like him, as she leads him to believe) NT - scandalous
2:56AM 16/02/2008

Parker is now really worried about Alex swaying people to vote them out & wants to wake Mattie up & tell him he needs to use the veto on P/J NT - scandalous
2:58AM 16/02/2008

Chels is cleaning up & Alex was following her on the spy screen (as though to see if she was coming up to the HOH) but she was putting the chess... - scandalous
3:01AM 16/02/2008

Parker is just saying "why me", making it about him & how this will be a problem for his game NT - scandalous
3:02AM 16/02/2008

Amanda thinks that even when Nat goes home and sees that Matt doesn't like her that she still won't get it. Both she & Park say... - scandalous
3:04AM 16/02/2008

Park tells Amanda to go to the DR and tell them that she's uncomfortable... - scandalous
3:06AM 16/02/2008

Amanda & Chels are saying Alli causes all the trouble, but Sheila is growing on them NT - scandalous
3:09AM 16/02/2008

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